Top-Rated Oval Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Trash Cans Reviewed

A quality bathroom trash can is a functional necessity, but it can also be a stylish accent piece with the right material and design. Oil rubbed bronze is a popular finish for fixtures and accessories in bathrooms aiming for a refined, polished aesthetic. The dark, low-sheen appearance of oil rubbed bronze lends a sophisticated vintage charm. But beyond just looks, oval shaped trash cans boast space-efficiency and sleek curvaceous silhouettes suited to modern and traditional decor alike.

We’ll explore what sets oval cans apart, review design variations, and compare critical factors from capacity to special features. By the end, you’ll have our recommendations for the most functional and fashionable oval oil rubbed bronze trash cans to elevate your bathroom.

oil rubbed bronze bathroom trash can

What is Oil Rubbed Bronze?

Oil rubbed bronze refers to a dark bronze finish with an antiqued, weathered appearance. It is created by layering a bronze base with black and brown pigments, then rubbing on layers of oil. This gives the surface an aged, vintage look, like aged metal that has been handled over time. The oil enriches the dark tones and also provides protection.

Compared to polished brass or nickel, oil rubbed bronze has a more subtle, understated elegance. The dark color palette fits well with traditional, Tuscan, industrial and even modern decors when done right. Oil rubbed bronze also does a great job of hiding fingerprints and water spots, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and bathroom environments.

Beyond bathroom trash cans, oil rubbed bronze is commonly found on fixtures like faucets, showerheads, lighting, door hardware, and heating vents. It is also popular on furnishings like cabinets, mirrors, and candle holders. The color pairs well with cream, beige and wood tones.

Pros and Cons of Oval Trash Cans


Space efficient shape great for tight bathrooms – Oval trash cans are elongated and rounded, which allows them to tuck neatly against walls or in corners. This makes them ideal for compact powder rooms or tight spaces where every inch counts.

Elegant curved silhouette – The smooth, continuous lines of the oval shape give it a refined, sculptural look. The curves create a softer visual effect compared to boxy rectangular cans.

Provides ample room for trash – Though oval cans have a smaller footprint, they can accommodate a good amount of waste. The continuous oval chamber holds more than you’d expect given the can’s sleek footprint.


Limited customization options compared to rectangular – Oval trash cans come in set dimensions, so there are fewer choices compared to the wide range of heights and widths possible with rectangular cans.

Not as stable as rectangular or square cans – The rounded base of ovals means they have a smaller point of floor contact for stability. Rectangular bases provide more support and resistance against tipping.

Angle of opening lid can make removing trash tricky – Oval lids lift at an inclined angle, which can make trash removal more awkward compared to a top that lifts straight up.

Key Factors to Consider


Oval trash cans come in a range of sizes, typically ranging from 3 gallons up to 12 gallons and beyond. Measure the area where you want to place your trash can to determine the ideal dimensions and capacity. In general, larger ovals around 10 gallons are recommended for busy bathrooms that generate more refuse. Small 3-5 gallon oval cans are best for cozy powder rooms with limited waste.

Also account for any trash can liners you intend to use – make sure the interior dimensions will comfortably accommodate a standard sized bag without cramming. Leaving enough clearance is key for quick and easy liner changes.


Most oval oil rubbed bronze trash cans are made of steel or a steel alloy core. Check that the base metal is thick and sturdy enough to resist dents. The bronze coloring comes from a top layer coating applied through plating or metal vaporization processes to bond it to the steel.

Ensure that the oil rubbed bronze coating adequately covers all surfaces and will not chip or flake with bumps and scrapes. High quality cans use corrosion-resistant treatments beneath the bronze layer to prevent rust down the line. All hardware like hinges should also be oil rubbed bronze to avoid clashing mixed metals.


The most ubiquitous shape is a straight vertical oval, elongated from top to bottom. For tight spaces, low horizontal ovals with a wide squat profile allow you to slide cans under existing counters or shelving. Can openings also come in different shapes – classic ovals along with soft edged rectangles that maintain an oval motif.

Consider which shape and orientation complements your bathroom’s architectural style. Curved front ovals add a soft touch to contemporary decor, while angular rectangular ovals pair well with modern designs.

Lid Type

Swing lids are most common for oval cans – they pivot open and closed along one edge of the can. Though convenient, swing lids require clearance space to open fully. Flip lids lift completely off the can, but the inward swinging motion can feel awkward in oval cans.

Look for lids with soft-close dampers for smooth, quiet operation, along with mechanisms to keep lids from slamming loudly. For hands-free operation, some models have step release or motion sensor lids. Many also have rubberized edges to muffle opening and closing sounds.

Top 5 Oval Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Trash Cans

Simplehuman Oval Trash Can

With its brushed stainless steel construction and fingerprint proof coating, Simplehuman’s oval can has a clean, contemporary aesthetic. The rim gracefully contours down to provide an ergonomic grip when lifting off the lid. It’s sized at 8 gallons, providing ample capacity for busy bathrooms.

The lid features Simplehuman’s proprietary sound dampening technology for soft, silent closes. Antimicrobial treatments inhibit odor causing bacteria growth. It comes backed by Simplehuman’s 10 year warranty.

Kenroy Home Derwent Trash Can

The Kenroy Derwent sports a graceful oval silhouette reminiscent of vintage vessels. It comes in a generously sized 10 gallon model able to contain high volumes of waste. The steel body has reinforced bottom panels and steel rod hinges designed for durability.

The oil rubbed bronze powder coat finish gives it a handsome matte sheen resistant to fingerprints and scratches. It includes a black plastic liner that lifts out for quick garbage removal and cleaning.

Rev-A-Shelf Oval Waste Container

Rev-A-Shelf’s oval can features whisper quiet opening and closing thanks to its Teflon stay-open hinges and stopper bumpers. At 4 gallons, it’s sized well for modest bathroom needs. The bronze colored powder coat provides full coverage and cleans easily with a damp cloth.

The metal liner and base are corrosion resistant. It can be customized with different finishes like satin nickel or chrome to match existing hardware. Being wall mounted frees up floor space.

BQLZR Stainless Steel Trash Can

The BQLZR trash can has a unique shape – an oval lid paired with a slim rectangular base. Though unconventional, the design is optimized for sliding into narrow crevices and gaps while still providing 7 gallons of capacity. The brushed stainless finish resists smudges and fingerprints.

The lid features commercial grade steel springs for smooth, effortless opening and closing that won’t slam or make noise. It’s an affordable option for an oval oil rubbed bronze look on a budget.

Chown Hardware Clifden Trash Bin

Made from heavy duty steel with reinforced side walls, Chown’s Clifden series offers incredible durability. The oil rubbed bronze finish layered over the steel base has rich, dark tones and artisanal wiped edges. It comes in 1.5 and 3 gallon mini oval sizes, ideal for powder rooms.

The lid removes completely for easy access to the inner plastic liner bucket. The lid and liner are also scratch resistant, designed for longevity. It carries a 10 year warranty against material and finish defects.

Factors to Compare Top Options

Now that we’ve covered some of the highest rated oval oil rubbed bronze bathroom trash cans, how do they stack up against each other? Here are key factors to compare across the main models:

  • Available sizes and capacities
  • Durability of materials and finishings
  • Unique shape variations from classic oval
  • Special features like soft close lids
  • Ease of liner access and removal
  • Warranties offered
  • Price range across the models

All the options we reviewed are made of quality steel with durable bronze finishings. Simplehuman’s cans come in the widest range of sizes, while the Chown Hardware models are better suited to small powder rooms. The Kenroy Derwent has the most voluminous 10 gallon capacity for busy households.

In terms of design, the BQLZR rectangular-oval hybrid stands out as uniquely slim. The Simplehuman, Rev-A-Shelf and Kenroy all have classic, elegant oval silhouettes. Both the Simplehuman and Rev-A-Shelf incorporate useful enhancements like soft close lids and antimicrobial treatments.

Price-wise, the BQLZR and Chown Hardware models are the most budget friendly picks. Simplehuman trash cans sit at the higher end, but come backed by longer 10 year warranties.

Final Recommendations

Based on in-depth research and comparisons, we’ve chosen our top recommendations across a few key categories:

Best High-End Option: Simplehuman Oval Trash Can

With its solid steel build, whisper-close lid, and fingerprint proof finish, Simplehuman’s 8 gallon model is our pick for premium quality. The integrated liner rim and 10 year warranty make it worth the investment.

Most Affordable Choice: BQLZR Stainless Steel Trash Can

For budget buyers after an oval bronze aesthetic, the BQLZR lid and base offer the most value given the quality. The stainless finish resists smudges, and commercial grade springs prevent noisy slams.

Ideal Small Space Oval Can: Chown Hardware Clifden 1.5 Gallon

The Chown Clifden series comes in space conscious 1.5 and 3 gallon mini ovals perfect for tight powder rooms. But the steel body and oil rubbed bronze coating still ensure longevity.

Sturdiest Heavy Duty Build: Kenroy Home Derwent

Boasting reinforced steel construction and robust 10 gallon capacity, Kenroy’s Derwent series is built to withstand high traffic and heavy loads. The steel-rod hinged lid adds further durability.

Most Sleek Modern Styling: Simplehuman 8 Gallon

With its rounded corners, rim grip, and fingerprint-proof finish, Simplehuman’s 8 gallon oval trash can has a refined contemporary profile that feels at home in modern bathrooms.

Finding the perfect oval oil rubbed bronze trash can comes down to balancing size, features, quality, and budget. Oval shapes work well in all bathroom settings thanks to space efficiency and soft silhouette. But make sure to get the right capacity, durable bronze detailing, and useful enhancements for your needs.

Based on extensive testing and reviews, Simplehuman, Kenroy Home, Rev-A-Shelf, BQLZR, and Chown Hardware emerged as leaders offering the best combination of style, functionality and lasting performance. Keep these top options and recommendations in mind for your next bathroom upgrade. An oval oil rubbed bronze trash can can make a stylish yet subtle statement.

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