Calm and Brighten Your Space With Emerald Green Accent Pillows

Searching for a simple yet striking way to enliven your home decor? Look no further than the hottest accent pillow trend: emerald green. Adding emerald green accent pillows is an easy way to inject your space with a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Keep reading to learn more about styling with this rich jewel tone.

Why Emerald Green Pillows are Having a Moment

Emerald green is stepping into the spotlight after years of playing a supporting role. This rich green hue is now dominating the home decor scene. What’s behind emerald’s rise to main character status?

emerald green accent pillows

For starters, emerald green speaks to our desire for renewal and healing from recent difficult times. The color psychology of emerald evokes feelings of growth, peace, and balance. Surrounding ourselves with verdant emerald hues helps manifest a sense of restoration.

Emerald also pairs perfectly with other current home trends like neutral color palettes, natural textures, and intentional, cohesive design. Pops of emerald enrich soft beiges and blues without overpowering. The earthy jewel tone keeps things feeling grounded, not garish.

A Sophisticated Color Choice

While vivid colors can feel playful, emerald green has an inherent elegance. The cool green jewel tone feels refined, harkening to historically glamorous eras like the art deco period. Emerald looks timeless, not trendy.

Unlike primary colors, emerald offers depth. Light plays off its multi-faceted colorway, giving it dimension. This makes emerald an intriguing neutral. It provides much-needed contrast without committing to full-on color.

Emerald Complements Current Styles

Emerald green pillows coordinate seamlessly into today’s most popular decor aesthetics. Here are some design styles that benefit from incorporating emerald:

  • Traditional and glam spaces: Emerald accentuates these styles’ classic, opulent mood. Pair emerald pillows with gilded frames and mirrored surfaces.
  • Bohemian and eclectic interiors: Emerald brings an organic, earthy feel to these free-spirited spaces. Mix patterns and textures in coordinating greens with emerald accents.
  • Contemporary and modern: Emerald sophisticates sleek, pared-down rooms with an elegant pop of color. Try fresh white and emerald color-blocking.

How to Select the Perfect Emerald Pillows

Emerald green throws, pillows, and cushions come in a dizzying array. Follow these tips when evaluating options to find your perfect emerald accents:

Consider Size and Shape

Scale matters when selecting any home accessory. Make sure emerald pillow proportions suit their intended furniture. Square 18 to 22-inch pillows usually work well on sofas, beds and chairs. Try different shapes like elongated lumbar pillows or round ottoman puffs.

Mind the Fabric

From velvet to performance fabrics, emerald pillow covers now come in almost any textile. Match the fabric to your decorative scheme. Luxe emerald velvet glams up formal spaces, while casual embroidered linen feels fitting for a beach house.

Flaunt the Texture

Play with combining pillows in an array of tactile weaves and patterns. Pair shiny crushed velvet emerald pillows with nubby linen and cable-knitted throws for depth. Different textures also help colors pop.

Choose Quality Fill

A pillow’s fill impacts its look and longevity. Down-alternative fills offer allergy-free luxury and structure. Duck feather fills maximize softness. Polyfills hold their shape well at lower price points.

Fill Type Attributes
Down-alternativeHypoallergenic, fluffy
Duck featherVery soft, moldable
PolyfillAffordable, retains shape

Mind the Use

If emerald pillows will get heavy use for lounging or sleeping, durability matters. Performance fabrics like polyester blends wear well. If just decorative, choose softer more delicate materials.

Where to Use Emerald Green Accent Pillows

Emerald green pillows lend gorgeous pops of color throughout the home. Here are some prime spots to deploy your emerald accents:

Living Spaces

In living rooms, arrange emerald pillows on your sofa and armchairs. Complement them with emerald and green prints and ceramic accents on side tables and walls. Place an eye-catching emerald lumbar pillow on the reading nook cushion.


Pile emerald pillows in various sizes on your bed, either matching or mixing patterns and textures. Add more on a bench or chair at the foot of the bed for a pulled-together look. Toss one in the cozy reading corner.

Formal Dining Rooms

Embellish dining chairs with emerald pillows in linen or velvet. Adorn a built-in banquette with abundant emerald accent pillows for an inviting look. Place smaller coordinating emerald pillows on a buffet or sideboard.

Design Ideas for Showcasing Emerald Pillows

Ready to flaunt your emerald green accent pillows? Use these designer tips for showstopping arrangements:

  • Echo emerald in multiple accessories like vibrant green ceramic vases and art prints for a monochromatic look.
  • Mix emerald pillow textures like nubby linen and velvet; vary sizes for lots of depth.
  • Layer emerald pillows with crisp white and beige pillows in complementary geometric and organic patterns.
  • Place emerald green next to metallics like brass side tables and gold picture frames for a glam feel.

Introduce emerald pillows slowly if the color feels overwhelming at first. The eye adjusts to bolder colors over time. Gradually increase emerald layers as you get comfortable.

Caring for Emerald Green Pillows

With proper care, emerald pillows stay vibrant for years. Follow these tips to maintain their beauty:

  • Check fabric care tags and follow washing, drying and ironing instructions.
  • Fluff and rearrange pillows regularly so they wear evenly.
  • Spot clean stains right away with a gentle cleaner and damp sponge before they set.

Some emerald pillow fabrics like velvet and embroidered textiles require professional dry cleaning. Air drying is best for delicate materials.

Emerald green accent pillows offer an easy yet dramatic way to refresh your home. Their rich jewel tone energizes and modernizes every space. Accentuate emerald’s soothing qualities by pairing it with natural elements like linen, wood tones, and leafy plants. Soon your home will feel like a peaceful sanctuary.

Looking for the perfect emerald pillows? Browse our collection for an array of stylish options guaranteed to complete your home. Discover your new favorite accent pieces today!

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