Lock Down Shower Water with Clorox Curtain Liners

Having a shower curtain liner that contains water spray inside the tub is a necessity for any well-functioning bathroom. Clorox shower curtain liners provide reliable and convenient water protection to lock down moisture while coordinating with your decor. With innovative features like mold fighting technology, durable construction, stylish patterns, and eco-friendly materials, Clorox liners check […]

Paint or Panels? Clever Options for Covering Up Bathroom Tiles

Is your bathroom stuck in the past with outdated, worn-out tile that makes the space seem dated and dreary? Replacing bathroom tiles can be an expensive and messy endeavor. Fortunately, there are some clever options for covering up existing tiles that don’t involve prying them off the walls. Painting tiles or installing tile effect panels […]

Secret To Silencing Noisy Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaks

A constantly dripping kitchen faucet can drive anyone crazy. That incessant noise makes you want to scream! If you have a leaky Moen kitchen faucet , we understand your pain. But don’t worry, the solution is easier than you think. We’ll also provide a foolproof guide to diagnosing and fixing the problem yourself in no […]

Make Any Shower Waterproof Without Ripping Out Drywall

Do your shower walls look worn with peeling wallpaper or discolored grout? Before gutting the shower enclosure, consider waterproofing the existing drywall instead. New drywall technology allows for affordable waterproof conversions without demolition dust and high remodeling costs. In this post, learn how to upgrade old drywall and make any shower water-tight. We’ll cover what […]

Fix a Stuck Bathtub Drain in 3 Easy Steps

Is your bathtub drain clogged, causing water to accumulate around your feet? Don’t panic – with a few simple tools and these easy steps, you can have your tub draining properly in no time. A functioning tub drain is crucial for relaxing soaks. When complications arise with the trip lever or drainage apparatus beneath, it […]

The Secret to a Photo-Worthy Kitchen Sink Area

Who doesn’t dream of a kitchen worthy of its own photoshoot? While the stove and refrigerator tend to steal the spotlight, a well-designed sink area can be just as eye-catching. Elevating this often ignored space is the key to a kitchen that really makes a statement. With some clever styling and decor decisions, your sink […]

Spruce Up Your Bathroom With a Stylish Wooden Trash Can

Looking to add some rustic flair to your bathroom decor? Consider incorporating a stylish wooden trash can that blends both form and function. With options ranging from modern to farmhouse chic, a wooden wastebin can complement any design aesthetic. But they offer more than just good looks–these durable, eco-friendly cans provide years of odor-free performance. […]

Design a Spa Bathroom With Wet Room Showers

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom to a relaxing, spa-like retreat, incorporating a wet room design is an inspiring option. Wet rooms feature an open layout with a sloped floor that allows water to drain away, creating a seamless, beautiful shower space. With thoughtful planning and design choices, you can transform your bathroom into […]