Refresh Your Living Room With The Most Popular Paint Colors Right Now

Are you looking to give your living room an easy update? A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look and feel of your space. We’ll share the most popular paint colors to help you choose a shade that will make your living room feel new again.

Repainting is an affordable way to refresh your home without a major renovation. The right paint color can make your living room feel brighter and more inviting. It can also help create an ambiance that reflects your personal style. Follow along as we cover some of the best colors to revive your living room.

Clean, Bright Whites & Greige Create an Airy Look

Crisp white paint is a go-to choice for opening up a living space. It reflects light beautifully to make any room feel more expansive and airy. The popular white shade Sherwin Williams Creamy provides a clean, fresh canvas to decorate with artwork and accessories.

Greige tones like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace are also increasing in popularity for living rooms. This versatile beige-grey shade effortlessly blends with existing furnishings while providing a relaxed backdrop.

Decorating with White & Greige

  • Add pops of color with pillows, throws, and artwork
  • Incorporate natural wood tones and accents
  • Layer on textured rugs and drapery

Whites and greiges make an excellent base for any style from modern to traditional. Build your decor around these neutral backdrops to let your furnishings shine.

most popular living room paint colors

Warm Up With Cozy Neutral Tones

Looking to add comfort and warmth to your living room? Consider neutral paint colors with a soft, welcoming vibe. Popular warm neutrals include beige, taupe, and gray in inviting shades like Sherwin Williams Creamy with warm undertones.

These calming colors provide versatility to match existing furnishings while creating a cozy retreat. Decorating with natural textures and elements enhances the welcoming ambiance.

Warm Neutral Decor Ideas

  • Wood furniture and accessories
  • Woven rugs with depth and texture
  • Plush pillows and soft fabrics
  • Natural greenery and dried botanicals

Warm up any living room with neutral paint colors that provide a soothing, tranquil backdrop for spending quality time. The rich textures add to the cozy appeal.

Pinks, Peaches & Salmon Create an Inviting Vibe

Want your living room to feel extra welcoming for guests? Soft pink, peach and salmon paint colors add cheerful warmth. Shades like Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir infuse spaces with coziness and charm.

Blush tones paired with decorative accents like window treatments, area rugs, and plush textiles result in a gracefully inviting living room.

Ideas for Styling Pink & Peach Tones

  • Floral pillows and artwork for femininity
  • Brass accents to add a luxe touch
  • Candles and greenery for a soothing vibe

Make your living room an oasis of comfort with the beauty of pink or peach walls. Express your style by decorating with patterns and accessories in colors you love.

Green Hues Add Drama & Peace

Green paint colors are increasing in popularity for living rooms as they connect us to nature. Shades like Benjamin Moore’s Lafayette Green add rich, dramatic style while also providing a sense of tranquility.

Deeper green hues pair perfectly with houseplants, rattan furniture, and natural light fixtures. The colors feel fresh yet grounded. Use green paint to create an oasis of relaxation in your home.

Decorating with Soothing Greens

  • Add wood accents and woven textures
  • Incorporate trailing plants and dried palms
  • Use brass lighting for a punch of metallic

Make the most of green paint colors by complementing them with natural and organic decor elements. The results will feel both stylish and peaceful.

Blue & Grey Tones Evoke Serenity

For a living room with a calming, tranquil atmosphere, consider cool toned blues and greys. These paint colors create a soothing retreat from busy days.

Both light and dark shades of blue and grey can be adapted to any style with colorful accents and decor items. Use them to craft a space that feels relaxing yet refined.

Tips for Styling Blue & Grey

  • Add warm metals like brass for contrast
  • Incorporate decorative lighting fixtures
  • Use textiles with interesting patterns and textures

Whether you prefer a moody, dramatic blue or a light airy grey, these cooler paint colors provide a versatile base for any living room decor.

Factor In Lighting & Existing Decor

When selecting paint colors, it’s crucial to consider the natural lighting in your living room. North-facing rooms may require lighter colors to brighten up the space. South-facing rooms can handle deeper shades without becoming too dark.

Take inventory of your existing decor – the sofa, pillows, rugs and accessories that will remain in the newly painted room. Choose a shade that flatters what you already own while achieving the vibe you want.

Choosing Paint Colors to Match Furnishings

  • Whites and greiges work with almost any style
  • Beiges complement wood tones
  • Bolder colors can contrast or match furniture

Consider all the elements of your living room, from lighting to decor, to select a paint color you’ll love. The shade you choose should tie the full space together.

Consult Experts for Guidance

Unsure where to start with choosing paint colors? Seek guidance from qualified interior design professionals. Many provide complimentary consultations to identify paint colors suited for your goals and existing furnishings.

Their expertise can ensure all the colors in your living space create a cohesive flow. Take advantage of their knowledge so you choose the very best shade for your home.

Working with Interior Designers

  • Provide photos and dimensions of the room
  • Note details on lighting, decor, furniture colors
  • Give input on the mood you wish to create

With some planning and communication, interior designers can help narrow down paint options tailored to your unique living room. Get their invaluable input before investing time and money on paint.

Just by painting your living room walls, you can revive your home with on-trend color choices like soothing greens, versatile greiges, and cozy neutrals. Consider the lighting and existing furnishings as you select a shade.

Make sure to tap into the expertise of interior design professionals as you undertake this easy living room refresh. With the most popular paint colors brightening up your space, you’ll enjoy a living room that looks and feels brand new.

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