Reimagine Your Closet: Innovative Mirror Door Cover Ideas

Do your mirrored closet doors make your bedroom feel dated and tired? Mirrored surfaces were hugely popular in decades past for their space-enhancing abilities, but many homeowners eventually tire of the relentless reflection and cold vibe they impart.

Thankfully with some clever solutions, you can disguise those outdated mirrored sliding doors without bearing the expense of full closet renovations.

Dress Up Dated Mirrored Closet Doors

Installing wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to camouflage outdated mirrored closet doors. Today’s removable wallpaper options make refreshing your closet decor simple and commitment-free.

Freshen Up the Look with Removable Wallpaper

Self-adhesive temporary wallpaper comes in a spectrum of colors, prints, and textures perfect for concealing tired mirrored surfaces. Opt for large-scale graphic prints, metallic finishes, or subtle grasscloth textures depending on your desired look. Just ensure the wallpaper can be easily removed without leaving residue on the delicate mirror surface.

When selecting your wallpaper pattern, consider factors like the size of your mirrored doors, the overall decor of your bedroom, and how much of the mirror you wish to conceal. Measure the surface area beforehand and purchase rolls of wallpaper wide enough to cover each door with minimal seams. View wallpaper samples in your space at different times of day to choose a print suited for your lighting conditions.

cover for mirror closet doors

Install Privacy Film for an Instant Update

Anotherfast and affordable option for altering the look of your existing mirrored closet doors is to install frosted or tinted window privacy film. These subtle films diffuse and obscure reflections, instantly giving your mirrors a more updated vibe. Opt for soft white frosting, mirrored tints, or even colored finishes like amber, grey, or aqua. Measure and custom cut films to fit each door cleanly. Thoroughly clean mirrors and allow them to fully dry before application.

Colored window films impart a chic stained glass effect to otherwise boring closet doors. Complement your bedroom color scheme by selecting a tinted film in one of your decor hues. Combining frosted and tinted films is also an option for those wanting a more obscured reflection. As an added bonus, some window film types offer UV protection to prevent closet clothing from fading over time.

Fun DIY Solutions for Covering Mirrored Closet Doors

For renters or commitment-phobes reluctant to make any permanent changes, some playful and removable DIY solutions can transform the vibe of outdated mirrored closet doors without causing damage. Get creative with materials like decals, decorative trim, fabric, or wallpaper borders.

Get Creative with Removable Decals

Update the look of your existing mirrored closet doors without causing permanent alterations by affixing decorative vinyl decals. Removable decals now come in a vast range of colors, sizes, and designs from bold graphic prints to classic floral motifs. Geometric decals look especially striking against mirrored surfaces. Or create a one-of-a-kind look by combining decals of different styles and scales to suit your vision.

When selecting decals, pay attention to factors like color saturation and opacity. More vibrant decals will conceal reflections better than paler versions. Also note that when applied to mirrors, many decals take on a stained-glass effect allowing some light to shine through. If wanting total opacity, look for vinyl options labelled as fully opaque. Apply decals slowly and methodically to avoid trapping air bubbles beneath.

Use Fabric or Wallpaper Borders for Side Doors

Hinged mirrored doors on closet sides present another opportunity for easy DIY transformation. Conceal the mirror’s edge by affixing coordinating wallpaper borders, fabric strips, or iron-on hem tape. This treatment lets mirrors still function as intended while introducing other textures and colors into the palette. For best results, select wallpaper and fabrics in colors matching your existing decor. Affix neatly and securely with double-sided tape or fabric glue. Change up the look occasionally by switching patterns or colors to keep your closet feeling fresh.

Clever No-Damage Hacks for Large Mirrored Sliding Doors

Sliding mirrored doors spanning an entire closet can feel imposing. Thankfully there are some clever and non-damaging tricks to soften their bold presence in your space. Solutions like curtains, trim, and other overlays alter the aesthetic without requiring permanent modifications.

Hang Lightweight Curtains Over Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to subdue an expanse of mirrored closet doors is simply to hang curtains overtop. Choose lightweight, gauzy fabrics that softly obscure reflections and introduce an element of texture. Flowing embroidered sheers, linen or cotton blends work beautifully for this application. Blackout lining offers another layer of reflection coverage for rooms with intense lighting conditions.

When hanging closet curtains, don’t overlook creative tricks to avoid drilling into doors. Removable stick-on hooks attach securely to mirror frames while over-door hangers mount neatly atop doors. Selectrod-pocket curtains or clip ribbon ties onto hooks to finish off the look.

Disguise Mirror’s Edge with Decorative Trim

If your goal is concealment without fully obscuring the contents of your closet, try disguising just the mirrors’ outer edge using decorative trim. Carefully measure frame dimensions then affix trim pieces cut to size using extremely strong double-sided tape. Try paintable white trim moulding, flexible rubber corner guards, or modular plastic latticework. Complement your room’s color scheme by spray painting trim prior to application.

This inventive trim technique upgrades your existing mirrored closet doors with hardly any work required. Just take care applying even pressure when mounting trim for a seamless look. Best of all, trims remove cleanly if ever wanting to revert back to the original mirrored aesthetic down the road.

Style Mirrors to Suit Design Vision

When selecting any decorative materials to cover outdated mirrored closet doors, keep the overall aesthetic of your bedroom firmly in mind. Carefully weigh factors like color, texture, and pattern scale to create a cohesive and polished look.

Choose Patterns Strategically

Mirrored surfaces lend an inherent vibrancy to patterns placed against them. As such, opt for low-contrast prints and motifs for covering closet mirrors instead of jarring black and white op-art graphics. Neutral colored patterns feel soothing while still masking reflections effectively. Scale also matters when dealing with mirrors. Overly large repeats jar the senses in most average-sized closets. Seek smaller motifs like ditsy florals or narrow pinstripes for happily married proportions.

Factor in Lighting Conditions

The brightness of your closet lighting significantly impacts the effectiveness of any mirror cover material. Sheer curtains and frosted films provide only diffused coverage in strongly backlit spaces with windows or intense overhead lighting. Should this describe your closet scenario, consider supplementing sheers with separate blackout lining. Diffusers soften harsh reflections but still allow some mirrored visibility. Only truly opaque materials like temporary wallpaper or opaque contact paper block all light for guaranteed concealment.

Outdated mirrored closet doors no longer have to impose their aesthetic forever. This array of innovative covering ideas helps reimagine tired mirrored surfaces to better suit your home’s current style. Best of all the techniques and materials highlighted allow revamps without bearing replacement costs. Have fun unleashing your creativity to conceal those unsightly mirrored doors!

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