The Benefits of Round Toilets for Small Bathrooms

If you’re remodeling or replacing a toilet in a small bathroom, a round toilet can be the perfect space-saving solution. With their compact circular bowl, round toilets are ideal for powder rooms, half baths, RVs, and other tight spaces where every inch counts.

In this post, we’ll look at why round toilets are great options for small bathrooms and break down their key advantages over elongated toilets.

What Qualifies as a “Small” Bathroom?

Generally, bathrooms under 50 square feet would be considered “small.” This includes half baths and powder rooms on the smaller side. For reference, the average powder room is about 30-40 square feet.

Small bathrooms may have narrow layouts, limited open floor space, and confined clearances around fixtures. RVs and other recreational vehicles also often have petite bathroom footprints.

Benefits of Installing a Round Toilet in a Small Bathroom

Round Toilets Take Up Less Space

The main appeal of round toilets for small bathrooms is their compact circular bowl. Round bowls have a diameter of around 28 inches and only extend 28 inches out from the wall.

round toilets for small bathrooms

By comparison, elongated bowls are usually 18-19 inches wide but protrude 31 inches or more from the wall. This extra few inches can make a big difference in a small space!

Round Toilets Provide More Legroom

The round shape gives more open space for your legs. You won’t have to squeeze in beside an elongated bowl. This makes round toilets more comfortable, especially for smaller adults and children.

Round Toilets Cost Less

Due to their simple and compact styling, round toilets are generally more affordable than elongated models. You can often find quality round toilets for $200-400, while elongated toilets start around $300+.

Round Toilets Offer Comfort for Kids and Smaller Adults

Round toilets typically have lower seat heights than elongated models. The seat height is often between 14-15 inches high. This means shorter legs don’t have to stretch as far, allowing feet to touch the floor more comfortably.

Round Toilets Allow Creative Space-Saving

With their smaller footprint, round toilets allow for unique space-saving arrangements. For example, some round toilet models have wall-mounted tanks to free up even more floor space. Round bowls can fit in tight spots where elongated toilets won’t.

Top Brands for Round Toilets

If you’re shopping for a new round toilet, stick to brands known for quality and reliability. Here are some top options to consider:

  • Kohler
  • Toto
  • American Standard
  • Woodbridge
  • Swiss Madison
  • Niagara

Look for durable vitreous china construction and water-efficient flush technology. Many offer easy installation options like pre-drilled holes for the floor bolts. The width and style of the bowl can vary too, so browse different models to find your perfect fit.

New Innovations in Round Toilets

Today’s round toilets boast some exciting new features to enhance both form and function:

  • Hidden Tank Designs: Tanks are concealed behind the wall, increasing floor space.
  • Soft-Close Seats: Prevent loud slamming and add comfort.
  • Touchless Flush: Flush with a wave of the hand to save space.
  • Built-In Nightlights: Convenient lighting option.

The Pros and Cons of Round Toilets

Like any product, round toilets come with both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Take up less space than elongated options
  • Typically more affordable
  • Comfortable size for kids and smaller adults
  • Allow creative space-saving arrangements


  • Less ideal for very tall or larger adults
  • Fewer styles available vs elongated
  • May not support elongated toilet seat replacements

Tips for Maximizing Space with a Round Toilet

To make the most of a round toilet in a petite bathroom, keep these space-saving tips in mind:

  • Pair it with a narrow vanity and fixtures
  • Use a wall-mount faucet and towel racks
  • Install shelves over the tank for storage
  • Choose a wall-mounted tank model
  • Include a slim floor cabinet or wall cabinet for necessities

For small powder rooms, half baths, and other tight spaces, a round toilet can be the perfect fixture. The compact circular shape squeezes into tight footprints better than elongated options. Plus, round toilets offer increased legroom, a more affordable price tag, and low-profile comfort.

Just be sure to browse top brands to find a toilet with the ideal bowl size, height, and features for your needs. With smart coordinating fixtures and furnishings, a round toilet can help you make the most of your small bathroom.

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