Outdoor Rugs Designed for Durability from Sam’s Club

Transforming an outdoor space into a comfortable oasis for relaxing and entertaining is easy with the right accessories. An elegant, stylish outdoor rug can tie the whole look together, adding a pop of color, soft texture, and aesthetic appeal. With their new line of outdoor rugs, Sam’s Club offers beautiful designs made to withstand the elements – and at impressive savings compared to other retailers. Keep reading to learn why Sam’s Club’s outdoor rug collection is an ideal choice for affordably enhancing your outdoor living area.

Sam’s Club Outdoor Rug Collection

Sam’s Club’s exclusive outdoor rug collection features trendy styles suitable for any taste. With over 50 designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect rug to complement your outdoor furniture, landscaping, and architecture. The polypropylene, nylon, olefin, and sisal fibers are engineered to resist fading, stains, and mildew when used in outdoor spaces.

Make a bold statement with vibrant solids and graphic stripes, or opt for natural fibers and subdued hues – the assortment has something for everyone. Floral medallions, vine motifs, and scrolling damask patterns add a touch of whimsy, while geometric trellis and tile designs offer modern appeal. The rugs are available in all the standard sizes you need, from small 3′ x 5′ doormats to expansive 8′ x 10′ sizes ideal for sectionals and conversation areas.

Durability of Sam’s Club Outdoor Rugs

Rugs designed for outdoor use need to stand up to the rain, sun, dirt, and temperature fluctuations of the great outdoors. That’s why Sam’s Club constructs their outdoor rugs to withstand the elements without sacrificing style.

The polypropylene fibers are solution-dyed, so the color is embedded into the fiber itself instead of just coating the surface. This prevents the vibrant colors and patterns from fading over time, even with constant exposure to sunlight and cleaning. The enhanced polypropylene fiber is also highly resilient against stains from food, beverages, sunscreen, and general wear and tear. Even after heavy use for multiple seasons, these outdoor rugs will still look fantastic.

sam's indoor outdoor rugs

Thanks to their sturdy construction, Sam’s Club’s outdoor rugs lie flat and will not buckle or wrinkle when subjected to moisture. The quality materials hold up well even in high-traffic areas around pools, patios, and garden paths. While no rug is completely invincible, Sam’s Club’s outdoor rugs are built to provide lasting beauty and performance through all your outdoor adventures.

Easy Maintenance

Outdoor rugs tend to get more grime and require frequent cleaning. Fortunately, caring for Sam’s Club outdoor rugs is quick and easy:

  • Use a regular garden hose to give the rug a good rinse. The polypropylene material won’t absorb water and dries rapidly.
  • For deeper cleaning, you can also machine wash the rugs and air dry them. Check the tag for specific instructions.
  • Spot clean spills and stains right away before they have a chance to set.
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse away any cleaning solutions.
  • Fluff and rotate the rug occasionally to spread out wear.

The fast drying time of polypropylene makes these rugs very convenient and low-maintenance. Get them fresh and clean again in no time, so you can continue lounging outdoors comfortably. With the right care, Sam’s Club outdoor rugs will provide years of enjoyment.

Stylish Designs for Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor rug adds the finishing touch to your patio or deck decor. Sam’s Club offers trendy designs so you can choose a rug that reflects your personal taste and complements your existing furnishings.

Many patterns take inspiration from elements found in nature like flowers, vines, leaves, and trees. These whimsical motifs filled with blooms and botanicals are perfect for flower gardens and English country-style decor. The scrolling damask and medallion styles have an elegant, traditional Persian rug appeal. Choose muted palettes like sage green or navy blue for a calming ambiance.

If your aesthetic leans more modern and contemporary, opt for abstract geometric shapes in exciting colors like citrus orange, cherry red, and sapphire blue. Tile and trellis designs have an eclectic, bohemian vibe. For a beachy, tropical look, pick rugs with ornate shells, starfish, or palm leaves. With such a diverse selection, you’ll find a rug to match any outdoor space.

Those seeking a versatile neutral that works with any palette should consider Sam’s Club’s Willow collection. Inspired by classic willow patterns, these rugs feature pretty shades of gray and ivory. The woven texture adds organic depth and sophistication. Use one of these neutral rugs as a foundation, then layer in pops of color with pillows, throws, and decor.


Outdoor rugs don’t have to be a splurge purchase. At Sam’s Club, premium quality comes at a price you can afford. Outdoor rugs start at just $69.98 including free shipping right to your door. With regular prices up to 25% less than other major retailers, you can decorate your entire deck or patio without breaking the bank.

Since they cost less per rug, Sam’s Club’s collection gives you the flexibility to add rugs to multiple outdoor living areas. Place one on the front porch, another in the garden seating nook, a few on the pool deck – your decorative options expand when the rugs are budget-friendly. With Sam’s Club, creating your dream outdoor oasis is easy and affordable.

Sizing Your Sam’s Club Outdoor Rug

Picking the right size rug lays the foundation for a pulled-together space. When determining what size you need, first measure the entire area you want to cover. Be sure to add an extra 12-24 inches of clearance on all sides – rugs look best and wear better with sufficient border space.

In high-traffic zones like paths to the pool or dining areas, size the rug to fit the space rather than leaving excess borders. This helps contain the movement to preserve the rug. Proper measuring and sizing allows the rug to unify your design instead of looking like an afterthought.

For hard surfaces, use a gripper pad beneath the rug to prevent shifting, wrinkles, and trip hazards. The right pad also smooths out minor surface irregularities. Sam’s Club offers rug pads to perfectly fit each of their outdoor rugs.

Placement Tips for Sam’s Club Rugs

One of the great advantages of Sam’s Club outdoor rugs is their versatility – use them anywhere outside! Here are some creative ideas:

  • Welcome guests at the entryway. Protect your porch or patio surface from dirt and leaves.
  • Define seating areas on the deck or under a pergola. Rugs anchor and unify decor.
  • Cover high-traffic routes to prevent slipping on damp surfaces.
  • Add softness and color contrast to pool surrounds.
  • Use in the garden to highlight focal points or divide space.
  • Bring visual interest to blank walls, fences, or dull spaces.

Use outdoor rugs wherever you want to add aesthetic appeal or functionality. Given their durable construction, you can put Sam’s Club rugs anywhere outdoors – even areas exposed to water and moisture. Get creative with unique applications to enhance your whole landscape.

Get the Look: Outdoor Space Decor Ideas

Need a little design inspiration? Here are some gorgeous ways to decorate outdoor living areas with Sam’s Club’s rug collection as the anchor:

The Tropical Oasis

Create a glamorous tropical getaway right in your own backyard with bamboo furniture, palm prints, rattan pendant lights, and Sam’s Club’s colorful Reef Blue Lattice Trellis Rug. The bright colors and ocean motifs transport you seaside.

The Entertainer’s Patio

Host family and friends all summer long on your outdoor patio. In the dining area, use a Sam’s Club Courtyard Rug in red, then add sun umbrellas, bistro lighting, and verdant potted plants for lush European bistro vibes.

The Sophisticated Veranda

Sip tea on a covered porch decorated elegantly with Sam’s Club’s Willow Gray Rug, wicker seating, throw pillows, and fresh flowers. The muted color scheme exudes refined grace.

See how an outdoor rug ties everything together? Browse Sam’s Club rug collections online or visit your local store to find the perfect style for your personality and decor.

Shop Sam’s Club Outdoor Rugs

Ready to give your outdoor space a stylish upgrade? Sam’s Club makes it easy to shop their exclusive collection of outdoor rugs:

  • Browse and order online at SamsClub.com, and have durable poly rug shipped right to your door.
  • Visit your local Sam’s Club warehouse to see rug designs and textures in person.
  • Use the Sam’s Club app to conveniently shop the outdoor rug collection anytime.

Keep an eye out for special sales and limited-time offers exclusive to Sam’s Club members. Take your outdoor decor to the next level by topping it off with a beautiful, high-quality area rug built to last.

Create a backyard paradise with Sam’s Club’s chic, weather-resistant outdoor rugs. Made from durable materials and expertly crafted, these rugs add comfort, style, and functionality to your patio, porch, deck, or garden while standing up to the demands of outdoor use. With the impressive selection of sizes, colors, and designs, you can find the perfect rug to suit your taste and complement your existing outdoor furniture and decor. And the affordability brings designer outdoor rug style within reach. Refresh your outdoor living space for the warm seasons ahead with a touch of elegance – shop Sam’s Club’s exclusive outdoor rug collection today!

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