Simple Tricks to Achieve Breathtaking Pool Lighting with String Lights

Installing string lights around your pool is one of the most popular ways to enhance the ambiance and create dramatic lighting effects for evening enjoyment. With just a few simple tips and safety precautions, you can safely hang beautiful strings of light to illuminate your pool with breathtaking results. Determine Your Pool Lighting Goals Before […]

Lubricate the Sticky Lock and Open that Jammed Door

We’ve all experienced the frustration of wrestling with an exterior door that refuses to open. You twist and rattle the stubborn knob while pressing your shoulder against the stuck entrance, to no avail. Whether it’s a front door, back door, or gate that won’t budge, it’s an inconvenient and stressful situation when access to your […]

Tailor Your Outdoor Paradise with Bespoke 19 x 21 Seat Cushions

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more personalized than ever before. Homeowners today want to customize every inch of their patios, balconies, and porches to create a cohesive oasis reflective of their unique style. One often-overlooked detail that makes a big impact is tailor-made seat cushions sized to flawlessly fit your exact outdoor furniture proportions. While […]

Ignite Your Senses at Callaway Gardens’ Breathtaking Holiday Light Event

As the holiday season approaches, families across the Southeast begin counting down the days until one of the region’s most beloved traditions – Callaway Gardens’ Festival of Lights. For 30 magnificent years, guests have flocked to the gardens to wander among the twinkling splendor of over 8 million luminous bulbs. This dazzling display has earned […]

Frustrated by Bulky Cords? Use Flexible Flat Extensions to Discretely Hide Wires Under Rugs

Tripping over messy cords or loose wires sticking out from under area rugs is an all-too-common nuisance in homes and offices. Not only are they unsightly tripping hazards, but they disrupt aesthetics and increase fire risks from excessive heat and friction damage. Luckily, flexible low-profile flat extension cords provide an easy solution to seamlessly hide […]

Key Features to Seek in Ergonomic Gardening Gear for Elderly Joints

Gardening is a beloved hobby for many seniors, but the physical toll can become difficult to manage as we age. Joint pain, reduced mobility and dexterity issues often interfere with enjoying yardwork. Fortunately, specialized ergonomic gardening tools allow older adults to continue planting and nurturing gardens they cherish. Ergonomic handles, lightweight materials and leverage support […]

Grill in Style with a Custom Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens allow us to enjoy delicious grilled foods and fun gatherings in the beautiful open air. Constructing a customized wood-based cooking space enables endless backyard entertaining opportunities with family and friends. Unlike pricey contractor builds, DIY installations tap into our inner carpenter. This hands-on approach results in an affordable, personal backyard oasis we created […]

Landscape Fabric Secrets to Conquer Garden Weeds For Good

Is your garden constantly overrun by stubborn weeds every year? Do you feel like you spend more time hopelessly pulling out invaders than enjoying your landscape? We feel your frustration. But what if we told you landscape fabric could free you from this endless weed battle for good? As longtime gardeners and landscapers, we’ve seen […]