Why Your Whirlpool Oven Won’t Turn Off and How to Fix It

Is your Whirlpool oven staying on indefinitely, even when you try to turn it off? This frustrating issue, where the oven won’t stop heating no matter what you do, is surprisingly common in Whirlpool models.

When an oven doesn’t turn off, it’s always cause for concern. Not only will it continue heating indefinitely, leading to potential fire hazard or damage, but the underlying issue needs to be addressed. We’ll walk through Whirlpool oven troubleshooting and repair, empowering you to restore proper function and safety. Read on to get your Whirlpool back in working order!

Symptoms of a Whirlpool Oven That Won’t Turn Off

How can you tell if your Whirlpool oven has a problem shutting off? There are a few key indicators to watch for:

  • The oven keeps running and heating up when you turn the temperature dial to “Off” or press the touchpad Off button.
  • A burning smell emanates from the oven, a sign it is severely overheating from remaining on for an extended time.
  • The oven stays on indefinitely unless power is cut off at the breaker panel or by unplugging the unit.
  • Oven controls seem unresponsive and do not register commands to turn off the oven.

You may also notice other unusual oven behaviors like inconsistent temperature regulation or only certain elements like the broiler continuing to run. Any of these are signs something is amiss with the oven’s shutdown function.

Potential Causes of a Whirlpool Oven Not Turning Off

Whirlpool ovens utilize electronic controls for all their heating and functionality. Failures in these control components are typically to blame when an oven fails to shut off. Let’s look at the most common issues leading to this problem:

whirlpool oven won't turn off

Faulty Wiring

The wiring harness distributes power and connects all of the oven’s electrical components. Over time, this wiring can become damaged or burnt out, with a couple telltale signs:

  • Visibly melted or frayed wires
  • Loose, disconnected, or burnt wire connections

Wiring issues can lead to unpredictable oven behavior like only partial heating or certain components not working. If the wires responsible for shutting off the oven are damaged, this could leave the oven stuck on.

Control Board Failure

The electronic control board is the brain that controls all of the oven’s functions. It is responsible for turning the heating elements, fan, and other components on and off. If the control board is defective, it may not send the right signals to shut off the oven when directed. Control boards often fail after 5-10 years of use.

Defective Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor monitors oven temperature and sends signals back to the control board. If this component is malfunctioning, it could cause the oven to heat indefinitely. Testing the resistance of the sensor using a multimeter can identify sensor defects.

Malfunctioning Cooktop Surface Controls

Whirlpool combo oven/ranges utilize individual touchpad controls for the cooktop heating elements. If these surface control boards become defective, they may continue sending power to the oven even when turned off. This will make the oven appear to be “stuck” on.

Bad Oven Timer

Many ovens have a mechanical or digital timer that automatically shuts off the oven after a set duration. If the oven timer fails, the oven may not receive the signal to power down and therefore continues heating indefinitely.

How to Diagnose a Whirlpool Oven That Won’t Turn Off

To pinpoint the cause of a Whirlpool oven that refuses to turn off, we’ll need to run through a series of diagnostic tests. This involves a systematic process of elimination to check each oven component:

Inspecting the Wiring Harness

Start diagnosis by thoroughly inspecting the oven’s wiring harness. Unplug the oven first, then remove the rear access panel to expose the wiring. Look for any damaged, melted, or disconnected wires. Use a multimeter to check for continuity between connections. You’re looking for any signs of wiring degradation that could contribute to oven malfunction.

Testing the Temperature Sensor

Locate the long, thin temperature sensor probe extending into the oven cavity. With the oven unplugged, detach the wiring from the sensor and use a multimeter to measure resistance. Consult your oven’s service manual for the correct sensor resistance range – typical is 1,000 – 1,500 Ohms at room temperature. A faulty sensor that doesn’t match the specs could cause heating issues.

Examining the Control Board

To check the control board, unplug the oven and remove the access panel covering the board on the back or top. Closely inspect the board for any burnt, discolored spots or damaged components like relays. Also look for any debris or moisture that could cause issues. The Whirlpool oven control board, in particular, is prone to failure after 5 years or so.

Checking the Cooktop Surface Controls

For ovens with an integrated cooktop range, test the individual heating element controls. Turn each burner on, then try turning it off. If elements remain on despite the control being turned off, the surface control will need replacement.

Testing the Oven Timer

The mechanical oven timer is typically located right behind the control panel. Set the timer and check if the oven turns off afterward – if not, the timer should be replaced. For digital timers, consult your appliance manual for timer calibration and testing procedures.

How to Repair a Whirlpool Oven That Won’t Turn Off

Once you’ve diagnosed the problematic oven component, replacement or repair is needed to get your Whirlpool working again. Here are tips for fixing the most common issues:

Replacing Faulty Wiring

  • Unplug oven power supply or turn off at breaker.
  • Remove wiring access panel and detach damaged wires.
  • Replace worn out wiring harness with new OEM part.
  • Reconnect wires to oven components.

Swapping Out Defective Parts

  • Unplug oven and turn off power supply.
  • Remove mounting screws or brackets to access internal parts.
  • Replace control board, temperature sensor probe, or surface control panel.
  • Reinstall oven parts and test operation.

Bypassing Oven Timer

  • Locate timer wires or solder points on circuit board.
  • Disconnect timer from board to bypass its function.
  • Oven will now work minus automatic shutoff feature.

Restoring Power and Testing Repair

Once any repairs are complete, plug the oven back in and turn on the power supply. Set the oven to preheat to a high temperature – it should turn off once heated. Verify that the oven is now shutting off appropriately before using it again. Contact Whirlpool customer service about ordering any replacement parts needed.

If the oven is defective in multiple ways or repair continues to be unsuccessful, purchasing a new range altogether may end up being more cost and time effective. Compare the price of a new Whirlpool versus the repair bill. Replacement may also make sense if the range is outdated – new ovens have more accurate temperature control and safety shutoffs.

A Whirlpool oven that refuses to shut off can seem like a hopeless situation, but armed with the right troubleshooting knowledge, many common issues are repairable. Safety should always come first – unplug the oven if it will not turn off. Methodically diagnose the problem component and make the necessary wiring repairs, part swaps, or timer bypasses. With our step-by-step repair guide, you can stop your Whirlpool oven from overheating and restore normal operation.

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