The Complete Guide to Finding Your Perfect Wicker Basket Toilet Paper Holder

Wicker basket toilet paper holders offer a stylish and eco-friendly storage solution for keeping toilet paper neatly organized and easily accessible in any bathroom. With their natural, handwoven look and ample capacity, these holders provide both form and function.

We’ll cover the different types, important factors to consider, style ideas to match your decor, tips for proper installation and care, and the many benefits these holders provide.

What Are Wicker Basket Toilet Paper Holders?

Wicker basket toilet paper holders are woven baskets specifically designed to hold rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. They are handcrafted from all-natural materials like rattan, bamboo, or seagrass wicker.

Unlike regular metal or plastic TP holders, wicker basket holders have an organic, textured look and feel. Their open-weave construction provides ample storage for multiple toilet paper rolls, while their sturdy woven material ensures durability.

Benefits Over Standard Toilet Paper Holders

  • More storage capacity – hold up to 6 rolls
  • Easy to access toilet paper when needed
  • Decorative natural accent for any bathroom
  • Sturdy and built to last

Different Types of Wicker Basket TP Holders

Wicker basket TP holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit any bathroom’s storage needs and aesthetic tastes.

wicker basket toilet paper holder

By Shape

Some common basket shapes include:

  • Cylindrical – tall and round
  • Square – boxy shape
  • Rectangular – elongated
  • Corner unit – fits neatly in corners

By Size

Wicker baskets range from small to large:

  • Small – holds 2-3 rolls
  • Medium – holds 4-5 rolls
  • Large – holds 6+ rolls

By Design

Fun weaving patterns and textures add visual interest:

  • Open weave – airy and decorative
  • Tight weave – very durable
  • Textured weave – adds dimension
  • Patterned weave – checkered, chevron, etc.

Key Factors To Consider

When choosing a wicker basket TP holder, keep these key considerations in mind:

Storage Needs

Consider how much toilet paper you need to store at one time and if you’ll use the basket for storing other items like tissues or towels.


Determine the best placement for easy access – next to the toilet, corner unit, or wall mounted.


Select a style that matches your bathroom’s decor – modern, traditional, coastal, etc.


Look for tightly woven wicker with reinforced edges for longevity.

Top Places To Buy Wicker Basket TP Holders

You can find a wide selection of wicker basket toilet paper holders both online and in stores:

  • Online specialty retailers like Wayfair or Amazon
  • Big box stores like Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Local artisan shops or boutiques for handmade baskets
  • Craft stores if you want to make your own!

Style Ideas and Design Inspiration

From modern to traditional, wicker basket holders can complement any bathroom’s decor. Here are some stylish examples:


Sleek cylindrical rattan basket in a natural stain next to a modern toilet.


Vintage-inspired wicker corner unit with woven texture and white shabby chic finish.


Nautical rope-wrapped seagrass basket on a driftwood floor stand near the beach house vanity.


Simple rectangular woven bamboo holder mounted on the wall in an all-white bathroom.

Installation Tips

Proper installation will keep your wicker basket toilet paper holder securely in place:


Use non-slip pads or small weights in the bottom to prevent sliding.


Ensure the holder is securely screwed into wall studs.


Adjust the tension rods or screws to desired resistance when removing toilet paper.

Care and Maintenance

Wicker basket holders are easy to care for. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth.
  • Vacuum gently to remove debris.
  • Avoid moisture damage by immediately wiping spills.
  • Touch up any scratches with a wicker furniture repair kit.

Environmental Benefits of Wicker Basket TP Holders

Wicker baskets made from natural materials like rattan are an eco-friendly choice with many benefits:

  • Rattan is a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Production has low environmental impact.
  • Supports fair trade when artisan-crafted.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable at end of life.

Customizable Features for Efficient Storage

Look for wicker baskets with handy customizable features like:

  • Adjustable straps to secure rolls.
  • Removable interior dividers.
  • Bars, hooks, or shelves to organize folded towels or toiletries.

Durability and Longevity

Well-made wicker basket TP holders are built to last for years of regular bathroom use:

  • Tightly woven wicker is very sturdy.
  • Thicker rattan material resists cracking.
  • Reinforced edging adds strength.
  • Won’t easily deteriorate or warp from moisture.

Versatility as Multi-Purpose Bathroom Storage

With their spacious interiors, wicker baskets come in handy for storing all kinds of bathroom essentials:

  • Extra rolls of toilet paper.
  • Rolls of paper towels or tissues.
  • Washcloths, hand towels, bath mats.
  • Shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries.

Matching Your Decor

Wicker basket toilet paper holders come in styles to complement any decor scheme:

  • Neutral natural finish for modern or minimalist.
  • White wash finish for shabby chic or coastal.
  • Stained or painted finish for traditional.
  • Coordinate with other rattan and wicker furnishings.

wicker basket toilet paper holders are a functional and decorative addition to a bathroom. Consider your storage needs, placement, style preferences, and quality craftsmanship to choose the perfect option for your space. Install and care for your holder properly so it lasts for years. Find your ideal wicker basket TP holder and enjoy the many benefits it brings!

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