Neutralize Orange Oak Cabinets With Gray Stain

If your oak cabinets are looking a little too bright and orange for your taste, don’t despair – gray staining is an easy yet dramatic way to give them a cooler, more modern look. The blue undertones of gray will counteract the golden orange hues, muting them into a more subtle and neutral beige. With […]

10 Best Green Shades for Kitchen Cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets can bring a refreshing, nature-inspired element to your cooking space. But with so many shades of green to choose from, it can be tricky to land on the perfect color for your home. Here we cover 10 of the top-rated green cabinet colors to help you discover your ideal match. We’ll look […]

Find Endless Style Possibilities with a Cofield Mirror

The sleek and modern Cofield Full Length Mirror from Progress Lighting brings contemporary style to any room. With its clear reflective surface, built-in lighting, and flexible mounting options, this mirror unlocks endless possibilities for complementing your decor. The Cofield mirror features a gorgeous full-length glass surface that provides distortion-free reflection. The sturdy tempered glass stands […]

Brighten Up Your Living Room with Inviting Sage Green Walls

If you’re looking to refresh your living room with a cheerful yet peaceful ambiance, consider painting your walls in sage green. This dynamic green tone can completely transform the mood of a space, making it lighter, airier and more uplifting. Unlike darker forest greens, the right shade of sage radiates gentle energy, creating an inviting […]

Unique Kitchen Island Styling Ideas to Inspire You

Kitchen islands are the perfect spot to unleash your creative decorating style. As the natural centerpiece and gathering place in many open concept kitchens, your island design deserves special attention. From homey farmhouse to sleek industrial and everything between, your personality should shine through. Finding one-of-a-kind ways to style your kitchen island makes it eye-catching […]

Choose the Best Shaker Cabinet Drawer Pulls With This Simple Guide

With their clean lines and versatile design, shaker cabinets are always in style. But choosing the right hardware to pair with these simple cabinets can make all the difference in bringing your kitchen or bathroom to life. Read on for advice on sizes, placements, materials, styles, and more to help you elevate your shaker cabinets […]

Complete Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen With The Perfect Hood Style

Farmhouse style kitchens continue to top the list of most popular kitchen designs. Their timeless rustic charm, emphasis on natural materials, and cozy functionality resonate in homes from suburban neighborhoods to sprawling country properties. Yet achieving that perfect farmhouse kitchen involves carefully curating each design detail, from the cabinets to the lighting and more. An […]

Choose the Premier Shower Pan Material For Functionality and Style

When considering a bathroom remodel or constructing a new home, selecting the ideal shower pan material is a pivotal yet often overlooked decision. The pan forms the base of your shower floor, serving as the critical foundation upon which you build your dream bathing oasis. However, with so many options on the market boasting an […]