The Best Grill Mats To Keep Your Concrete Patio Looking Fresh And New

There’s nothing better than gathering friends and family together for a summertime BBQ in your own backyard. But if your patio area is made of concrete, all those delicious grilled foods can present some real challenges in terms of tough stains and cleaning headaches.

Grease drips, marinade spills, and charred bits of food splattering off the grill can damage concrete surfaces over time. Not to mention the scrubbing and pressure washing required afterward to remove residual stains. It’s enough to make you think twice about firing up the grill!

The Solution? Use a Protective Grill Mat

The good news is quality grill mats provide a simple and affordable way to keep your concrete patio looking pristine despite frequent grilling. They act as a protective buffer between the grill and patio surface to block food debris, oils, and other grilling mess from coming into direct contact with the concrete below.

best grill mat for concrete patio

Check Grill Mat Material Compatibility First

However, not all grill mats are equally suitable for use on concrete patios . It’s crucial to select one made from patio-safe materials that won’t cause discoloration or staining over time.

Avoid Rubber-Backed Grill Mats

Be especially wary of rubber-backed grill mats . While convenient for preventing slippage on decks or grass, the rubber underside will bond to concrete pores and cause stubborn staining you can’t remove no matter how much scrubbing you do.

PVC Vinyl – A Better Concrete-Safe Option

For concrete patio use, you’re better off choosing a grill mat constructed from non-slip PVC vinyl or other synthetic polymer materials. PVC vinyl mats provide exceptional heat resistance while still blocking those problematic grease drips and splatters.

They easily wipe or hose clean afterward with no remaining odors or stains. And the textured, non-slip surface ensures the mat stays securely in place during use without shifting around.

Other Key Features To Look For

In your search for the perfect concrete patio grill mat , keep these other important features in mind as well:

  • Superior grease and splatter blocking
  • Adequate coverage area for your grill size
  • Reasonable weight and thickness for easy handling
  • UV protection to prevent fading
  • Drainage channels or grease trays
  • Stain resistance
  • Non-slip surface

Our Top 3 Picks for Concrete Patio Grill Mats

Based on all the criteria above, these three grill mats really shine when it comes to concrete patio protection and everyday grilling performance:

Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Grill Mat

Our top overall recommendation, Cuisinart’s CGMT-300 premium grill mat is specially engineered for use on concrete . It measures a spacious 24 x 36 inches to handle any backyard grill while providing ample coverage.

Constructed from restaurant-grade 1200oF heat-resistant PVC vinyl , the CGMT-300 blocks nearly all drippings, oils, and debris. It conveniently rolls up for compact storage when not in use.

  • Dimension: 24 x 36 inches (rolls up for storage)
  • Material: Commercial Grade PVC Vinyl
  • Grease Channel: Yes
  • Studies Underside: No

Pros :

  • Very durable PVC vinyl material
  • Two integrated grease catcher channels
  • Perfect size for most grills with room to spare
  • Holds up well over time
  • Fairly priced

Cons : Can be slippery when wet. Some users recommend spraying with non-stick spray first for added traction.

Grillaholics Grill Mat

For those who want a slightly more heavy-duty grill mat capable of handling intense heat, the extra thick Grillaholics mat is a great choice for concrete patios .

It’s constructed from 100% chemical-free, non-toxic materials and can withstand blistering temperatures up to 1,500oF! A wave embossed, non-slip underside keeps the mat firmly in place while grilling.

  • Dimension: 60 x 30 inches (rolls up for storage)
  • Material: Premium-Grade PTFE
  • Grease Channel: No
  • Studies Underside: Yes (non-slip wave texture)

Pros :

  • Heavy-duty PTFE material survives up to 1500degF
  • Oversized dimensions provide lots of concrete coverage
  • Non-slip embossed backing for extra grip
  • High sides catch drips and overflow

Cons : Lack of an integrated grease channel means juices pool internally. Requires wiping up excess grease during cooking.

Simple Grill Mat

For patio grillers on a budget, this basic Simple Grill Mat gets the job done protecting concrete without breaking the bank. It boasts an affordable price tag while still offering durable polyester fabric construction on the grill side and non-slip rubber backing below.

  • Dimension: 29 x 16 inches
  • Material: Polyester with Rubber Underside
  • Grease Channel: No
  • Studies Underside: Yes (rubber grip dots)


  • Very affordable option
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Rolls up easily for compact storage
  • Non-slip rubber backing

Cons: Lacks protective sides and juice channels of other mats. Requires vigilantly mopping up excess grease during grilling.

Other Notable Options

While the Cuisinart, Grillaholics, and Simple Grill mats topped our recommendations, the following provide solid concrete patio protection as well:

  • BBQube Grill Mat
  • Solaire SOL-EV17B Extra Large BBQ Grill Mat
  • Grill Magic BBQ Grill Mat
  • Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat
  • DEE ZULL BBQ Grill Mat

Get the Most from Your Concrete Patio Grill Mat

Now that you’ve got the perfect protective grill mat for your concrete patio , here are some usage tips to keep your new investment performing at its best:

1. Ensure Proper Placement and Setup

Be sure to allow for adequate perimeter room when placing your grill on the mat–at least 2-3 inches of coverage area is recommended. This keeps stray juices contained. Avoid letting your grill hang partially off the sides.

Additionally, take a moment to securely situate the mat before beginning to grill. Any buckling edges or uneven spots under the grill can lead to rocking, unwanted mat movement, and ultimately leaks onto the surrounding concrete.

2. Stay on Top of Cleaning and Maintenance

Always allow your grill mat to fully cool and then promptly wipe it down after each use with a mild detergent and warm water solution. Pay particular attention to any pooled grease in channels or crevices. This prevents staining and buildup over time.

Use a stiff bristle scrub brush for seriously stubborn debris or stains. Allow to fully air dry before rolling up for storage until the next BBQ.

3. Take Extra Precautions as Needed

Check for signs of discoloration along the perimeter edges of your mat-protected concrete patio periodically. Bleach-based patio cleaners can help remove newly developed stain spots resulting from splatters or overflows.

It’s also wise to keep a few spare rags nearby while grilling. If you notice excess grease accumulation, smoke plumes along an edge, or runoff dripping onto unprotected concrete areas, quickly mop it up!

Investing in a durable, properly-sized grill mat lets you enjoy smoky BBQ flavor from the comfort of your own concrete patio all summer long… without headaches or mess afterwards!

Just be vigilant about selecting a quality grill mat designed specifically for use on concrete , allow for appropriate coverage area around your grill, and stay on top of basic cleaning. With these simple precautions, you’ll keep stray stains away and your patio looking fresh for years of grilling seasons to come.

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