Spruce Up Your Mantle With A Pre-Lit Garland This Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time to decorate your home in festive style. One easy way to add instant charm to your mantle is with a pre-lit garland. These convenient decorations feature lights already attached to the greenery, eliminating the need to string your own. Pre-lit garlands are available in various styles to match any aesthetic. With the right garland, you can create a magical focal point over your mantle.

Choosing the Right Pre-Lit Garland for Your Mantle

When selecting a pre-lit garland, there are a few factors to consider for the best fit and visual impact:

  • Measure the length of your mantle first to determine the appropriate garland size. As a general guideline, a 6-foot garland suits a standard mantle width, but taking exact measurements ensures proper proportions.
  • Match the garland style to your existing mantle decor. For traditional mantles, classic evergreen garlands complement the look. Contemporary mantles can shine with more modern garland designs.
  • Evaluate the lights. LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and bright. Make sure lights are evenly spaced and consistent.

Whether you love the look of pine, fir, eucalyptus, or frosted branches, there’s a pre-lit garland to align with your aesthetic.

Installing Your Pre-Lit Garland

Installing a pre-lit garland above your mantle is simple:

  1. Clear the mantle surface of any existing decor, candles, or photographs that could obstruct garland placement.
  2. Use decorative command hooks to easily mount the garland. Space hooks 12-18 inches apart across the length of the mantle.
  3. Shape and fluff the garland for fullness. Bend wired pine stems inward to create fullness as needed.
  4. Consider adorning with wide ribbon or other embellishments to finish off the look.

With the garland secured in place, you can now accent with additional mantle decorations. Pre-lit garlands create an instant base for layered holiday style.

pre lit garland for mantle

Style Inspiration for Mantles with Pre-Lit Garlands

Pre-lit garlands provide beautiful versatility for all design aesthetics. Here are some stylish ideas:

  • Traditional: Adorn a classic pine or fir garland with red berries and a festive bow.
  • Modern: Opt for a battery-powered sequoia garland with warm white lights for an elevated look.
  • Rustic: Choose a natural eucalyptus garland and accent with burlap bows and pinecones.
  • Glam: Look for a bold, oversized garland with sparkling clear lights for drama.

Decorating Your Mantle Around the Pre-Lit Garland

Now for the fun part – decorating the rest of your mantle! Consider these easy enhancements:

  • Hang a complementary wreath above the garland for layered greenery.
  • Add holiday figurines, pinecones, candles, or lanterns for seasonal flair.
  • Run string lights along the outer edges of the mantle to amplify the glow.
  • Drape garland lights in a cascading effect down the sides of the mantle.

Mix and match decor until you achieve your desired style. The pre-lit garland serves as the perfect glowing centerpiece.

Top Picks for Pre-Lit Garlands

Here are some of the best-rated and most recommended pre-lit garland picks:

Red Sleigh 9ft Sequoia Fir GarlandBest for outdoor use with weather-resistant construction. Features 100 incandescent mini lights.
West Elm LED Metal Leaf GarlandModern garland with 150 cool white LEDs and natural eucalyptus. Battery-operated.
Holiday Aisle Flocked Garland with LightsFrosted pine garland with warm white LED lights. Provides winter wonderland look.
Home Accents Holiday Battery-Operated GarlandConvenient battery-powered timer operation. Classic pine garland style with 50 clear lights.

Look for the highest-quality materials and LED lights for lasting performance. Measure carefully for a custom mantle fit.

Caring for Your Pre-Lit Garland

Pre-lit garlands are relatively low maintenance, but follow these tips for the best results:

  • Check light connections periodically and replace any burned out bulbs as needed.
  • Gently shape and fluff the garland to maintain its full look over time.
  • At season’s end, carefully store the garland to prevent tangling, breakage, and light damage.
  • Clean periodically by dusting, gently shaking out, and spot treating any problem areas.

With proper care, your pre-lit garland can provide many years of festive style for your holiday mantle!

Pre-lit garlands offer a quick and beautiful way to decorate your mantle for the holidays. With the right garland choice, installation, and complementary decor, you can create a showstopping focal point with effortless charm. More importantly, you can create lasting memories and enjoy the magic of the season with your loved ones. Let a pre-lit garland spark that holiday spirit this year!

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