The Real Scoop on Life Inside Shawnee Gardens Nursing Home

Moving to a nursing home can be a difficult transition for many older adults. It often comes after a health crisis or when living independently is no longer safe or feasible. Families looking at facilities like Shawnee Gardens Nursing Home in Shawnee, KS want to understand what daily life would really be like for their loved one.

In this in-depth look at Shawnee Gardens, we’ll provide an insider’s perspective into the typical daily routine, medical care, living environment, activities, and overall morale of residents. We’ll share details of what you can expect if you or a loved one becomes part of the Shawnee Gardens community.

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Daily Routine and Activities at Shawnee Gardens

Let’s start by walking through a typical day in the life of a Shawnee Gardens resident. The community aims to provide structure while allowing residents flexibility to direct their own schedules.

Morning Routine

The morning starts with certified nursing assistants waking residents and helping with morning hygiene routines. Breakfast is served around 8 am in the dining room. The daily menu has options like oatmeal, eggs, yogurt and fruit. After breakfast, nursing staff distribute medications.

Residents have time in the late morning to get dressed for the day and participate in various activities. Some mornings feature exercise classes, religious services, current events discussions, or craft activities in the main lounge.

Afternoon Activities at Shawnee Gardens

The afternoon hours are filled with a blend of scheduled activities and free time. Popular organized activities run by the Life Enrichment team include gentle exercise classes, gardening, trivia and games, sing-alongs, art lessons, baking demonstrations and more. Some residents opt for social gatherings in common areas or quiet time reading in their rooms or the library.

At 12:30 pm, a restaurant-style lunch service is offered where residents can choose from a daily menu of hot entrees, sandwiches, salads and soups. After lunch, many residents take advantage of scheduled entertainment in the common rooms, like live musical performances and rotating visits from pet therapy dogs.

Evening Routine

Evenings often include leisurely dinner around 5 pm with menu options similar to lunch. Residents who wish can dine with friends in the dining room or order food delivered to their rooms. As the sun sets, many gather again in common areas to watch evening television while others opt for quiet reading time.

Certified nursing assistants are available to provide personal care assistance with changing, bathing, dental care and medications around bedtime. Lights are typically dimmed around 9 pm, though residents have flexibility based on their preferences.

Nursing and Medical Care at Shawnee Gardens

In addition to assisting with activities of daily living, Shawnee Gardens’ skilled nursing and medical staff provide around-the-clock monitoring, treatment and support tailored to each resident’s care plan.

Staffing and Caregiving

The facility maintains a staffing ratio of one certified nursing assistant for every 12 residents during daytime hours. Overnight ratios are slightly lower. Caregivers assist with bathing, dressing, mealtimes, toileting, medication management and transferring residents.

During our visits, we observed warm and friendly interactions between residents and staff. Residents appeared comfortable voicing their needs. The consistent staff assignments allow caregivers to get to know each resident’s preferences.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Many residents take part in physical, occupational or speech therapy in the onsite rehab gym. Therapists help residents regain strength and abilities through exercise programs tailored to their needs and conditions. The rehab team ensures residents can participate in facility programming and everyday tasks as independently as possible.

Shawnee Gardens provides transportation to medical appointments and specialists outside the community when needed. Visiting physicians also hold office hours onsite for resident convenience.

Medical Oversight and Care Coordination

A nursing director oversees the care team and healthcare policies at Shawnee Gardens. Nurses are on-site 24 hours a day. They administer medications, monitor vital signs, manage acute conditions, update physician orders, and observe residents for changes signaling potential health issues.

The care staff utilizes an electronic records system to coordinate care between various disciplines. Quarterly care plan meetings also bring together Shawnee Gardens staff, the resident, and family to discuss progress and set updated health goals.

Living Accommodations at Shawnee Gardens

Creating a residential environment is central to Shawnee Gardens’ care philosophy. From private rooms to community spaces, the community aims to provide comfort, familiarity, and functionality.

Resident Rooms

Most residents live in private or shared rooms ranging from 250 to 400 square feet. Rooms include a bed, dresser, nightstand, television and bathroom. Many bring their own furniture and decor to personalize their space.

Shawnee Gardens encourages residents to decorate their rooms with personal photographs, art, and other familiar items. Rooms can be furnished based on individual mobility needs.

Common Areas

Public spaces include living rooms with fireplaces, a library, sunroom, activity rooms for crafts and games, a beauty salon, and an aviary. The outdoor courtyards and walking paths provide fresh air. There’s also a cafe serving coffee, snacks and refreshments daily.

Dining Experience

The dining room aims to create a restaurant atmosphere at mealtimes. Round tables with linens allow residents to enjoy meals with family or socialize with other residents. The seasonal menus focus on providing nutritious, flavorful options based on resident input and preferences.

For convenience, residents can also opt to eat delivered meals in their room or have snacks from the onsite cafe between scheduled meal times.

Resident Experience at Shawnee Gardens

Transitioning into long-term care understandably involves significant life changes. Here’s what Shawnee Gardens residents and family members say about adjusting to facility living:

Adjusting to Facility Life

Making a home at a nursing facility takes time. New residents are partnered with volunteer peer mentors who introduce them to the community and daily activities. Support groups also provide venues to connect with those going through similar transitions.

Over an adjustment period of weeks or months, most residents develop new social connections and routines. Although difficult at first, many end up thriving in the environment over time.

Overall Resident Morale

Observing residents over multiple visits, we find an overall positive and vibrant culture at Shawnee Gardens. Smiles and conversation fill community spaces. The planned programming calendar provides diverse options for engagement. Most residents describe making close friends.

In one testimonial, Mary S. said “I honestly enjoy living here. The staff are wonderful. I’ve made dear friends who I know will be here for me.” Not all transition periods are easy, but Shawnee Gardens focuses on communication and socialization to foster community.

Visitor Policies

Shawnee Gardens welcomes resident visitors between 8 am and 8 pm daily; only quick visits are allowed after 8 pm to respect residents’ evening routines. All visitors must sign-in at the reception desk.

The facility tries to accommodate family visits flexibly, including overnight stays in resident rooms when possible. Private family gathering spaces can also be reserved for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

Ultimately, finding the right nursing home is a very personal decision based on a variety of priorities. From its programming to policies, Shawnee Gardens aims to provide personalized support that helps residents find purpose even during challenging life transitions.

A typical day involves structured medical care but also flexibility for residents to direct their own routines. The facility focuses on building community, sustaining family ties, and creating an environment supportive of residents’ physical, social and emotional needs. While adjustments take time, Shawnee Gardens strives to make the experience positive and uplifting.

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