Spray Paint Chandelier Covers For An Instant Lighting Facelift

Outdated chandeliers with faded, cracked lamp covers can make a room feel old and dreary. But transforming a tired chandelier is as easy as spraying on a fresh coat of paint! With some simple spray painting, you can give your chandelier an instant facelift that makes it look brand new. Read on to learn how to revitalize your chandelier with a custom spray painted cover makeover.

Spray painting chandelier covers allows you to update the look of your lighting fixture with the color of your choice. It’s a budget-friendly technique that lets you customize your chandelier to match your room’s decor. The process is fast, easy, and completely transforms a worn-out chandelier into a stunning centerpiece.

Assess Your Existing Chandelier and Covers

Before deciding on a new painted look, take some time to evaluate your current chandelier situation. Examine the lamp covers closely. Are they faded, chipped or cracked? Note any damage. Assess the overall style – is it traditional, modern, industrial? The answers will help determine if a fresh coat of spray paint is all that’s needed or if replacing the covers is a better option.

Consider Overall Style

What look are you going for in the room? Take stock of the overall decor and aesthetic. For contemporary spaces, bold colors like red, turquoise or gold spray paint make a dramatic statement. For traditional rooms, soft metallics like silver, bronze and copper give an elegant facelift. If your room falls somewhere in between, pops of color like teal or magenta bring a fun flair against neutral backdrops.

Replace or Revive?

If the covers are intact but just looking grimy, spray paint is a perfect quick fix. But if they are severely damaged – cracked, missing pieces or peeling excessively, replacement covers may be the better route for a longer-lasting solution. Measure the lamp sockets and shop for new covers that fit. Installation is easy – just remove the old covers and twist on the new.

Selecting Spray Paint Colors and Finishes

Choosing the right spray paint color and finish is key for achieving your desired look. The color options are endless – go bold or metallic for drama or soft and subtle for a more relaxed vibe.

Match Paint to Room Decor

Look at the room’s existing color scheme for inspiration. Contrasting hues make the chandelier pop while complementary shades pull everything together. For a cohesive look in a blue and green kitchen, minty spray paint ties it all together. In a neutral living room, bright red covers lend vibrancy.

covers for chandelier lights
Existing Room ColorComplementary Spray Paint Idea
Red and pinkEmerald green
Yellow and orangeNavy blue
Green and tealLilac purple

Sheen and Finish

Matte, gloss, metallic, pearl – the finishes and special effects are endless! Glossy is great for a sleek modern look. Metallic like copper, gold and silver add glam. Hammered finishes provide great textural interest. Matte is rich and elegant. Consider the overall look you want when selecting sheen.

Adhesion and Protection

For long-lasting results, use spray paint formulated specifically for plastics. The adhesion properties help it grip and stay on slick lamp covers. Top coats add an extra layer of protection for a durable finish that stands the test of time.

Preparing the Workspace

Spray painting is best done in a well-ventilated area outside or in a garage. Cover the ground with cardboard, newspaper or a tarp to protect from drips and overspray. Lay out the supplies – spray paint cans, disposable gloves, rags and anything else needed within easy reach.

Select an Appropriate Workspace

Working outside is ideal to minimize exposure to fumes. If painting indoors, opt for a large, well-ventilated spot like a garage or enclosed patio. Wear a protective mask when spray painting indoors.

Protect Surfaces and Floors

Cover any nearby surfaces with cardboard or plastic to shield from accidental spray paint. Tape off any areas you don’t want to get paint on. Spread a tarp or cardboard over floors and work surface.

Have Supplies Ready

Line up everything you’ll need within arm’s reach – spray paint cans, disposable gloves, rags, masking tape, a ladder for reaching the chandelier, and anything else that will facilitate an easy paint job. Having supplies organized keeps the project moving smoothly.

Removing and Cleaning the Old Covers

Before painting, the lamp covers need to be thoroughly cleaned. Use a ladder to safely reach up to the chandelier. Carefully detach the covers from the lamp sockets. Gently wash away built-up dust and grime with mild soap and water. Allow to fully dry before spray painting.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Use a sturdy ladder to safely reach the chandelier. Have someone steady the ladder. Wear gloves to protect hands from sharp edges. Work slowly and cautiously when removing the old covers.

Detach Covers from Chandelier

Most lamp covers twist or unscrew off the sockets. Slowly turn and pull down to remove them. Place covers gently in a basket or box to transport for cleaning.

Clean Covers Thoroughly

Fill a bucket with cool water and add a small amount of mild dish soap. Swish the covers around and scrub with a soft brush to remove grime buildup. Rinse and dry completely with a cloth. Let air dry to ensure no moisture remains.

Spray Painting the Chandelier Covers

Lay out newspaper or cardboard and place the covers on top ready to be painted. Hold cans 10-12 inches away and spray in light, even strokes. Apply thin coats and let dry fully between coats for best results. Paint all sides for a flawless finish.

Prepare Covers for Painting

Arrange covers on cardboard or an old sheet to catch drips. Have paint cans shaken well and ready to go. For smaller covers, stick a nail into a piece of cardboard and place the cover on top for easy rotating.

Apply Paint in Thin, Even Coats

Hold spray paint cans 10-12 inches away at a perpendicular angle. Apply in light, sweeping strokes for an even coat of paint. Rotate and turn covers to hit all sides. Let dry fully before adding more coats.

Build Up Layers for Best Results

Two to three thin coats of spray paint look better than one thick, gloppy coat. The sheer layers blend for a smooth, flawless finish. Adding multiple coats also helps the paint adhere tightly for greater durability.

Installing and Admiring New Covers

Once fully dry, the freshly painted covers are ready to be installed. Reattach them to the chandelier sockets. Plug in the lights, flip the switch and enjoy your dazzling new chandelier! Its gorgeous transformation will light up any room.

Let Paint Dry Completely First

It’s tempting to rush the process, but patience pays off! Allow spray paint to dry thoroughly overnight before reinstalling covers. Touch ups may be needed for any drips or uneven spots.

Reattach Covers to Chandelier

Use a ladder to safely reach up to the chandelier again. Carefully twist and turn the painted covers back into the lamp sockets.

Light It Up and Enjoy!

Add some shine by cleaning the chandelier if needed. Plug it in, flip the switch and let there be light! The pop of color instantly enlivens the room. Your creative efforts have paid off with a one-of-a-kind focal point.

Extra Tips

Follow these extra pointers for the best spray painted chandelier cover results:

  • Use painter’s tape for clean, crisp edges.
  • Position drop cloth to protect from overspray.
  • Spray paint in a dust-free area for a flawless finish.
  • Seal with a clear acrylic spray after drying for added protection.

You can transform a dated chandelier with a ladder, spray paint cans and mild soap. The simple spray painting technique allows you to customize the look to match any decor. It revitalizes old fixtures at a fraction of replacement cost. Just a few hours of effort makes an unbelievable difference. Take your lighting from lackluster to lustrous with a DIY spray painted cover makeover!

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