Get Inspired! See the Most Popular House & Deck Color Combinations

Choosing exterior paint and stain colors for your home can seem overwhelming with so many options. Where do you even begin? While personal style and preferences should guide your palette, looking at versatile, recommended color pairings is a great source of inspiration.

From traditional beige and gray schemes to contemporary black houses with wood decks, these classic combinations are sure to help kickstart your design process. We’ll also look at important factors in selecting colors and tips to pull off a cohesive, attractive look. Read on for ideas you can use to give your exterior a makeover with serious curb appeal!

Classic Color Combinations for Traditional Houses

Warm Beige House with Dark Gray Deck

This soothing, flexible pairing tops the list of classic house and deck combinations. Warm beige is a timeless house color that works for all different architectural styles from Colonials to ranch houses. Paired with a dark charcoal gray deck, it creates a familiar yet sophisticated look. For the beige house color, consider hues like tan, khaki or sandstone. Soft gray deck stain or paint colors like slate, pewter or charcoal will complement beautifully.

White House with Black Trim and Medium Brown Deck

For a traditional look with some striking contrast, a crisp white house exterior with black shutters and accents alongside a medium brown deck is a win. The bright white draws the eye while the black trim provides bold definition. Redwood and chestnut brown deck stains offset the contrasting colors in a natural way. Focus black accents on architectural details like the front door, window boxes, railings or fencing.

Tan House with Redwood-Stained Deck

Warm tan house paint paired with a rich redwood-stained deck is another versatile combo for traditional suburban homes. Redwood stain has hints of red and brown that provide a cozy feel. You can choose from shades like adobe, khaki or desert sand for the tan house color. Ensure proper sealing and maintenance of the redwood deck to retain the wood’s depth and color integrity.

Modern House and Deck Color Trends

Crisp White House with Charcoal Gray Deck

If you want a modern, sophisticated look, a crisp white house exterior and charcoal gray deck is an elegant pairing. Stark white siding paired with a gray wood-toned deck creates contrast while remaining sleek and contemporary. Decide whether a true bright white or slightly softer white feels best. Charcoal evokes a posh, city feel and works with a range of architectural styles.

Black House Exteriors with Wood Toned Decks

Black houses are a huge modern trend, and pairing this dramatic hue with a lighter wood deck helps soften the look. Stained cedar and redwood are popular deck colors, as are gray washed and weathered wood tones. The lighter natural deck prevents the design from feeling too severe. Consider cedar’s grayish brown, redwood’s reddish brown or pine’s tan for compatible deck colors.

Orange Houses with Blue Decks

For an energizing pop of color, an orange house with a blue deck is a lively combo. The complementary colors contrast beautifully while still remaining bold and current. Warm pumpkin orange, terra cotta and brick red-orange houses look fabulous against navy blue, bright teal and sky blue decks. This eye-catching pairing is perfect for modern lake or beach homes.

house and deck color combinations

Important Considerations for Color Selection

While the aforementioned combinations are versatile starting points, some additional factors help refine your palette decision. First, consider your home’s architectural style and the overall look you want. For example, Victorian houses often work best with traditional color schemes. Looking at current landscaping and hardscape colors also provides guidance, as you want your house and deck to integrate well with existing elements.

Personal preferences are also key. Follow trends or go more timeless? Cool tones or warm hues? There are no right answers, only what appeals most to your aesthetic tastes. Finally, view color samples on the house at different times of day to visualize the full effect. With some thoughtful planning, you can confidently create a complementary exterior house and deck color scheme that stands out while remaining cohesive.

Selecting the perfect exterior house and deck color combinations involves both practical considerations and personal style. Now that you’ve seen versatile popular pairings like beige and gray houses or orange and blue complementary schemes, you can start applying these ideas when planning your own exterior updates. Consider your architecture, surroundings and color preferences, and look at swatches at home to make the colors feel just right.

Proper prep work helps ensure your house and deck color choices enhance each other beautifully. Use this overview as inspiration to create your own welcoming exterior that wows. A cohesive, thoughtful color palette showcases both your home and personal taste, giving your property maximum visual appeal. Don’t be afraid to get creative – your home’s facade is a chance to make a unique style statement.

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