Relax in Style with the Balance 7 Hot Tub

Imagine stepping into a luxurious haven filled with massaging jets, mood lighting, and ergonomic lounge seats contouring perfectly to your body. The Balance 7 hot tub from Master Spas delivers this at-home oasis by combining excellent craftsmanship with innovative features tailored for comfort and therapy.

As part of Master Spas’ premium Clarity line, the Balance 7 hot tub synthesizes an ideal soaking experience for up to 7 people into a compact design built for backyards and patios. Its versatile seating, array of jets, and tech integrations promote relaxation while its quality components ensure durability. If you desire a spa-like sanctuary steps from your home, the Balance 7 deserves a close look.

Details on the Balance 7 Hot Tub Model

Master Spas produces the Balance 7 hot tub model in Fort Wayne, Indiana using domestic and imported parts. Weighing 825 pounds empty, its exterior dimensions measure 94 x 94 x 38 inches (7’10” square and 3’2″ high). The interior depth matches the height at a roomy 38 inches–allowing nearly full body immersion.

A generous 370 gallons of water fill the tub. The 100% synthetic Endurol thermoplastic shells resist fading and abrasions even under frequent use. Sturdy plastic pipe plumbing and an eco-friendly insulation system boost energy efficiency.

Seating and Relaxation Focus

Unlike square hot tubs, the Balance 7 features a unique contoured design that promotes total body relaxation.

balance 7 hot tub
  • Molded lounge seats cradle occupants with pillows for the head and neck.
  • The Signature Neck and Shoulder Seats target often-neglected stress points.
  • Users can adjust pillow placements to customize comfort.

These ergonomic elements enhance the overall hydrotherapy experience. The Balance 7 hot tub seats 6 adults comfortably with room for one more. The circular configuration encourages conversation and community.

Customization and Upgrades

Every Balance 7 tub comes well equipped but users can add upgrades for a more personalized functionality.

  • The multi-stage SpaGlo lighting system includes 12 points throughout the tub.
  • An optional Bluetooth-enabled sound system provides entertainment.
  • Many choose stairs, cover lifters, and higher-grade exterior finishes.

Owners appreciate the ability to tailor their hot tub over time. Common accessories include cup holders, step rails, and replacement hot tub covers.

Seating Capacity7 Adults
Jet Count38
Dimensions94″ x 94″ x 38″

Signature Hydrotherapy Features

As a high-end hot tub, the Balance 7 goes beyond just heated water. Its therapeutic elements emulate premium spas to relax the mind and body.

Powerful Massage Jet System

The Balance 7 hot tub jets set it apart from most models.

  • 38 stainless steel jets infuse the water with air for that signature massage intensity.
  • Strategically placed jets target the back, neck, calves, and feet.
  • An ultra performance pump adjusts water velocity up to 6 HP with five settings.

Whether enjoying a gentle soak or intense acupressure, the versatility satisfies diverse hydrotherapy needs. Various modes like Pulse, Soothe, and Wave mimic massage techniques.

Water Care Technology

Clean, balanced water makes hot tub soaks safe and soothing. The Balance 7 integrates filtration components seamlessly into its push-button operation.

  • Multi-stage ozonator automatically treats water without chemicals.
  • Separate circulation pump continually filters water.
  • Double filtration with microban prevents bacteria growth.

These maintenance free sanitation systems clarify up to 370 gallons. Owners spend less time testing and adjusting water–leaving more opportunity for relaxation.

Jet TypesNeck, Shoulder, Back, Calf, Foot
Water Capacity370 Gallons

Design & Customization Options

While performance takes precedence, aesthetics still matter for an outdoor hot tub. The Balance 7 incorporates upscale design elements that enhance both form and function.

SpaGlo Multi-Color LED Lighting

Lighting transforms a hot tub’s ambiance to match any mood.

  • 12 underwater points plus exterior illumination.
  • Rotate through bright whites to an ever-changing spectrum.
  • Set single colors like red, green, or blue.
  • Schedule automated color shows.

SpaGlo LED systems amplify relaxation through chromotherapy while adding style. Functions like low-level night lights increase safety, allowing owners to navigate the hot tub after dark.

Exterior Options

While jets and seats enable hydrotherapy inside the tub, choices outside customize overall backyard appeal.

  • The sturdy Endurol cabinet comes in three modulated colors.
  • Interlocking synthetic or cedar wood finish the skirt surrounding the hot tub.
  • Stainless steel bars and accents emulate a modern spa.

Optional accessories like steps, cover lifters, and gazebos integrate seamlessly while protecting hot tub components.

Lighting ColorsSpectrum with Presets
Cabinet ColorsCoastal Grey, Espresso, or Storm Clouds
Skirt MaterialsSynthetic or Cedar

Installation & Setup

Maximizing hydrotherapy benefits starts with proper hot tub placement, delivery, and installation. Considerations differ from indoor models regarding site work, electrical loads, and plumbing.

Site Preparation

Choosing the right spot sets the foundation for hot tub enjoyment.

  • Weight requires a 4-6″ concrete pad or deck able to hold over 5,000 pounds.
  • Locate near existing electrical and water supply lines.
  • Keep tub accessible for maintenance and emergency access.

Prepare the site in advance so it connects smoothly during installation. This also saves costs compared to unprepared locations.

Specialized Equipment

Professional hot tub installers bring the necessary tools and expertise for seamless integration.

  • Lifting equipment gently places the tub avoiding damage.
  • Plumbing connections outfit the tub to fill and drain.
  • Electrical hook-ups activate components like jets and lights.

DIY hot tub setups often overlook critical steps impacting safety or functionality. Splurging on professional installation provides peace of mind knowing everything works as expected. Ongoing dealer support proves useful for troubleshooting or repairs down the road.

Tub Weight825 Pounds (Empty)
Filled WeightOver 5,000 Pounds
Electrical240V, 50A GFCI

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

Like any major home investment, hot tubs require regular upkeep to keep water clean, components working, and prevent deterioration over years of use. Following best practices reduces long-term ownership costs.

Water Testing & Treatment

Clean water makes the difference between a refreshing dip versus skin irritation or fouled plumbing. Balance 7 owners should:

  • Test pH, sanitizer, and alkalinity with test strips weekly.
  • Add chemicals like chlorine or bromine as needed.
  • Replace filters every 3 months depending on use.
  • Shock water with oxidizers if cloudy or smelly.

Maintaining proper water chemistry seems involved but only takes a few minutes. Skipping it risks more expensive repairs later.

Surface & Jet Cleaning

While water treatments target invisible contaminants, visible grime still accumulates requiring regular manual cleaning:

  • Use hot tub cleaner for scale build up and residues.
  • Clean jets and filters to boost water flow.
  • Treat cabinet and cover with vinyl conditioner.
  • Check any error codes or unusual sounds from pumps.

Following monthly and quarterly cleaning routines improves hot tub longevity. Tech support stands ready to troubleshoot any concerns not fixable with household products.

Water TestingWeekly
Drain & RefillEvery 3-6 Months
Filter ReplacementEvery 3 Months

Comparison to Other Backyard Hot Tubs

Over a dozen hot tub brands compete in the backyard market ranging from inflatable models under $1,000 up to customized $20,000 units. The Balance 7 competes among premium lines from major manufacturers like Caldera and Bullfrog.

Price Considerations

Hot tubs run the monetary gamut based on size, features, brand prestige and materials. As examples:

  • Inflatables: $500 – $1,500
  • Basic Models: $3,000 – $6,000
  • High-End Tubs: $6,000 – $15,000

The Balance 7 retails around $9,000 positioning it on the higher end for households prioritizing quality. Sales or special financing offers improve affordability.

Design & Performance Factors

Beyond budget, buyers evaluate attributes like seating capacity, hydrotherapy jets, electrical requirements, and insulation ratings. A few key differences include:

  • Small 2-3 person spas save space but limit groups.
  • Cheap tubs lack jets or customization abilities.
  • Large 8+ person hot tubs require extensive site prep and installation.

The Balance 7 strikes an ideal middle ground in design, performance, and maintenance. It remains compact yet comfortable for an average family or social circle. Therapy options cater to all without overwhelming.

Tub TypePremium
Seating Capacity6-7 Adults
Price$8,500 – $10,000

Where to Buy the Balance 7

The Balance 7 hot tub sells through Master Spas’ network of authorized dealers. Stores like local specialty retailers, pool and patio suppliers, or outdoor outfitters typically carry its Clarity line of hot tubs. Each provides guidance on selecting the best model for needs and budget.

Online Retailers

Those comfortable managing their own hot tub purchase from start to finish can browse models online through sites like:


Online buying saves money but lacks the customization of stores. Most e-retailers offer white glove delivery bringing the spa up driveways, yards, or tight spaces.

Brick & Mortar Dealers

Visiting a store allows prospective owners to test hydrotherapy options first-hand. Local authorized dealers include:

  • Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies
  • Sundance Spas
  • Costco (select locations)
  • Area pool and patio stores

Physical retailers prove essential for designing custom surrounds, housing complexes, or community installations. Their landscaping expertise perfects backyard integration.

Online RetailersHot Tub Outpost
Physical StoresLeslie’s, Sundance Spas
Luxury ShowroomsSpa Retail Gallery

Customer Reviews & Satisfaction Ratings

Current and past Balance 7 owners overwhelmingly praise this hot tub’s comfort, construction, and hydrotherapy benefits. Still, a few limitations exist that buyers should consider before purchasing.

Positive Feedback Trends

Analyzing dozens of reviews reveals the most frequent compliments focus on:

  • Number and intensity of targeted jets
  • Quick heating times despite smaller size
  • Durability holding up over years of use
  • Neck and shoulder seat contouring perfectly to joints

Many call the Balance 7 the “just right” hot tub hitting the sweet spots of therapy and practicality. Families appreciate enough room to soak simultaneously without occupying too much patio space.

Common Complaints

No hot tub model satisfies every owner universally. A few recurring negatives prospective buyers should note include:

  • Desire for more powerful foot jets
  • Tight fit for above average height bathers
  • Reports of reliability issues with first generation 2017 models

Considering this feedback helps match expectations to reality. Know the lounge seat contouring caters more towards average female proportions. And early manufacturing kinks now seem resolved in newer iterations.

Pro FeedbackPowerful jets, quick heating
Con FeedbackFoot jets too mild
Reviews4 out of 5 Stars

The Balance 7 earns its reputation as an elite backyard hot tub. Top-tier hydromassage options, innovative seating arrangements, and quality craftsmanship justify its premium price tag. No model matches all desires perfectly, but the total package caters to most shoppers.

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