The Summer Sizzler Summerset Grill: A Luxury Grill Designed for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

For grilling aficionados searching for a high-end grill that combines luxury with top-tier performance, the new Summer Sizzler Summerset Grill offers an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience. As the latest addition to Summerset’s premium Sizzler Series, this innovative grill boasts an array of features to take your backyard barbecuing to the next level.

From its sophisticated construction to powerful heating capabilities, versatile cooking options, and more, this grill delivers on all fronts.

summer sizzler summerset grill

Sophisticated Yet Durable Construction

Built to last using quality materials and expert manufacturing, the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill features a design focused on both form and function.

Constructed entirely from #443 stainless steel, one of the highest marine-grade stainless steels, this grill is made to withstand regular use and the outdoor elements. The stylish exterior is accentuated with sleek LED lights, adding to the high-end aesthetic. Interior cooking lights provide visibility when grilling after sunset.

Careful attention has been paid to both the exterior design and internal workings of the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill. Proudly manufactured in the USA, it represents the pinnacle of backyard grill engineering.

Powerful Performance

Beneath its beautiful exterior lies impressive grilling capabilities, with four powerful main burners plus a dedicated infrared rotisserie burner.

The Summer Sizzler Summerset grill is equipped with four 14,000 BTU cast burners, delivering serious heating power. This enables fast preheating along with well-distributed heat across the ample 620 square inch main cooking area.

While the main burners are ideal for direct or indirect grilling, the 15,000 BTU infrared rear burner allows for low and slow rotisserie cooking. With an optional rotisserie kit, you can slow roast chicken, lamb, beef roasts, and more to juicy perfection.

Strategically positioned Heat Zone Separators ensure even heating across the grilling surface. This innovative grill also incorporates energy efficient LED lights that add ambiance while saving energy.

Easy to Use Ignition and Controls

Starting up and operating the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill is designed to be quick and hassle-free thanks to several specialized features.

Both Flame Thrower and Manual Flash Tube ignition systems come standard, providing a reliable startup every time. Turn a knob and push a button, and you’ll have glowing burners ready for grilling in seconds.

Precision engineered control knobs allow simple and accurate temperature control. Whether you are doing a hot 500degF+ sear or low 200degF smoker cook, you can easily dial in the right heat. The hood thermometer lets you monitor internal temps.

Thoughtfully designed handles, controls, shelves, and lights enhance usability, allowing you to focus on grilling up delicious fare.

Versatile Cooking Capabilities

A quality grill needs to be able to handle a wide variety of ingredients and cooking methods. The Summer Sizzler Summerset grill delivers on this front.

The generous 620 square inch primary cooking area provides plenty of space for grilling veggies, seafood, chicken, cuts of meat and more all at once. Four independent burners make it easy to set up different heat zones.

Add on the included rotisserie kit, and the opportunities expand even further. Rotating poultry or roasts over the infrared rear burner imparts incredible flavor.

An easy-clean briquette system helps reduce annoying flare-ups while also ensuring constant, even heat distribution. You don’t want the hassle of constant grease fires disrupting the grilling process.

Customer Support and Warranty

All that power and performance is backed by solid customer service and warranty coverage.

The Summer Sizzler Summerset grill comes with a lifetime warranty that covers key components like construction, the cooking grates, burners, and valves. All other parts and electronics receive a one-year warranty.

Should any issue arise, Summerset’s customer support team is ready to help. Known for providing fast and friendly service, they will get your grill back up and running in no time.

Owners of the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill can have confidence that their investment is protected for the long term.

Affordability of a Luxury Grill

While packed with high-end features, the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill is competitively priced within the premium grill market.

Made in America quality and construction does come at a cost. However, Summerset has honed the manufacturing process to offer unbeatable features and performance at a reasonable price point.

The materials, craftsmanship, and technology that go into the Sizzler Series puts it in a class above inexpensive grills. At the same time, you receive excellent value compared with other luxury grill brands.

For discerning shoppers who appreciate quality and function as much as affordability, the Summer Sizzler Summerset hits the sweet spot.

Accessories and Additional Features

While the Summer Sizzler Summerset grill comes well equipped, there are optional extras to enhance convenience and functionality even further.

A durable fitted cover protects the grill when not in use. Side burners and cabinets can expand the cooking area and storage. The grill also has side prep shelves for easy access to plates and grilling tools.

Interior halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface for late night grilling. And should any part ever need replacing, Summerset provides reasonably priced replacement parts and accessories.

Owners can customize their Summer Sizzler Summerset grill with specialized add-ons to perfectly match their cooking space and needs.

For backyard cooks seeking the total grilling package, the new Summer Sizzler Summerset grill delivers on all fronts. It combines luxury aesthetics and thoughtful design with robust power and versatility.

From quick weekday meals to an elaborate slow-roasted dinner party spread, this grill has the capabilities to become the centerpiece of your outdoor cooking setup.

Made in America and backed by outstanding warranties and customer service, the Summer Sizzler Summerset represents a worthwhile investment into grilling excellence.

If you’ve been holding out for a grill that can truly take your culinary creativity to the next level, your search stops here. The Summer Sizzler Summerset grill won’t just meet your expectations–it will far surpass them.

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