Brilliantly Brighten Your Patio With Black & White Striped Furniture

Black and white striped patio furniture is having a major moment right now. The graphic print brings a bold, contemporary edge to outdoor spaces in a way that still feels livable and inviting.

Incorporating black and white stripes into your patio or backyard has so many benefits beyond just looking stylish. Studies show it can have a stress-relieving effect and the high contrast pattern is versatility enough to work with any style. Keep reading to discover how to brilliantly brighten up your outdoor oasis with this must-have trend.

Types of Striking Striped Pieces

You’ll find black and white stripes beckoning on all different kinds of patio furniture. From seating to shades to surfaces, today’s options make it easy to commit to the look as much or as little as you like.


Lounge chairs, dining sets, bar stools…if you can sit on it outside, you can find a striped version. Love the black and white aesthetic but worried your whole patio will feel too graphic with stripes on every piece? Mix in some solid cushions and pillows to soften the look.


If you want to dip just a toe into the striped furniture trend, start with an umbrella or gazebo. This lets you test out the graphic punch of the print while still keeping most of your furnishings neutral. Black and white striped shade structures also pair beautifully with colorful outdoor rugs and floral planters.

black and white striped patio furniture


From sleek side tables to colorful woven ottomans to outdoor rugs, black and white stripes can make a big impact on all the accent pieces that fill in your patio. Grouping several striped surfaces together is a super chic way to commit to the coastal-inspired aesthetic.

Design Styles

What’s wonderful about black and white striped patio collections is they make a statement while still working with so many different decor approaches. Whether your home leans modern, bohemian, industrial or coastal, these pieces inject a jolt of daring and deliver plenty of versatility too.

Modern Spaces

For contemporary patio layouts, black and white striped furniture introduces organic contrast and vibrancy. The color story plays beautifully against other high-saturated accent hues like ruby red or cobalt blue. Streamlined silhouettes keep the look feeling crisp.

Bohemian Retreats

Leaning into black and white stripes brings plenty of Moroccan inspiration to breezy, laidback patio spaces. Pair woven abaca textures with globe string lights and abundant greenery for a serene oasis. Eclectic lounge chairs and mysteriously striped cabana tents amp up the global bazaar motif.

Creative Styling Techniques

Once you’ve brought black and white striped furniture into the fold, it’s time for the fun part–designing your space around it! Use these creative ideas to showcase your pieces to stylish effect.

  • Layer in natural textures like jute, wood and abaca to warm up the graphic stripes
  • Incorporate black accents like matte urns, modern light fixtures and monochrome artwork
  • Plant trailing greenery in baskets overhead to literally surround your space with organic contrast
  • Use an oversized striped rug to define a lounge area or dining space

The right black and white striped patio furniture should be designed to live outdoors year-round. That said, taking proper care of it from the get-go will help ensure it graces your space in style for seasons to come.

Be sure to check the furniture’s care instructions. While many pieces today are made to withstand sun, wind and rain, some natural woven options may still require weatherproofing treatments when not in use.

No matter what material you choose, always use chair and table covers outside of patio season. This protects your investment from harsh winter weather and keeps it looking its best.

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