Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen? Try Inviting Shiplap Walls

Do you crave the charm and style of a cozy farmhouse kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start? Consider installing inviting shiplap walls, which can instantly provide that vintage-chic vibe. With their distinctly lined, rustic planks, shiplap walls infuse warmth, texture, and visual interest into any kitchen design.

Learn how this on-trend feature can complement and enhance your farmhouse aesthetic. Discover creative applications and get inspired by stunning farmhouse kitchen examples featuring shiplap.

kitchens with shiplap walls

All About Shiplap Walls

Before we delve into using shiplap walls to craft your perfect farmhouse-style kitchen, let’s look at what shiplap is and its unique characteristics.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap refers to wide, horizontal wooden boards that have grooved edges to allow for interlocking installation. The boards feature a tongue-and-groove design, with each plank fitting snugly into the groove of the next.

When installed on walls or ceilings, shiplap’s distinctive lined look exposes the seams between planks for a highly textured, dimensional appearance. This raw, stripped-back aesthetic is a hallmark of farmhouse style.

Benefits of Shiplap Walls

What makes shiplap an excellent choice for farmhouse kitchen walls? Here are some of the top benefits this material offers:

  • Adds rustic warmth and visual interest
  • Provides pleasing texture and dimensional look
  • Easier to install than traditional wood plank walls
  • Durable and long-lasting with proper installation
  • Relatively affordable material option

With its casually sophisticated vibe, shiplap brings a livable, inviting ambiance to kitchen spaces.

Material Options

Traditionally, shiplap walls were made from pine or other inexpensive woods. While you can still use real wood boards, today there are many alternative options:

  • Plywood
  • Engineered wood
  • Fiber cement siding like HardiePlank
  • PVC

Fiber cement siding like HardiePlank deserves special mention. It provides the authentic look of real wood but with added durability and moisture resistance – ideal for kitchen areas.

Designing with Shiplap Walls

Now that we know the basics of what shiplap is, let’s explore how to incorporate it into your kitchen design in stylish, functional ways.

Complementing the Farmhouse Style

With its raw, stripped-back look and cozy vintage vibe, shiplap naturally fits farmhouse aesthetics. The rustic planks pair beautifully with other signature farmhouse elements like:

  • Vintage-style lighting and hardware
  • Farmhouse or apron-front sinks
  • Open shelving for displayed kitchenware
  • Pretty pastel color schemes

Shiplap also complements and modernizes sleek contemporary features like stainless steel appliances and clean lines. The blend of old and new creates a welcoming lived-in look.

Creative Applications for Shiplap

While shiplap walls lend themselves to full wall installation for a bold statement, you can also incorporate this material in creative ways:

  • Use shiplap on a single focal wall as an accent
  • Incorporate into island or range hood design
  • Install horizontally, vertically, or mix directions
  • Add shiplap to open shelving, cabinetry, and built-ins

Think outside the box for interesting applications that enhance your kitchen’s farmhouse vibe.

Color and Finish Options

When it comes to color, natural stained wood is a traditional shiplap choice. But there are many stylish options to consider:

  • Painted white – Fresh and airy
  • Light grey – Modern farmhouse vibe
  • Navy blue – Brooding and bold
  • Sage green – Earthy and cheerful
  • Distressed – Timeworn rustic charm

Mixing up finishes and directions is an eclectic, on-trend way to showcase shiplap. For example, use white-painted vertical boards on the range hood and natural wood horizontal planks on the far wall.

Combining Shiplap with Other Materials

While shiplap can make a statement on its own, it also pairs beautifully with other rustic or modern elements. Consider contrasting and coordinating shiplap walls with:

  • Wood open ceiling beams
  • Exposed brick backsplashes
  • Marble or concrete countertops
  • Matte black hardware and fixtures
  • Matching wood cabinetry

The design possibilities are endless for blending shiplap seamlessly into your kitchen scheme!

Installing Shiplap Walls

Preparing your kitchen correctly is key before installing shiplap for a smooth and successful project.

Preparing the Space

Start by ensuring your walls are smooth, clean, and ready for installation. Take accurate wall measurements to calculate the shiplap materials needed. Wall studs should be exposed to ensure secure attachment.

Installation Process

The basic installation steps are:

  1. Cut boards to fit your space, allowing small gaps for expansion
  2. Attach boards horizontally to wall studs using adhesive and nails
  3. Work from bottom to top, interlocking tongue and groove
  4. Use trim wood to finish edges and create transitions

Take care when measuring, cutting, and nailing to achieve an even, professional shiplap application.

Finishing Touches

Once your shiplap boards are installed securely, apply these finishing touches:

  • Fill any nail holes with wood filler
  • Lightly sand between coats for a smooth finish
  • Stain, paint, or seal boards as desired
  • Caulk along seams and edges for clean lines

Proper prep and finishing will help your shiplap walls last for many years while maintaining their rustic beauty.

Shiplap Inspiration for Farmhouse Kitchens

Need a little design inspiration before taking the shiplap plunge? Here are some stunning farmhouse kitchen examples featuring this popular wall treatment:

Bold Full-Wall Shiplap Statement

Covering an entire wall with shiplap makes a dramatic statement. Painted black, these earthy boards provide bold contrast to the bright white cabinetry.

Warm Two-Toned Look

A two-tone color scheme brings warmth and dimension. Charcoal shiplap walls pop against bare wood ceiling beams and open shelves.

Rustic Meets Modern

Here, light natural wood shiplap blends seamlessly with contemporary stainless steel appliances and a concrete-look quartz countertop.

Shiplap Backsplash

Instead of tiles, this backsplash uses stained shiplap boards for a seamless rustic look that complements the ornate range hood.

Crisp Black and White

Crisp white shiplap paired with black window frames and ceiling beams creates striking contrast in this monochrome kitchen.

Whether you’re craving a charming cottage kitchen or modern farmhouse style, shiplap walls can provide the perfect cozy and rustic touch. With creative color combinations, applications, and complementing elements, shiplap brings texture, depth and inviting appeal to any farmhouse design. We hope this overview of shiplap walls – from material options to inspiring ideas – helps you create your dream kitchen!

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