Pamper Yourself With The Comfort Of Extra Plush Full Size Headboards

When it comes to creating a cozy and inviting bedroom, few things can compare to a plush padded headboard spanning the full width of your bed. Not only do padded headboards full size provide unmatched comfort and support, they also make an eye-catching focal point full of style. Keep reading to learn all about the many benefits of extra cushiony full size headboards and how to find your perfect match!

Full Size Bed Dimensions

First, let’s look at what constitutes a full size bed. Full size mattresses measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long – one of the most common mattress sizes. When shopping for full size headboards, it’s crucial to select a width of at least 54 inches so it fully covers the width of a standard full mattress.

In terms of headboard height, you’ll find sizes ranging from 30 inches to over 48 inches tall. Lower heights around 30 inches work well if you prefer a subtle headboard presence. For more of an impactful focal point with padded detail, aim for 36 to 42 inch heights. The selected height depends on personal preference, mattress height, and how much of a statement piece you want behind your bed.

Why Choose A Padded Headboard?

You may be wondering – why choose a padded headboard in the first place? Here are some of our favorite reasons to invest in extra plush cushioning:

  • Increased comfort. Padding adds softness, with your head, neck and shoulders cushioned against the wall.
  • Noise reduction. Foam padding can minimize sounds against shared walls.
  • Eye-catching focal point. Tufted, buttoned and channeled designs draw attention.
  • Luxury hotel vibe. Wake up feeling pampered every single morning.

Types of Padding Materials

An array of different padding materials bring the “plush” to plush padded headboards. Some top options include:

padded headboards full size

Polyester Fiberfill

Similar to the stuffing inside pillows, polyester fiberfill makes a budget friendly padding choice. This lightweight quilted padding molds to the shape of your head and shoulders.


densities balance cushiony softness with structure. Look for foam padding coupled with moisture-wicking fabric covers.

Down Alternatives

For a fluffy luxe feel reminiscent of real down, down alternative padding brings five-star hotel luxury. Easy maintenance makes up for the higher price point.

We recommend foam or down alternative pads for optimal plushness and durability over time. But polyfill can still supply cushiness on a tighter budget.

Most Popular Padded Headboard Styles

Now for the fun part – all the stylish ways padded headboards full size can transform your space! Some of our most popular suggestions include:


Deeply button tufted headboards take padded comfort to the next level. The classic tufted style brings to mind vintage Hollywood glamour. Opt for tufted panels along the entire headboard or solely at the top for a subtle touch.


For bold and glitzy edge, nailhead trim adds eye-catching detail. Go full-on glam with nailheads tracing every edge or just outline the perimeter. Pair with tufts for extra dazzle.

Channel Quilting

Vertical channels stitched at even intervals achieve effortless elegance. The long lines of this subtle style lend a tailored yet soft look. Choose a quilted headboard in the same hue as walls or bedding for calm cohesion.

Adjustable Height Headboards

Another key benefit of padded headboards – adjustable height capabilities. Bracket systems allow the height and position to change as needed for the perfect fit. Helpful aspects include:

  • Accommodating mattresses of varying heights and thicknesses.
  • Adapting to future mattress upgrades over time.
  • Ensuring your headboard aligns properly with bed frame and mattress.

Low profile mounting brackets discreetly attach a headboard securely to the wall or bed frame. For optimal headboard functionality, look for height adjustable brackets supporting 100-150 lbs or more.

Full Size Headboard Measurement Guide

To achieve a unified bedroom look, use these size guidelines when buying padded headboards full size:


Select a headboard at least 54 inches wide – equaling the width of a standard full size mattress. For a seamless border, some brands offer oversized headboards up to 58 inches wide.


Aim for taller 36 to 42 inch headboard heights to balance out low-profile bed frames. Shorter heights around 30 inches prevent overwhelming small rooms. Ultimately height depends on mattress thickness and personal style preferences.


Expect typical padded headboard depth measurements of 1 inch to 5 inches. Thinner styles maintain a lighter look while thicker options maximize plush softness.

Pair With Complementary Bedroom Furniture

To complete your pampering oasis, pair padded headboards full size with complementary bedroom furniture. Options like:

  • Bedside tables and benches in colors and materials echoing the headboard.
  • Dressers and chests featuring brass pulls matching nailhead trim details.
  • Mirrored furnishings to reflect light and visually expand smaller spaces.
  • Sleek metallic accents providing sharp contrast to soft fabrics.

Buying Considerations For Padded Headboards

Keep these key factors in mind when evaluating padded headboards:

  • Budget – Prices range widely from $100 to $1000+ based on size, materials and brand.
  • Quality – Inspect construction, seam neatness and padding density.
  • Custom sizing – Many companies offer custom width and height options.
  • Online reviews – Read feedback and compare options across brands.
  • Return policies – Helpful for testing comfort and fit.

Style Your Space With Padded Headboards

Looking for inspiration decorating your bedroom with plush padded headboards? We recommend:

  • Neutral colored linens allowing the headboard to shine.
  • Sculptural pendant lights or sconces drawing the eye upwards.
  • Large scale art hung above the headboard commanding attention.

Then pile high with down pillows and plush throws for five-star hotel luxury in your own private sanctuary!

We hope you’re now inspired to pamper yourself with padded headboards full size! Their plush comfort cradles you in cushiony softness as you drift to sleep each night. And stylish tufted, nailhead and quilted designs infuse character as your bedroom’s focal point.

Follow our measurement and installation guidance for the perfect custom fit. Then get ready to relax in the lap of luxury whenever you walk through your bedroom doors. Sweet dreams!

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