Sleep Soundly With Stylish Above Bed Shelving Solutions

Looking to maximize unused space above your bed while adding style? Above bed shelving creates the perfect spot to store books and display decorative items. This extra storage can make a major difference in a small bedroom. From floating shelves to built-in designs, above bed shelving offers versatile solutions. Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to incorporate shelving over the bed.

With creative above bed shelving ideas, you can optimize your sleeping space. Well-designed shelving provides both form and function. Read on for stylish shelf designs to consider in your bedroom.

Best Above Bed Shelving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves make a big visual impact with their clean, minimalist look. Mounted directly to the wall without visible brackets, floating shelves appear to defy gravity. This gives a modern, uncluttered aesthetic. Floating shelves work especially well over the bed, providing handy display space without clutter.

The simplistic style of floating shelves suits small bedrooms. Limit floating shelves to 3 or 5 for above bed use. This prevents visual clutter. Opt for wood, metal or glass floating shelves to suit your decor. Place floating shelves at varying heights for interest. Style with framed photos, small plants or artwork.

Headboard Shelving

Incorporate shelves directly into your headboard design for the ultimate space-saving solution. Headboard shelving builds storage directly into bed frame. Open shelves give easy access to books, clocks and other bedside items.

For a closed storage look, add cabinet doors to hide clutter. Mix open and closed storage in one headboard for versatility. Match headboard shelving to your bed frame style, whether tufted, upholstered or wooden.

Alcove Shelving

Take advantage of awkward alcoves by turning them into above bed shelving space. Alcoves make perfect spots for customized shelving. Floor to ceiling built-in shelving transforms useless space into display area.

above the bed shelving

Maximize alcoves with multi-level shelving at varying depths. Add lights to show off treasured belongings. Make an alcove feel intentional by centering shelving on the wall above bed. Finish with crown molding for a built-in look.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves make an elegant above bed storage option. A series of open shelving units connect at sides to form the ladder shape. This allows display of decor items on multiple levels.

Paint or finish ladder shelves to coordinate with your room. For easy access, mount low enough to reach from bed. Use ladder shelves to highlight favorite photos, art and travel treasures collected over the years.

Full Wall Shelving Above Bed

For a dramatic look, install shelving across the entire wall above bed. This creates an expansive display area for treasured belongings. Full wall shelving makes a bold style statement as the focal point of the room.

Anchor full wall shelving directly to wall studs for safety and load bearing. Floating shelf brackets offer another mounting option. Organize full wall shelving into sections with vertical dividers. Try displaying framed photos, art, books and travel finds collected through the years.

Shelving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Corner Shelving

Maximize unused corner space with angled corner shelves. This triangular shelving tucks neatly into bed’s corner. It provides display space without taking up valuable floor area.

Corner shelving works well for displaying houseplants above the bed. The corner location increases light exposure. Stack multiple corner shelves at different heights for more storage.

Multi-Level Shelving

Make the most of vertical wall space with multi-level shelving. Stepped shelving allows you to store more items in a condensed footprint. Stagger shelving heights for visual interest and easy access.

Multi-level shelving adds display space and character over bed. Opt for open, floating shelves or more enclosed cubbies. Incorporate lighting to highlight special objects on various shelves.

Style Tips for Above Bed Shelves

Once you’ve selected the perfect above bed shelves, it’s time for the fun part – styling! Follow these tips to create an eye-catching display:

  • Style shelves in odd numbers – 3, 5 or 7 items looks most pleasing
  • Play with texture and color to add visual interest
  • Incorporate lighting for drama, like sconces or track lighting
  • Allow for 10-12 inches of clearance between top shelves and ceiling

With the right mix of colors, textures and styles, your above bed shelves will become a beautiful focal point. Have fun and get creative with displaying your favorite items!

Above bed shelving opens up a world of possibilities. Any bedroom can benefit from extra storage and display space. Tailor shelving to your needs with choices like floating shelves, alcove designs and ladder shelves.

Revamp your sleeping space with above bed shelving. You’ll love the added style and efficiency these shelving ideas provide. With more options for showcasing decorative objects, you can personalize your bedroom. Above bed shelving helps maximize room in small spaces. Get inspired by these clever and stylish ideas!

11. Utilize floating shelves for a minimalist look

For a modern and minimalist bedroom design, consider utilizing floating shelves above the bed. Not only do they provide additional storage space, but they also create a clean and uncluttered look. These shelves are perfect for storing smaller decorative items such as plants, picture frames, or candles. Additionally, they can be used to display books or other sentimental objects that hold significance to the user. To keep the space looking sleek and uncluttered, make sure to only display a few select items on the shelves.

12. Create a reading nook with built-in shelves

If you love to read before bed, consider creating a reading nook above the bed with built-in shelves. This design allows for ample storage space for books and other reading materials while also providing a comfortable and cozy spot to relax. To make the most of the space, consider installing a small reading light above the bed or on the shelves themselves. Additionally, you can add a small chair or bench to the area for extra seating. This design is perfect for avid readers looking to incorporate both form and function above their bed.

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