The Complete Guide to Stylish & Functional 36-Inch Outdoor Bar Stools

Outdoor entertaining has become increasingly popular, leading many homeowners to create inviting patios and outdoor bars perfect for hosting guests. A key element in designing these spaces is choosing the right outdoor bar stools to complement the look and function of the area.

Why Choose 36-Inch Outdoor Bar Stools?

Outdoor bar stools are commonly available in heights ranging from 24 inches to 30 inches. However, 36-inch stools offer some distinct advantages:

  • Designed for outdoor bars and high top tables that are typically 50 inches high, 36-inch stools are tailored for these taller surfaces.
  • The extra height provides comfortable seating for tall guests over 6 feet.
  • The stools complement the look of outdoor bars and create an inviting space for entertaining.

In addition to pairing well with high top tables, 36-inch outdoor bar stools can also complement various outdoor design aesthetics when styled properly. Their versatility and eye-catching presence make them a popular patio furniture choice.

What to Consider When Buying 36-Inch Outdoor Bar Stools

With many types, styles, and customization options available, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind when choosing 36-inch outdoor bar stools:


Make sure you are choosing a truly 36-inch stool height. Standard counter height is usually around 36 inches, while standard bar stool height is 30 inches. Measure your existing outdoor bar or tables to confirm the ideal stool height.

36 inch outdoor bar stools


Due to their outdoor placement, the materials used for the bar stools should be made to last. All-weather wicker resists moisture, fading and mildew. Recycled plastic has durability and texture. Powder coated aluminum and steel add stability while avoiding rust. Teak offers a classic yet sturdy look.

Design Elements

Certain design features will increase the comfort, functionality and visual appeal of 36-inch outdoor bar stools:

  • Backless vs. Backrest: Backless bar stools are not recommended because they lack support and stability needed for the extra height. Opt for a backrest for safety and comfort.
  • Armrests: Armrests provide a place to rest arms and adds steadiness when sitting and turning in the stool.
  • Swiveling Function: Swivel seats allow for flexibility in rotating side-to-side without having to move the whole stool.
  • Cushions: Cushioned seats and backs enhance comfort during extended sitting.

Arrangement and Spacing

It’s important to consider the arrangement and spacing of your 36-inch outdoor bar stools:

  • Leave about 12 inches of space between stools without armrests, and 18 inches between stools with armrests. This provides sufficient room to get in and out of the stool.
  • Arrange stools to promote easy conversation flow and ability to turn and face different directions.


When selecting 36-inch outdoor bar stools, look for reputable brands that specialize in patio and outdoor furniture. Top brands to consider include:

  • Holland Bar Stool: Known for comfort and customization with models like the simple yet chic Catalina stools.
  • Trica Bar Stool: Provides contemporary styles like the Nicholas stool which have armrests and swivel options.
  • Hampton Bay: Offers a range of classic and modern designs at affordable prices.
  • Christopher Knight Home: Has attractive collections like the Tamna Outdoor Barstools with full back support.

Style and Design Preferences

36-inch outdoor bar stools are available in a vast range of materials, colors, patterns and overall styles. Consider your own design taste and the existing outdoor decor when choosing:

  • Match modern, rustic or classic aesthetic.
  • Coordinate or contrast colors and patterns.
  • Mix and match stool styles for an eclectic look.

In terms of shape, round stools can feel more welcoming and inviting while squared styles provide a tailored look. Select the shape based on personal preference and visual goals.

Additional Functional Features

Beyond the basic design, some 36-inch outdoor bar stools offer bonus features that enhance functionality:

  • Adjustable Height: Allows flexibility if you want to occasionally use the stools with lower tables.
  • Folding: Makes storage and transportation easier when stools need to be cleared or moved.
  • Outdoor Resistance: Rust-proof, waterproof, and UV-resistant materials withstand outdoor placement.
  • Mobility: Built-in casters or wheels allow you to move stools between areas.

Determining How Many You Need

Measure the square footage of your outdoor bar or table area, factoring in the recommended spacing between stools. This will help determine how many 36-inch stools the space can accommodate. Also consider:

  • If you frequently host larger groups, add a couple extra stools for flexible seating.
  • Have a mix of stool heights like 30-inch and 36-inch to provide options.
  • Allow room for entryways and walking paths so the space doesn’t feel cramped.

Where to Shop for 36-Inch Outdoor Bar Stools

You can find 36-inch outdoor bar stools through the following retailers:

  • Big Box Stores: Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a range of affordable patio bar stool options both in-store and online.
  • Online Retailers: Sites like Wayfair, Overstock, and PatioLiving specialize in patio and outdoor furniture with expansive collections and customization.

If buying online, carefully review shipping costs, timeframes and return policies. For expensive investment pieces, in-store purchase allows you to inspect quality and comfort before committing.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Bar Stools

Once you’ve purchased your 36-inch outdoor bar stools, proper setup will keep them looking great and functioning properly:

  • Arrange stools according to your measured layout and spacing recommendations.
  • Ensure all legs are placed on a flat, level, and sturdy surface.
  • Follow any assembly instructions, securing all fasteners and hardware.
  • Periodically check for loose screws or bolts and re-tighten if needed.

Keeping Your Outdoor Bar Stools Looking Great

Like all outdoor furniture, bar stools require routine maintenance and care for longevity. Follow these tips:

  • Clean regularly using a mild soap and water solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • For woven stools, apply protective coating like teak oil to prevent fading.
  • Check periodically for signs of wear, damage or deterioration.
  • Store stools in garage or covered area during off-season or extreme weather.

By selecting high-quality materials and construction, your 36-inch outdoor bar stools can provide enjoyment for many years to come!

The right 36-inch outdoor bar stools can create a comfortable, stylish area for outdoor entertaining. Consider your height needs, design preferences, arrangement, and maintenance when selecting stools tailored for your space. Quality brands like Holland and Trica offer diverse options to match any style. Follow the tips in this guide to choose perfect 36-inch outdoor bar stools suited for hosting guests in high style.

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