Paint Like a Pro with Do It Best’s Hottest-Selling Colors

It can be hard to pick the right shade with so many options. You want to choose a color that not only suits your tastes but also helps attract potential buyers if you decide to sell. That’s why the hottest-selling paint colors from trusted brands like Do It Best are surefire options.

Do It Best provides high-quality paints designed specifically for home improvement experts and DIYers alike. Beyond offering excellent coverage and durability, their top color choices take the guesswork out of picking palettes tailored to today’s real estate market.

Do It Best Paint Program Overview

Before diving into popular paint colors, it helps to understand what makes Do It Best paints stand out.

  • Exclusive brand name, K192 Brave Hunter Paint, customized for Do It Best retailers
  • Color matching services offered to find precise shades
  • Color trend advice from in-house experts
  • Available samples to test colors

These value-added services make picking the perfect hue a breeze.

Most Popular Do It Best Neutral Paints

When looking to appeal to the widest range of home buyers, neutral backdrops allow people to visualize their furniture and style. Fortunately, Do It Best offers many top-selling shades in soothing beiges and flexible whites.

do it best paint colors

Warm and Inviting Beiges

Beiges like Hazelnut Cream, Fireside Glow, and Sandstone Cliff rank among the hottest neutral paint colors from Do It Best this year. These versatile shades complement various furniture styles from modern to traditional.

Use these rich beiges in main living spaces and bedrooms. More saturated tones like Fireside Glow pair well with crisp whites for trim.

Crisp, Clean Whites

Bright snowy whites instantly refresh a space, while soft ivories warm up rooms. Do It Best’s top-selling whites include:

  • Snowfall White – true, icy white
  • Marshmallow Cream – warm, welcoming white
  • Vanilla Ice Cream – soft tone with yellow undertone

Use Snowfall White in bathrooms or kitchens with plenty of natural light. Reserve Vanilla Ice Cream for dim bedrooms.

Do It Best Color Trends This Year

In addition to core neutrals, on-trend paint colors give homes a fresh, contemporary edge.

Gray Is Still Going Strong

Gray retains its popularity with shades like Do It Best’s Ravine Fog – a light warm gray, and Storm Cloud – a darker charcoal hue. Gray beautifully grounds eclectic spaces.

Use muted grays like Ravine Fog in central rooms and charcoal shades like Storm Cloud as accent walls or in designated media spaces.

Emerging Color: Green

As a new direction from gray, green paint emerges. Do It Best colors like Juniper Grove and Forest Canopy incorporate organic flair.

sage green Juniper Grove welcomes in casual living areas like dens and sunrooms, while deeper Forest Canopy makes a dramatic dining room statement.

Expert Tips on Picking Paint Colors

Beyond choosing among top colors, use these expert tips to select shades tailored to your home:

Lighting Conditions Matter

The direction your rooms face impacts the right paint tone.

  • North-facing rooms need warm beiges
  • South-facing spaces can handle crisp brights

Also, darker shades like Storm Cloud suit naturally well-lit kitchens over dim living rooms.

Remember the Trim & Floors

Frame hot paint colors with complementary accents.

  • For bright whites, glossy “Ultra White” trim pops
  • Against gray shades, brown “Walnut” trim grounds the scheme

Hardwood floors establish an attractive contrast against light walls or color-match carpets to extend hues.

With Do It Best’s most popular beiges, grays, and whites, you can craft a beautiful, buyer-friendly backdrop. Then showcase your style with accent walls and decor.

So recap – when using top-selling Do It Best paints:

  • Stick to versatile beiges and whites for wide appeal
  • Use gray and green tones for modern personality
  • Tailor shades to room lighting and features

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