Tired of Wasted Space? How to Reimagine Your Over Fridge Cabinets

That often overlooked space above your refrigerator is prime real estate waiting to be transformed into functional storage. While accessing the cabinets mounted over most fridges can be a stretch, with some creative solutions, you can reclaim this underutilized area. We’ll explore innovative ways to turn your over fridge cabinets into a handy spot for organization and extra room, no matter their configuration.

From installing specialty pull-out shelves to repurposing the space for display, a little ingenuity can help you make the most of what’s already there. By assessing your needs, taking measurements, and implementing customized storage solutions, those out-of-reach cabinets can be made far more user-friendly. Let’s look at how to reinvent this wasted space into a storage spot you’ll actually use.

Assessing Your Current Over Fridge Cabinet Space

Before determining the best storage solutions, take stock of what you’re working with. Measure the interior dimensions of your over fridge cabinets to understand the amount of space available.

Take Measurements

Be sure to measure width, depth and height precisely. This will help you identify what types of organizational systems or storage containers can fit. Also take note of any existing shelves and whether the cabinet has an open interior or is split into compartments.

Identify Access Issues

Pay attention to just how high your over fridge cabinets are positioned. Being mounted at eye level above the tall appliance makes for an inconvenient reach. Take note if the doors are hinged or slide out, as the latter offers easier access.

Check Construction

The over fridge area must be sturdy enough to handle some weight. Before storing heavier cookware or appliances, ensure the cabinet base is firmly secured. Also check that the attachment to the wall is solid.

over the fridge cabinets

Storage Solutions for Over Fridge Cabinets

Once you’ve evaluated your space, it’s time to come up with storage solutions tailored to your needs. Think about which items could benefit from being kept in these overhead cabinets.

Organizational Systems

Installing organizational tools like bins, shelves or dividers lets you neatly categorize everything. Labeling ensures you know exactly where to find what you need. This transforms jumbled cabinets into methodical storage.

Everyday Items

Make frequently used glasses, mugs or dishes more accessible by outfitting cabinets with slide-out shelving or racks. Spinning lazy Susan turntables also provide easy access.

Infrequent Use

Since overhead cabinets are hard to reach, they’re the perfect spot for items you rarely use like holiday dishware and small kitchen appliances. You’ll get them out when needed but they won’t take up main storage areas.

Hidden Storage

Tuck away paperwork, manuals and other items you want out of sight. Just be sure to label the contents so you remember what’s inside.

Getting Creative: Unique Ways to Use the Space

For a truly custom solution, get creative and think beyond conventional storage. A bit of innovative DIY can turn your over fridge cabinets into a functional feature.

Add Functional Fixtures

Increase accessibility by installing slides, lifts or pulleys that let you easily pull down the cabinet’s contents. You can also add specialized holders, like a wine glass rack or slide out utensil organizer.

Repurpose for Display

Show off decorative dishes, collectibles or book collections by installing glass-front cabinet doors. The items become a focal display while still keeping them dust-free.

Unexpected Storage

Use the space to stash cleaning tools, craft supplies or even bulkier outerwear items like hats and scarves. Get unconventional with organizing items you might not expect to store above your fridge.

Increase Counter Space

For a handy surface for food prep and serving, have a retractable table or cutting board installed to pull down from the cabinets when needed.

Enhancing Form and Function

Along with repurposing the space, also focus on upgrades that improve accessibility and aesthetics.

Improving Accessibility

If possible, add features like slides, lifts, spring-loaded hinges or motion-activated lights. This removes the inconvenience of hard-to-reach cabinets.

Aesthetic Considerations

Visually integrate overhead cabinets with the rest of your kitchen by matching cabinet door fronts and handles. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the space. Paint the interior a bright color to easily spot contents.

Overcoming Height and Depth Limitations

Despite their challenges, you can find ways to work within the constraints of your existing over fridge cabinet space.

Work with the Space Available

Be selective about what you store up top. Prioritize only lightweight items to minimize strain from repeated heavy lifting and reaching. Reserve for items you won’t need daily access to.

Extend Reach

Use racks or turntables that pull forward so you don’t have to reach all the way in. Have a folding step stool handy for when overhead access is unavoidable.

Consider Pros and Cons

Factor in potential downsides like limited task lighting and dust buildup since contents are rarely disturbed. Decide if repurposing the space is worth these limitations.

With some clever solutions, those hard-to-access cabinets can be transformed into convenient storage space. A few upgrades tailored to your needs can make all the difference.

The key is fully utilizing every inch, including the vertical area. Pull-out shelves, turntables and slide-out racks keep contents accessible. Custom fixtures designed for specialty items help maximize function. And a bit of creativity turns the space into a display opportunity.

Don’t ignore the storage potential waiting above your refrigerator. A few simple enhancements can remedy frustratingly out-of-reach cabinets. With the right organizational tools and innovative approach, this overlooked space can gain a new purpose. Now those cabinets over the fridge become one of the handiest spots in your kitchen!

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