Find Endless Style Possibilities with a Cofield Mirror

The sleek and modern Cofield Full Length Mirror from Progress Lighting brings contemporary style to any room. With its clear reflective surface, built-in lighting, and flexible mounting options, this mirror unlocks endless possibilities for complementing your decor.

The Cofield mirror features a gorgeous full-length glass surface that provides distortion-free reflection. The sturdy tempered glass stands up to daily wear and tear without scratches or fogging. Whether you need to check your outfit for the day or apply makeup, the Cofield mirror gives you a perfect view.

Enhance Your Space with Sleek, Modern Style

With its clean lines and rectangular shape, the frameless Cofield mirror embodies contemporary design. The mirror itself is bordered by a thin brass frame for subtle contrast. The overall look complements both modern and transitional home decor styles.

Place the Cofield mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, or entryway to elevate the style instantly. The mirror’s neutral palette works beautifully with cool grays, bright whites, and natural wood tones.


Add a touch of sleek style next to your closet or dresser. The Cofield mirror allows you to check your look from head to toe before heading out the door.


With moisture-resistant construction, the Cofield mirror withstands steam and condensation in the bathroom. Use it for styling, makeup application, and checking your look before work or an evening out.

cofield full length mirror


Create a chic first impression by mounting the Cofield horizontally or vertically in your home’s entrance. Let it reflect light and enhance the feeling of space.

Smart Features That Deliver Form and Function

Beyond stylish looks, the Cofield mirror includes convenient features that increase its functionality.

  • LED lighting runs vertically along the side of the mirror to provide soft, even illumination. No need for additional vanity lighting.
  • Mount it horizontally or vertically with the included adjustable brackets to work in small spaces.
  • The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you stream music from your phone or tablet while getting ready.

With adjustable mountings and modern tech features, the Cofield mirror adapts to serve your needs. Place it at seated height for makeup, or mount it tall to see your whole look. Listen to upbeat music to start your day on a positive note.

Design Inspiration for Every Room

Find fresh ideas for decorating with the Cofield mirror that suit your personal style.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Make a sleek style statement by mounting the Cofield horizontally above a floating wood vanity. Pair with matte black or chrome bath fixtures. Add some green with decorative plants.

Modern Bedrooms

In a modern bedroom, position the mirror vertically near a closet or dresser. Contrast the dark frame with crisp white bedding and pale wood nightstands. Include a cozy sitting chair or chaise lounge so you can comfortably put on shoes.

Transitional Entryways

Welcome guests to your home with the eye-catching Cofield mirror. Mount it next to a small table or directly on the wall by the front door. Consider including a beautiful vase, tray for keys, or framed prints.

The Cofield Full Length LED Mirror can be used for many purposes. Place this functional accent mirror in your bedroom, bath, or entryway to enjoy reflected light and contemporary flair every day.

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