Light Any Room Perfectly with a 3-Way Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Whether it’s creating the right ambience for various settings or illuminating specific tasks and work areas, having control over room lighting is fundamental. Swing arm floor lamps with adjustable 3-way switches provide customizable brightness suitable for an array of needs. We’ll guide you on how these versatile lamps can light up your interior spaces flawlessly. […]

Luxuriate Your Bathroom With Restoration Hardware’s Plush Rugs

Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like sanctuary is easier than you think. The secret lies in layering plush, luxury bath rugs from Restoration Hardware throughout the space. With unbeatable quality and indulgent textures underfoot, Restoration Hardware rugs elevate bathrooms to a new level of comfort and style. Keep reading to discover why Restoration Hardware’s […]

Curing Smoky and Drafty Wood Stove Pipes with Sealants

If your wood stove set up is spewing smoke into the room or creating cold drafts, it likely indicates a problem with the piping connections. Gaps or cracks along the stove pipe joints allow smoky exhaust and outside air to leak through rather than venting properly out the chimney. While replacing damaged sections of stove […]

All Hands on Deck! Make Your Own Nautical Rope Mirrors

Nautical decor never goes out of style. The natural textures and relaxed aesthetic are perfect for breezy coastal homes. If you love the salty seaside look, then you need to try making DIY rope mirrors. Weaving and knotting rope is a time-honored maritime tradition. By incorporating this craft into mirror frames, you can achieve a […]

Getting Roofing Math Right – How Many Bundles Do You Really Need?

Installing or replacing a roof is a major project that requires careful planning and material calculations. One of the most critical questions for both DIYers and contractors is: how many bundles of shingles do I need per roofing square? Getting the math right on roofing bundles is key to having sufficient materials on hand without […]

Faulty Furnace Has Heat But Won’t Blow? Get Help

When winter temperatures drop but your furnace fails to distribute hot air, it quickly becomes clear just how much we rely on our home heating systems. Frigid air blowing from the vents despite a running furnace signals an underlying malfunction needs addressing. While the specific cause will dictate the proper solution, common issues like igniter […]

Floor & Decor Execs Don’t Want You Seeing These Kendall Store Construction Photos

We recently got an anonymous tip that the new Floor & Decor location in Kendall was nearing completion. As flooring fanatics, we couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek inside the construction zone even though company execs definitely don’t want photos getting out too early. What we captured was shocking – the massive 50,000 square foot […]

Boost Exterior Appeal With Can’t-Miss Color Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is a perfect exterior color option for all homes. This soft white paint brightens and enhances everything from Victorian row houses to contemporary suburban colonials. Thanks to its remarkable durability, Agreeable Gray suits diverse climates while retaining its soothing hue over time. If your exterior siding, trim, or accents feel tired and lackluster, […]