The Most Sophisticated & Stylish Emerald Green Paint Colors

Emerald green has become an increasingly popular paint color choice over the last few years. Known for its richness and elegance, this jewel-toned hue can instantly upgrade the look of any space. But with so many shades of emerald green on the market, it can be tough to choose the perfect one for your home.

From deep, mood-setting forest greens to bright, cheery jewel tones, we’ll cover the top emerald paint colors that will bring a touch of luxury to your home. We’ll also provide tips on how to use emerald green paint effectively, including recommended color pairings and finishes that can take this color from drab to dramatic. Read on for a complete guide to making emerald green work stylishly in your space!

What Makes Emerald Green Sophisticated?

Emerald green has an inherent elegance and sophistication to it that makes it perfect for spaces where you want to create a refined, upscale look. Much of this has to do with the cultural associations we have with the color green.

Green is strongly connected to nature, growth, renewal and prosperity. Its lush tones evoke images of thriving plants, vast forests, and precious gemstones. These positive associations give emerald green an air of freshness and vibrancy.

When deepened into a jewel tone, emerald green takes on a more luxurious feeling. The darker shades have an undeniable richness, resembling the opaque facets of a precious emerald gemstone. This unique combination of natural vibrancy and jewel-toned elegance is what gives emerald green its sophisticated reputation.

Emerald green also has a very versatile, timeless quality. While extremely on-trend right now, emerald green has been considered a sophisticated paint color choice for centuries. Its classic elegance makes it suitable for both traditional and contemporary spaces alike.

Most Stylish Emerald Green Paint Colors

Now that we’ve seen why emerald green exudes sophistication, let’s look at some of the most stylish paint colors in this family:

Night Watch – PPG

One of the most popular emerald greens right now is Night Watch from PPG Paints. This deep green shade has hints of blue that give it dimension while retaining a classic emerald tone. In 2019, it was named PPG’s Color of the Year, highlighting its reputation as a trendsetter in interior design.

best emerald green paint color

Night Watch is a moodier emerald that looks striking on accent walls or when used in darker, dramatic spaces. Its rich color easily complements existing gold, brass, or wood tones without overpowering a room. For a bold look, pair it with bright whites or metallics. For something more subtle, combine it with other earthy green and brown hues.

This flexible emerald shade works in most settings but really shines in home offices, dining rooms, and living spaces. Its sophistication makes a strong statement while still feeling grounded and natural.

Hunt Club – Sherwin Williams

Another top pick is Hunt Club from Sherwin Williams’ emerald green family. This tone has golden undertones that give it warmth and vividness. With a yellow-leaning base, it feels brighter and more energizing than some deeper emerald hues.

Interior designers often recommend Hunt Club for living rooms since its livelier feel can promote relaxation and conversation. Pair it with tans, cream walls, and dark wood furniture to create an organic, inviting space. Hunt Club also makes an ideal accent wall in a bedroom, helping set a restful mood.

While vibrant, Hunt Club is muted enough not to feel overpowering. It can fit in both traditional and modern settings, making it a flexible emerald green for all design aesthetics.

Salamander – Benjamin Moore

For a bold and luxurious emerald green, Salamander by Benjamin Moore is a top choice. With strong blue undertones, this dramatic shade resembles a jewel-toned peacock feather. It has an incredible richness while still retaining brightness.

Salamander stands out beautifully against neutral backdrops like white, beige, and grey. It also pairs elegantly with metallic accents such as brass, gold, and silver. This striking emerald tone works best in elegant formal spaces like dining rooms, offices, and master suites.

Despite its vibrancy, Salamander avoids feeling too ostentatious. Its balance of sophistication and boldness makes it one of the most stylish emerald greens for spaces where you want to make a statement.

Emerald Green Paint Techniques and Finishes

One tip for making emerald green as stylish as possible is choosing the right finish and paint technique. The color expert team at Behr recommends:

  • Flat finish – This reduces light reflection and hide wall imperfections. It creates a muted, earthy look.
  • Eggshell finish – With subtle shine, this provides a classic elegant sheen. Great for dining rooms.
  • Satin finish – This achieves light surface shine for a vibrant look. Especially suited for emerald accents.
  • Sponge application – Creates attractive irregular texture. Dab on multiple thin coats.
  • Rag rolling – For a mottled finish. Dab with a crumpled cloth post-application.

Consider the look you want and how you intend to showcase the emerald paint. A glossier sheen can make it feel dressier while flatter finishes seem more relaxed and organic. Application technique also impacts the tone – irregular textures mute the color slightly for a subtler effect.

Expert Tips for Painting with Emerald Greens

Emerald green is bold enough that you’ll want to make sure it looks its best. Follow these pro tips when working with emerald paint colors:

Prep Your Space

Thoroughly clean walls and use painter’s tape around trim to keep edges crisp. Primer helps the color stick while smoothing uneven textures.

Buy Enough Paint

Since emerald green is a deeper base color, it often requires an extra coat for full, even coverage. Buy more paint than you think you’ll need.

Use Quality Applicator

Invest in professional-grade brushes and rollers designed for smooth application of deeper paint colors.

Take Your Time

Apply in slow, methodical strokes using light pressure. Let each coat fully dry before adding another.

Work Out Imperfections

Carefully sand and recoat any drips. Use a small brush to touch-up corners and edges.

Pairing Emerald Green with Other Colors

One key to making emerald green both sophisticated and stylish is choosing the right accent colors. Here are some of the best pairings:


A crisp clean white helps ground emerald green and keeps it from feeling too dark. Try white walls, molding and door trim.

Metallic Golds and Brass

Metallics echo emerald’s luxuriousness and pop against the color. Incorporate through lighting fixtures, hardware details and home accents.


For dramatic contrast, black furniture, shelving and tonal accents make emerald green bolder.

Greys and Taupes

Neutral grays and earthy taupes allow emerald green to stand out while also feeling harmonious. Use on furnishings and linens.

Natural Wood Tones

Rich wood finishes complement emerald’s organic vibe. Try open-grained walnut, ebony-stained or driftwood pieces.

Emerald green paint can bring a space to life, adding elegant sophistication along with plenty of style. Deeper emerald tones like Night Watch and Salamander feel polished and luxurious, while brighter shades like Hunt Club infuse rooms with energy.

Carefully prep, prime and apply emerald paint. Choose sleek metallic, white, or neutral accents to help the color shine. With its captivating jewel-toned beauty and striking versatility, emerald green is guaranteed to become your new favorite sophisticated paint color.

So don’t be afraid to embrace this rich, vibrant shade in your home. With the right emerald green paint selection and application approach, you can easily use this color to create stylish, inviting spaces.

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