The Comprehensive Guide to the Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet

The Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet is a stunning addition to any room.

From precise dimensions and high-quality construction to customization options and proper care, we’ll cover all the key details to help you determine if the Chilton cabinet is the right choice for displaying your collectibles.

Detailed Product Specifications

Precise Dimensions and Measurements

Understanding the exact size and proportions of the Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet is important for assessing the right placement in your space.

Overall Height74 1/2 inches
Width27 3/4 inches
Depth19 inches

With two curved glass doors that require ample room to fully swing open, be sure to measure the corner area in your home to ensure sufficient clearance.

High-Quality Materials and Construction

The Chilton corner cabinet has panels constructed from engineered hardwood complemented by durable Poplar wood banding. This provides enhanced stability and a sound framework for the interior storage space.

chilton glass door corner cabinet

The glass doors feature insulated tempered glass to aid energy efficiency while showcasing collectibles. Chilton’s high production standards also indicate sustainable forestry sourcing for their wood materials.

Installation and Placement

Freestanding vs Wall Mounted

The Chilton Corner Cabinet comes fully assembled as a freestanding unit, but also includes hardware to optionally mount it securely on the wall for added stability.

The wall mounting plates are discreetly hidden and help anchor the cabinet while still allowing you to level and adjust the piece should floors slope slightly. If opting for freestanding placement instead, be sure the corner area has a flat, even surface.

Corner Cabinet Placement

When positioning the Chilton corner cabinet in your space, allow for the curved doors to fully swing open without obstruction. Depending on ceiling height and decor clearance, leave between 6 to 8 inches of buffer room on either side.

The area should also be well-lit to beautifully showcase displayed items behind the clear glass doors. Wall sconces or overhead lighting work well for illumination.

Customization Options

Glass Door Styles

While the standard Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet comes with clear glass doors, both smoked gray tinting and bronze tinting options are available as well. This allows you to tailor the look and visibility to best suit your needs.

Finish and Hardware Upgrades

Make the corner cabinet truly one-of-a-kind by selecting a custom finish like antique white paint or a rich walnut stain. Hardware can also be swapped for elegant brass handles or black iron pulls paired with hinges in a matching shade.

Care and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning and Care

As with any fine wood furniture piece, regularly dust surfaces with a microfiber cloth to prevent buildup. Use glass cleaner and a soft rag for the curved glass door panels, avoiding harsh chemicals.

Every few months, treat the wood elements with a gentle polish to enrich the finish. Take care not to saturate decorative accents like the brass hardware pulls.

Storage and Climate Considerations

When storing cherished items long-term in your Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet, be mindful of temperature and humidity levels in the room to prevent warping, corrosion, or degradation. If needed, collection-safe desiccant packs can help actively regulate moisture and condensation issues.

Those who have brought home the Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet praise the quality craftsmanship evident in the construction and finishes. Owners also remark on the versatility, easily transitioning between cottage charm and modern farmhouse decor with just a few accessory changes.

Some have installed custom lighting inside to cast a beautiful glow within the corner space as evening falls. With two spacious upper shelves and ample bottom storage capacity, there’s plenty of room to artistically arrange your display collections.

If looking to make a statement while keeping beloved pieces securely encased, the Chilton Glass Corner Cabinet elegantly checks all the boxes for form and function.

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