Enjoy the Very Best of 45-Inch Length Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are an indispensable part of any well-decorated kitchen. Not only do they add style and coziness, but they serve important practical purposes as well. For smaller kitchen windows, 45-inch length curtains are just right.

With their abbreviated length, 45-inch kitchen curtains allow good airflow and visibility near stoves and sinks. They provide privacy and light control without impeding foot traffic or draping onto countertops. And their sweet, scaled-down proportions suit modest windows beautifully.

45 inch length kitchen curtains

Choosing the Perfect Size

Kitchens requireTask and accent lighting, so windows are key for providing natural brightness. However, too much sunlight can cause glare issues and overheating. With 45-inch curtains, you can filter in soft daylight while managing glare and temperate extremes.

Expert interior designers recommend measuring curtain length right to the sill or just below. This leaves attractive negative space rather than a bunched-up puddle on the floor. It also enables easy opening and closing without wrestling yards of fabric.

Measuring Your Windows

To find the ideal curtain length, simply measure from the top of your rod or hanging hardware down to where you’d like the curtains to end. Make sure to measure precisely for a custom fit.

If you don’t yet have hardware installed, measure from where you plan to mount the rod to the desired lower edge. Allow an extra inch or two for slight gathering or puddling.

Consider Window Purpose and Foot Traffic

Consider window purpose when selecting length. If your window is by the stove, avoid long curtains that could brush burners. Size down for corner sink windows to keep the space open and breezy.

Account for walking paths too. Floor length drapes are pretty but hazardous in kitchens. Make sure curtains clear walking areas to prevent tripping or pulling down rods.

Fabric and Style Options

From breezy sheers to blackout lined curtains, 45-inch styles cater to every need. Here are top picks for kitchens:

Airflow-Friendly Sheer Curtains

– Lightweight and see-through for ventilation

– Provide minimal privacy and light filtering

– Choices like embroidered voile, lace, gauze

Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

– Thicker opaque lining blocks outside light

– Ideal for east or west facing windows

– Help insulate room from heat/cold

Sound and Temperature Insulated

– Extra density dampens noise

– Repel cold drafts or hot rays

– Often have blackout lining too

Top Fabric Picks

Polyester – stain resistant, durable, moisture wicking

Cotton – natural look, breathable

Linen – casual texture, easy to clean

Features to Look For

While size and fabric are the fundamentals, also consider bonus features:

  • Noise reducing insulation
  • Blackout or dimout lining
  • Thermal or temperate control
  • Valances, corner tiebacks or other accents
  • Easy-slide rings, grommets or back tabs

Focus on options that make sense for your kitchen. Blackout curtains make morning coffee peaceful but aren’t essential everywhere. Let decor and functionality guide you.

Perfect Pairings for Kitchen Windows

Here are prime placements for 45-inch length kitchen curtains:

Above the Kitchen Sink

Frame the window neatly while allowing open visibility and airflow at clean-up time.

By Kitchen Table or Nook

Add cozy ambiance to breakfast spots without overwhelming the space.

Near Islands or Peninsulas

Soften high traffic zones and tie together other kitchen elements.

Side or Corner Windows

Subtly boost natural light from secondary windows.

Measuring and Hanging Tips

Installing 45-inch kitchen curtains is a cinch with this advice:

  • Iron or steam curtains before hanging for a crisp look.
  • For accuracy, measure in three spots then use shortest length.
  • Mount curtain rods into studs for secure hold.
  • Use quality rings or hooks for easy, smooth sliding.
  • Refer to included directions for perfect positioning.

Coordinating Your Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains should blend into the overall decor or provide an intentional pop of color. Here’s how to coordinate:

Match or Complement Wall Color

Pick a shade that ties in with wall paint or tiles. Accent colors also work well.

Consider Counters, Cabinets and Backsplashes

Echo elements like cabinet stains, granite patterns or backsplash mosaic tiles.

Incorporate Accent Colors From Appliances and Decor

Let bold oven mitts or canister hues inspire lively curtain prints.

Shop Top Brands Online

Looking for high quality 45-inch kitchen curtains? Browse these retailers:

  • Amazon – Broad selection of styles, prices, and brands
  • Target – Affordable, trendy options
  • Walmart – Everyday low prices
  • Wayfair – Filters for custom sizing
  • IKEA – Contemporary designs
  • Etsy – Unique handmade or custom curtains

With infinite colors, prints, and fabrics, 45-inch kitchen curtains help create a space you’ll love cooking, dining and relaxing in. Take measurements carefully, and choose options suited to your kitchen’s size, natural light, and traffic flow.

Focus on quality materials and energy efficiency. Blackout and insulation features make everyday tasks peaceful and comfortable. And don’t forget the finishing touches like swags, tiebacks and valances that make a house a home.

It’s easy to enjoy the best of 45-inch kitchen curtains with the right style and fit.

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