Small Bathroom? Discover Where to Put Corner Cabinets for Added Organization

If you’re struggling with clutter and lack of storage space in your small bathroom, one ingenious solution is to install corner cabinets. These clever storage pieces are designed to tuck right into wasted corner nooks, opening up valuable real estate to neatly organize all your lotions, towels, toiletries and more.

Why Corner Cabinets Are Great for Small Bathrooms

Take Advantage of Wasted Space

In a tiny bathroom, every inch counts. Yet the corners often end up empty and unused. Corner cabinets are brilliant at reclaiming this dead space. They don’t take up any existing floor area but still offer enclosed storage. It’s a stealthy way to add storage without expanding the footprint.

Maximize Storage Without Taking Up Floor Space

When dealing with confined quarters, the struggle is real. You likely don’t have room for a large vanity or bulky freestanding cabinet. Corner cabinets to the rescue! Their distinctive triangular shape lets you utilize corner real estate instead of floor space. You gain storage while keeping a small bathroom feeling open, not cramped.

Keep Items Organized and Clutter-Free

Nothing feels worse than a disorganized, messy bathroom. Between makeup cases exploding on counters, towels toppling over, and a sea of bottles, it’s chaotic. Enter corner cabinets as the hero to neatly contain these items. Their shelves, drawers and doors keep everything in its place. Just open and grab what you need instead of digging through piles.

small corner cabinets for bathroom

Corner Cabinet Basics

What Are Corner Cabinets?

Corner cabinets are triangular-shaped cabinets designed to fit snugly into any bathroom corner space. They come in a range of sizes, most commonly starting around 18-inches wide on each side. Depth and height can vary as well. Materials like wood, laminate or thermofoil lend durability.

Typical Widths and Dimensions

While dimensions can differ depending on style, here are some standard corner cabinet sizes:

  • Slim cabinets: 18 to 24 inches wide on each side
  • Medium cabinets: 24 to 26 inches wide
  • Large cabinets: 30+ inches wide

Towering heights up to 84 inches allow storing a lot. Depth ranges from 14 to 18 inches for most models.

Material and Construction Options

Corner cabinets come in different construction types. Wood veneers like oak or maple offer warmth. Thermofoil and laminate provide durability at lower costs. Some have glass fronts or inserts for displaying contents. Features like full-extension drawers, adjustable shelves, and soft-close hinges boost functionality.

Perfect Placement Tips

Common Corner Cabinet Locations

Bathroom corner cabinets shine in these typical areas:

  • Behind the toilet
  • Next to or inside the shower
  • Under corner wall shelves
  • Inside the sink cabinet area
  • Near plumbing or electrical fixtures

Measure Carefully Before Installing

When preparing for corner cabinet installation, meticulously measure to find the best positioning. Note ceiling height, proximity to plumbing or electric, and existing shelving distances. Check for square corners versus angled. This prevents issues down the road.

Consider Existing Plumbing and Electrical

When selecting an installation area, carefully assess spots with plumbing, drain pipes, or lighting switches. Determine if your corner cabinet will impact accessibility, cause leaks, or require drain adjustments. Improper installation alongside plumbing can lead to expensive issues.

Style and Design Ideas

Open, Closed, or Combination Shelving

Corner cabinets offer versatile storage options to suit different needs:

  • Open: Exposed shelving to display towels, toiletries and decor.
  • Closed: Enclosed cabinet with doors to hide mess.
  • Combo: Shelf and cabinet combo for part display, part conceal.

Glass Doors for Displaying Items

Do you want to elegantly exhibit your attractive bathroom items? Glass-front corner cabinets let you stylishly organize whilst showing off colorful towels, ceramic vessels, or neat

Drawers for Maximizing Vertical Storage

Drawers integrated into cabinetry add ample hidden storage to organize and contain items. Customize drawer sizes for differing needs – shallow top drawers for smaller bottles, deeper lower drawers for bulky hair dryers. Keep items accessible but discretely tucked away.

Customization and Personalization Concepts

Paint and Hardware for Visual Interest

Personalize sterile, boring cabinets using creative touches like:

  • Fresh paint colors
  • Vintage-look hardware
  • Wallpaper inside
  • Fun handles

Show off your unique style while gaining function through DIY custom upgrades.

Adjustable Shelves and Other DIY Upgrades

Looking to revamp existing corner cabinets? Try easy DIY upgrades like:

  • Adding shelves
  • Installing slide-out trays
  • Applying contact paper
  • Mounting racks

Adjust, embellish and modify to your needs without overwhelming DIY projects or costs.

Safety and Installation Best Practices

Securing to Walls for Added Stability

Unlike standard cabinets attaching to adjacent walls, corner cabinets rely primarily on a back wall for stability. Prevent tipping mishaps by properly securing with:

  • Wall anchors
  • Corner braces
  • Screws drilled into wall studs

Don’t risk heavy shelves loaded with bottles toppling over. Properly anchor corner cabinets when installing them.

Leveling and Anchoring Properly

Take time to correctly level and anchor corner cabinets to walls to avoid issues like:

  • Doors not shutting properly
  • Shelves tipping over
  • Cabinet gradually loosening

A small initial investment of effort in proper installation prevents problems occurring down the road.

Costs and Budgeting for Corner Cabinets

Average Pricing and Cost Considerations

Like most home upgrades, corner cabinets represent an investment. With custom options, storage ability, visual appeal and utility enhancing small, cluttered bathrooms, however, they deliver return on value.

Budget DIY kits save cash but sacrifice quality and customization. Pre-assembled corner cabinets cost more yet feature sturdy cabinet-grade materials, organizer options, and an exact fit.

Top Brands and Where to Shop Online

Overview of Top Manufacturers

Reputable cabinet brands designing excellent corner cabinets include:

  • Rev-A-Shelf
  • Rubbermaid
  • Space Corner
  • Umbra

Learn what sets each manufacturer apart to select your top choice.

Looking Beyond Big Box Stores

While HOME DEPOT and LOWES offer some corner cabinets, for best selection of sizes, styles and customization, explore specialty online retailers like:

  • Wayfair
  • Overstock
  • Houzz
  • Amazon

Peruse an extensive range of quality corner cabinets for modern, conventional or eclectic bathroom spaces.

Showcasing Your Stuff with Style and Purpose

Ideas for Bathroom, Makeup, Towels, and More

Creative corner cabinet storage ideas for bath items include:

  • Towels: Fold vertically in open shelves.
  • Toilet paper: Store excess rolls in lower cabinet.
  • Hair appliances: Corral curling irons, blow dryers in drawers.
  • Candles: Display along with matches/lighters in cabinet.

Creative Ways to Show Off Your Items

Fun ideas for showing off beloved items in glass corner cabinets:

  • Pretty vases or ceramic pieces
  • Neatly rolled washcloths
  • Baskets holding scented soaps
  • Organic skincare lined up elegantly

Corner Cabinet FAQs

Do corner cabinets require special installation?

Often yes. Unlike regular cabinets that attach to neighboring walls, corner cabinets rely primarily on back wall anchors. Special steps must be taken to ensure they are properly secured, leveled and won’t risk tipping forward.

How much weight can corner shelves hold?

Most quality corner cabinets hold 50-75 pounds per shelf. Limit overflow or heavy items to avoid buckling. Assess construction material and shelf thickness to determine weight capacities.

Can I customize corner cabinet sizes?

Yes! Many manufacturers offer full customization from width, height, depth, colors, organizers and more. This allows tailoring storage precisely to your available space and needs.

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