Get Custom Counter Height Seating with Banquette Bench Installation

Transforming your kitchen or dining area into a comfortable and stylish space is now possible with the installation of a custom counter height banquette bench. This cozy and contemporary seating solution provides people the benefits of space savings, seating capacity, and custom design options to perfectly match their homes.

A counter height banquette bench is an upholstered seating fixture that is designed to accommodate multiple people at once. Unlike traditional individual chairs, the bench is crafted as one long, continuous seat raised to counter height. This allows it to conserve floor space while still providing a comfortable place to dine or socialize in the kitchen or bar.

Benefits of Installing a Banquette Bench

Opting for a custom counter height banquette over regular seating comes with many advantages that make it a smart choice for many homeowners.

counter height banquette bench

Space-Saving Design

One of the biggest perks of installing a banquette bench is the amount of space it saves. By consolidating seating into one continuous bench, you avoid having multiple individual chairs take up floor space. The bench can be built into an existing nook or along a wall to take advantage of unused square footage. This creates more flexibility in laying out smaller kitchens and dining areas.

Comfortable Seating Option

Despite the sleek, linear look, banquette benches are actually very comfortable. They are upholstered with plush foam and fabrics, and usually have cushioned backs for additional support. The bench maintains this comfort even at counter height by having a deep seat and footrest for shorter legs. The stability of the long bench also makes it safer than wobbly bar stools.

Customization for Personal Style

When installing a built-in banquette, homeowners have creative control over the design details. You can customize the size, shape, upholstery, and finish to perfectly match your space and style. Banquettes can be rectangular, L-shaped, or corner designs. The frame can be stained wood or painted any color. The fabric upholstery gives limitless options for patterns, textures and colors to complement your existing decor. Add-ons like storage or lighting can make it even more functional.

Designing and Installing a Custom Banquette

If you decide a counter height banquette is right for your home, there are several steps for having one custom built and installed.

Planning the Design

Start by measuring your available space and sketching out some layout options. Consider how many people you want to seat and the banquette’s depth and height. Decide on the overall shape and length that will work best in the room. Select durable wood for the frame along with your preferred upholstery fabric and cushion fill. Make finish selections for the wood that complement existing cabinetry and flooring for a cohesive look.

Installing Built-In Banquette

Proper installation involves removing existing cabinetry or flooring in the banquette footprint. The bench frame is secured firmly to wall studs. A supporting table or countertop is attached over the base. Upholstering and cushioning is added, then details like lighting or storage. Though a significant project, when done by skilled contractors the end result is well worth the investment in terms of added comfort, utility and style.

Average Cost of Banquette Installation

Bench frame materials$500 – $2000
Upholstery fabric & cushion$500 – $1500
Countertop material & installation$1000 – $3000
Added lighting or storage$200 – $1000
Labor costs$2000 – $5000

With customization options, labor, and installation, buyers can expect to invest $4000 – $10,000+ for a high quality built-in banquette bench. This cost can vary based on bench size, materials, and type of installation. Many view it as a worthwhile investment for the added utility and comfort.

Incorporating a counter height banquette bench through custom installation is an excellent way to enhance your kitchen, dining area or bar. The space-saving consolidated seating provides comfort and style that chairs simply cannot. With countless options for custom upholstery, finish and accessories, you can create a bench that perfectly matches your home’s look and needs. Consult experienced contractors for the best results installing this specialized seating fixture.

It’s easy to see why custom counter height banquettes have become a sought-after alternative to traditional dining chairs. Bringing this seating solution into your home can elevate the style and functionality of your space in one beautiful design. Contact contractors today to get started designing your dream banquette bench installation.

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