Transforming Brick Homes with Stylish Shutters

Brick homes boast timeless beauty and old-world charm. Their rich red facades never go out of style. But the right shutters can take brick houses to the next level, showcasing their inviting texture. With an array of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, shutters present exciting possibilities for your home’s curb appeal.

We’ll also share expert tips on creative color pairings that make both the home’s brick and shutters pop. Read on to unlock the captivating potential of your red brick house!

Common Shutter Styles for Brick Houses

Before delving into shutters for brick facades, let’s review the most popular exterior shutter styles:

  • Louvered Shutters: The quintessential option featuring angled, overlapping slats. When open, louvres allow air and light filtration.
  • Raised Panel Shutters: Defined by a border frame encasing recessed center panels for a formal aesthetic.
  • Board and Batten Shutters: Characterized by wide vertical boards bookended by trim “battens” placed horizontally or diagonally.
  • Bahama Shutters: Hinged at the top with louvred or slat construction. They angle out to provide shade and ventilation.

Size and Placement

Properly sized shutters should match the window height and be half its width. Make sure shutters don’t interfere with window operation. Mount shutters on the window frame itself or the surrounding wall.


Wood remains the gold standard, offering durability and customization of stain colors. But low-maintenance materials like vinyl, aluminum, and composites replicate the look of wood at lower cost.

brick homes with shutters

Factors In Pairing Brick and Shutter Colors

When matching shutters to red brick, carefully consider the brickwork’s unique color, texture, and undertones conveyed by the mortar.

Desired Contrast vs. Complementary Blending

For dramatic pop, pair red brick with crisp white shutters. Or select a bold shade like navy blue for striking contrast. For a more seamless, blended look, choose subtle grays, deep greens, or brick-matching tones.

Temperature Undertones

Warm brick facades with yellow/red undertones coordinate best with like-colored shutters in analogous hues. Whereas cool-toned gray mortar brickworks better with contrasting shades carrying purple, blue, or green undertones.

Classic Shutter Colors for Red Brick Houses

Certain shutter colors have proven historically pleasing against red brick backdrops. Here are go-to shades to consider first:

  • Crisp White: Bright white makes rich red bricks pop beautifully. It adds welcome contrast and visual interest.
  • Classic Black: Another iconic pairing, black shutters lend bold definition along red brick walls for an elegant accent.
  • Heathered Gray: In cool and warm gray hues, this versatile neutral combines attractively with all brickwork tones to blend or contrast the facade.
  • Hunter Green: As a complement to red brick’s terra cotta tones, deep green shutters make both colors stand out attractively.

Creative Color Combinations

Beyond traditional pairings, don’t be afraid to get creative with vibrant or unexpected shutter colors! Here are a few eye-catching combinations to fuel inspiration:

  • Navy Blue
  • Wine Red
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Canary Yellow
  • Charcoal

Design Tips for Brick Houses with Shutters

Strategic design moves make your shutters harmonize beautifully with other exterior elements surrounding your home’s brick facade. Here’s how to pull together an ultra-appealing curbside view.

Accentuate Architectural Details

Position shutters to highlight special architectural features like stately columns, decorative pediments, inviting arches and ornamental trimwork.

Balance Other Exterior Elements

Continuing the shutter color or material onto other exterior elements creates cohesion. Treat entry doors, garage doors, railing, trim, and downspouts to matching shutter colors.

Showcase Facade with Lighting

Use landscape lighting, entry lighting, spot lighting or wall sconces to illuminate your home’s beautiful brick and shutter exterior at night for stunning curb appeal.

Incorporate Complementary Landscaping

Gardens, trees, and foliage providing colorful contrast or harmony with the brick and shutter combo take your home’s exterior elegance to the next level.

Functional Benefits of Exterior Shutters

Beyond aesthetics, exterior shutters impart many practical benefits:

  • Provide extra protection during storms
  • Block excess light and UV rays entering the home
  • Increase privacy
  • Regulate indoor temperatures
  • Defend windows against projectiles

Operational vs Decorative

Functional shutters feature hinged mounts allowing you to open and close them. Whereas decorative shutters use fixed side mounts, solely serving visual appeal when correctly sized and shaped.

The right exterior shutters can bring out the best in your brick house. Carefully constructed with proper proportions and thoughtfully colored, they attractively accentuate charming brick architecture. Whether aiming for dramatic contrast or complementary blending with creative combinations, shutters boost curb appeal and functionality.

We hope our guide to selecting, designing and installing shutters on brick homes illuminated helpful considerations and sparked inspiration! Feel free to refer back as you unlock your facade’s full potential with this versatile architectural element.

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