The Complete Guide to Living Room Corner Storage Cabinets

Tucked away in the corners of our living rooms lies a world of untapped potential. While awkward angles and tight spaces may seem limiting, corner storage cabinets offer clever solutions to unlock that hidden space. From bookshelves to display cabinets, media storage to concealed clutter compartments, corner cabinets can transform those unused corners into functional focal points.

In this complete guide, we’ll explore how to make the most of corner cabinets in your living room. Get ready to maximize every inch and say goodbye to wasted space!

Benefits of Corner Cabinets for Living Rooms

From cramped urban apartments to sprawling suburban homes, corner cabinets provide versatile living room storage. Here are some of the top reasons to consider a corner cabinet:

corner storage cabinet for living room

Maximize Wasted Space

That angular space where walls meet is prime real estate for storage. While often overlooked, a corner cabinet takes advantage of this area. Angled designs with flush edges or minimal trim allow cabinets to neatly fit the corner. This enables them to house two spacious shelves, cubbies, or compartments where other furniture cannot.

By claiming those few square feet, you can gain a significant storage boost. No more wishing you had “just a little more room” for books, display items, or media components. A corner cabinet taps into storage potential you didn’t even know you had.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Limited on living room real estate? Corner cabinets are a space-savvy solution. Even in the tightest spaces, they sneak in extra storage without claiming additional floor space. Browse models with adjustable shelves, drawers, and other customizable features to really make the most of that tucked away corner. Ditch the clutter and keep remotes, blankets, and other items organized but out of sight.

For studio apartments to starter homes, corner cabinets allow small living rooms to breathe. They tuck away clutter and free up space visually without squeezing in bulky standalone storage units. With a slim footprint, you can enjoy expanded storage that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Complement Room Design

Far from an afterthought, today’s corner cabinets blend seamlessly into living room design. The angled shape and flush fit nestles into the corner, complementing the room’s contours. Tapered legs, crown molding, and other finishing details let cabinets match your decor style. Materials like wooden cabinetry or glass doors also blend into both traditional and contemporary decors.

Beyond tying into existing furnishings, corner cabinets can become living room focal points. Painted in a statement color or patterned wallpaper inside, they draw attention to unused space. The visual interest transforms boring corners into captivating design elements.

Flexible Storage

Don’t let the term “cabinet” fool you – modern corner storage offers flexible options beyond enclosed shelving. Adjustable shelves and removable partitions allow custom layouts suited for different items. Enclosed cabinets keep items concealed and protected. Open shelving enables easy access to frequently used items. Many models incorporate both behind doors and drawers.

Living room corner cabinets adapt to your storage needs. Display your cherished book collection on open shelving. Store stereo equipment and gaming consoles on lower shelves and stash remotes in a top drawer. Move shelves around to accommodate odd-shaped items. Arrange part open, part enclosed to split concealed and display storage.

Concealed Storage

While corner cabinets offer easy-access storage for items you use frequently, their space also allows concealed storage. Tuck clutter like kids’ toys, spare blankets, stacks of magazines out of sight. Enclosed cabinets with doors keep items handy but hide visual clutter to maintain a clean, minimalist look.

Closed storage units also help corral dust. No need to constantly dust open bookshelves or media components. Close the doors to give your living room a quick tidy if unexpected company pops by! With both open and enclosed options, corner cabinets balance displayed collections and concealed storage.

Considerations When Choosing a Corner Cabinet

Ready to maximize your living room corners? Here are some key factors to consider while shopping for the perfect corner cabinet:


First, measure the size of the corner space intended for cabinet storage. Note the width, height, and depth. Look for cabinets sized appropriately for the available space. Prioritize a flush fit – you don’t want a cabinet awkwardly jutting out into the living room.

Also consider interior cabinet dimensions. Are adjustable shelves desired? Measure media components or other anticipated contents. Shelf depth, height between shelves, and width are all factors that impact storage functionality.

Design Style

Do you want a corner cabinet matching your living room’s traditional, contemporary, or modern design? Or perhaps something with an eclectic spin?

Look for finishes and hardware that align with your style. For example, antique brass pulls and crown molding have a classic vibe. Straight, clean lines offer a minimalist modern aesthetic. Doors with glass inlays or open shelving create an airier feel. Just ensure the cabinet complements existing furnishings.

Storage Needs

How will you utilize the storage space? For avid readers, open shelving sized for books is a must. Collectors may gravitate toward enclosed cabinets with interior lighting on display items. If hiding media components, adjustable shelves to fit different sizes of TV gear are ideal.

Browse cabinet features that align with intended usage – adjustable shelves, compartments, drawers, closed or open storage. Measure odd-shaped items. A combination cabinet provides both open display and concealed storage flexibility.

Quality and Budget

Balance quality craftsmanship with budget considerations. Opt for solid wood over cheaper particle board options for durability. But be mindful of the facade – sometimes real wood interiors get masked behind plastic laminate exterior finishes.

Higher end cabinets often have soft-close doors and drawers along with durable hinges and glides. Prioritize quality functional elements over purely decorative features if needed to meet budget needs.

Also factor in delivery fees, expert assembly, and warranty coverage. Some retailers offer free in-home delivery and product protection plans that could justify a higher price tag.

Features to Look for in a Corner Cabinet

Ready to start evaluating specific models? Keep an eye out for these desirable corner cabinet features:

Sturdy Construction

Quality cabinetry starts with sturdy bones. Solid wood or engineered wood options last longer than cheaper medium density fiberboard (MDF). Durable finishes like high-pressure laminate withstand scratches and staining.

Metal corner cabinets also offer strength and storage customization. Compare construction to find a well-built model suited for years of use.

Versatile Storage

Look for storage versatility to accommodate different contents now and in the future. Adjustable shelves, removable partitions, and drawer inserts allow you to customize the layout. A combination of open shelves, enclosed cabinets, and drawers enable both display and concealed storage.

Bonus features like pull-out utility trays, jewelry drawers, and specialized compartments add functionality. Just ensure primary shelf space remains flexible for changing needs.

Finishing Details

Little finishing touches take corner cabinets from basic to beautiful. Tapered legs, molding, and shaped apron boards shape the overall look. A finished back creates a built-in illusion. Decorative hardware like scrolled hinges and antique drawer pulls add visual interest.

Finishing also impacts durability. Opt for exposed corners and edges with applied veneer banding to prevent cracking or peeling over time.

Quality Hardware

Don’t underestimate the importance of drawer glides, hinges, and pulls. Concealed soft-close glides prevent slammed drawers. Self-closing hinges keep cabinet doors neatly aligned. Sturdy pulls finish the look.

Prioritize corrosion-resistant hardware. Brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and solid brass offer durability and withstand humidity better than painted options prone to chipping over time.

Easy Assembly

Assembly requirements vary widely between ready-to-assemble and fully assembled corner cabinets. Weigh setup time and complexity compared to potential cost savings.

Look for cabinets with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. Many snap together tool-free. Some retailers offer expert assembly for an added fee. Just ensure the hardware lasts beyond initial setup.

Top Corner Cabinet Brands and Retailers

Quality craftsmanship makes a significant difference in cabinet longevity and functionality. Here are some top brands to look for:

[Brand 1] – Known for detailed finishing touches like tapered legs and antique brass hardware. Many collections offer matching open bookcases or glass door cabinets along with corner storage. Budget-friendly prices with frequent sales.

[Brand 2] – Specializes in solid wood construction including oak, maple, and cherry options. Contemporary styling with customizable storage organization. Higher end of budget but lifetime warranty included.

[Brand 3] – Wide range of versatile storage options and materials like wood, glass, and metal. Trend-focused designs. Affordable mid-range pricing with consistent sales and special offers.

Shop brands online through retailers like Wayfair and Amazon that offer free shipping. Or visit furniture stores like West Elm and Pottery Barn. Compare selection, pricing, item reviews, and policies on shipping, returns, and protection plans.

Corner Cabinet Ideas for Living Rooms

Imagining corner cabinet possibilities? Here are some creative ideas to maximize your living room storage:

Storage for Media Components

Conceal unsightly TV wires, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and other tech clutter. Adjust shelves to fit different sized components. Leave space for airflow so devices don’t overheat. Add vertical dividers for organized cord management.

Display Collections

Enclosed glass cabinet doors light up treasured collectibles while protecting them from dust and damage. Install battery-operated lighting inside for maximum visibility. Display plates hung on adjustable shelves or books stood on end.

Book Storage

Book lovers rejoice! Shelves sized for books help maximize space. Divide open shelving into smaller sections with bookends to corral novels. Enclosed storage prevents sun damage or fading. Glass doors allow browsing without pulling books out.

Bar Cabinet

Entertain in style with enclosed bar storage. Install wine racks in one section and a shelf for glasses above. Use pull-out trays for bar tools. Top with a cabinet for liquor bottles or cocktail mixer storage. Add LED lighting and mirrored back for a classy look.

Hide Clutter

We all have clutter. Use enclosed cabinet space to conceal kids’ toys, spare blankets, magazines and more when not in use. Baskets or dividers keep items neatly organized behind doors. Add hooks inside for purses, bags and leashes.

Get the Most Out of Your Corner Cabinet

Follow these tips and tricks to maximize corner cabinet functionality:

Cabinet Placement

Arrange seating to allow easy cabinet access. Floating furniture away from corners makes access points less cramped. If traffic flow is tight, opt for dual hinged doors that open at center seam for easy entry.

Lighting and Decor

Properly illuminate displayed contents with built-in cabinet lighting or free-standing lamps. Style open shelves with bookends and decorative objects. Paint the cabinet’s interior a contrasting color.

Organizing Interior Contents

Use interior organizational tools like pull-out trays, shelves, and bins. Label bins or shelves for easy item access. Prevent tipped books with bookends. Anchor loose wires with clips and ties.

Working with Awkward Access

Some cabinets require accessing contents at an angle. Utilize easy-pull drawers and consider open storage for frequently used items. Add a decorative mirror inside the cabinet door to see contents at a glance.

Corner cabinets unlock hidden storage opportunities throughout the home. In living rooms, they transform awkward unused space into functional and decorative focal points. With customized shelves, concealed storage, and display capabilities, corner cabinets maximize room for your needs.

Follow this guide for expert advice from measuring your space to choosing quality furnishings. Then explore creative ways to put that corner cabinet space to work. With the right style and storage arrangements, you can take living room organization from cluttered to collected. Unleash the potential of your corners – and the possibilities of your room decor!

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