Luxuriate Your Bathroom With Restoration Hardware’s Plush Rugs

Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like sanctuary is easier than you think. The secret lies in layering plush, luxury bath rugs from Restoration Hardware throughout the space. With unbeatable quality and indulgent textures underfoot, Restoration Hardware rugs elevate bathrooms to a new level of comfort and style.

Keep reading to discover why Restoration Hardware’s bath collections lead the industry and how their plush rugs can help craft your dream bathroom oasis.

Key Features of Restoration Hardware’s Bathroom Rugs

What makes Restoration Hardware’s plush bathroom rugs such a cut above the rest? From the materials to the craftsmanship, these luxury pieces are made to pamper and endure.

Premium Materials

Constructed from the finest natural fibers, Restoration Hardware rugs promise unmatched softness and performance. Choose from wool, cotton, jute, seagrass, bamboo and more. Many collections also offer custom sizes to fit your exact bathroom dimensions.

The use of eco-friendly materials like undyed, renewable bamboo viscose and sustainably harvested seagrass means your rug performs just as beautifully for the planet as it does for your bathroom decor.

restoration hardware bathroom rugs

Designer Collections

In addition to their own signature styles, Restoration Hardware partners with iconic designers to bring you special collections. Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, Anna Spiro and more have lent their creative vision to produce truly distinctive bathroom rug collections.

No matter your preferred aesthetic, you’re guaranteed to discover dynamic textures and patterns to elevate your space. Restoration Hardware translates each collaboration through their uncompromising quality and craftsmanship too.

Advanced Performance

While supremely plush and lavish underfoot, Restoration Hardware rugs also incorporate advanced treatments for easy maintenance. Antimicrobial properties, stain guarding, colorfast materials, and strong backing make them suitable for high-traffic bath areas.

Round the clock indulgence meets outstanding durability with these rugs. Beautiful today and for years of daily enjoyment to come.

Sustainability Efforts

As part of their ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, Restoration Hardware employs conscientious initiatives at every production stage. From premium recycled rubber backing to reduced water usage methods, the brand is dedicated to sustainability.

You can infuse eco-conscious luxury into your bathroom project without compromise. Restoration Hardware’s bath rugs feel as good as they look while making mindful choices for the planet.

Style Your Bathroom With Plush Rugs

Ready to see what Restoration Hardware’s plush rugs can do for your bathroom? Use them as a starting point to set the scene and watch the entire space transform.

Create a Spa-Like Oasis

For a serene, spa-inspired bathroom, neutral rugs are key. Layer plush ivory, tan and grey pieces at vanities, tub surrounds and across cool tiled floors. Introduce cozy bath mats, towels and candles in corresponding natural hues.

Restoration Hardware’s stonewashed Belgian linen and organic cotton collections are ideal for pared-back sanctuaries. Contrast their subtle textures against marble, travertine and freestanding soaking tubs.

Craft a Modern Look

Make a contemporary statement with Restoration Hardware’s modern graphic rugs. Pair bold black and white designs, menswear-inspired patterns, or abstract painterly prints against sleek surfaces.

The plush quality softens hard lines and materials for a dynamic yet inviting look. Sculptural tub fixtures, metallic tapware and spot lighting all set the scene for showstopping modern luxury.

Accent Traditional Features

For a classic aesthetic, time-honored Persian motifs and vintage-inspired damask rugs reign supreme. Use them to infuse warmth into traditional bathroom details like clawfoot tubs, marble floors and crystal lighting fixtures.

Hand knotted wool and vintage themes connect past and present for an elegantly enduring look. Floral, paisley and medallion designs speak to heritage style cues in delicate yet durable form.

Caring For Your Luxury Bath Rugs

Keep your Restoration Hardware finds looking their best with proper care and maintenance. Follow these simple guidelines for plush rugs built to stand the test of time.

Regular Maintenance

Frequent vacuuming keeps rugs clear of dust, debris and grime that can embed within fibers. Deal with spills and stains right away using recommended spot treatment methods. Refer to included product instructions or reach out to Restoration Hardware’s customer service for guidance.

When it comes time for a deeper clean, wash rugs according to material recommendations. Most can be gently machine washed and laid flat to air dry. Take care not to wash with harsh detergents or bleach that could compromise rug integrity and appearance over time.

Storage and Protection

Avoid placing rugs in direct sunlight when possible to prevent fading and wear
Rotate rugs between high traffic areas to evenly distribute wear
Use rug pads and position away from pooling water to prevent mold and mildew growth

Why Invest in Restoration Hardware Bath Rugs?

From unmatched artistry to everyday luxury, Restoration Hardware rugs unlock next-level potential for your bathroom. Keep reading for the defining details that set them apart.

Unparalleled Quality

Meticulous construction and top-tier materials come together to create heirloom quality rugs. Modeled off timeless antique finds and enhanced by modern craftsmanship, each piece achieves unrivaled luxury and distinction.

Designed to endure generations of life’s daily adventures big and small, Restoration Hardware rugs promise enduring enjoyment. Their enduring allure and unparalleled quality make them well worth the investment.

Enhance Wellbeing

Radiantly plush and subtly textured, Restoration Hardware’s rugs are pure sensory delight underfoot. Their indulgent softness offers cushioned comfort across hard surface floors to enhance daily wellbeing.

Strategically placed rugs can also help prevent slips on slick tiles. Like a favorite pair of slippers, they encourage you to slow down and savor moments in your thoughtfully designed sanctuary.

Complements Entire Home

Versatile sizing options allow you to outfit bathrooms both modest and grand. Or extend your chosen rug style into connecting bedrooms, closets and living spaces for a cohesive look.

From graphic black and white to faded oriental palettes, the continuity creates impact while playing to Restoration Hardware’s strengths across categories. Complete the layers of luxury with perfectly paired towels, lighting and furnishings.

For luxury bath rugs with soul and substance, Restoration Hardware delivers at every turn. Their plush, artisan-quality designs set the scene for dream bathroom sanctuaries with enduring distinction and delight.

Explore the full range of styles and materials today to discover your perfect match. Then watch your personal oasis unfold as Restoration Hardware rugs work their magic underfoot and all around you.

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