Refresh Your Bathroom With Navy and Gold Accents

Navy blue and metallic gold make for an elegant and timeless color combination that can infuse any bathroom with sophistication. The rich navy hue brings a relaxed yet refined mood, while accents of glimmering gold add a touch of glam. When used cohesively, this stylish navy and gold bathroom decor can be incorporated into any design aesthetic.

We’ll also explore ideas for weaving blue and gold through various styles like traditional, modern, and glam bathrooms. By the end, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to give your bathroom an easy stylish update.

Determine Your Style

Before choosing your navy and gold accents, decide on the overall style you want your bathroom to embrace. Is your taste more old-world traditional? Sleek and contemporary? Or over-the-top glamorous? The finishes and types of accents you select will vary depending on the look you wish to cultivate.


For traditional bathrooms featuring clawfoot tubs, antique mirrors, and vintage-inspired fixtures, navy and gold accents with a burnished patina work perfectly. Aged brass basin taps paired with a navy and cream clawfoot tub make a refined statement. Hang gold-framed botanical prints on navy walls for a classic accent wall that doesn’t skimp on old-world charm.


Make a glamorous statement by lacquering your bathroom in metallic gold paired pops of statement blues. Install a striking navy vanity with inset gold hardware for a focal point. Frame the mirror in gleaming brass trim and affix sconces with navy lampshades on either side for dazzling illumination certain to make your daily beauty routine feel like a trip to the makeup studio.

navy blue and gold bathroom accessories


The clean lines of contemporary bathroom vanities and fixtures lend themselves nicely to the streamlined elegance of a two-tone navy and gold palette. Float a sleek oak-trimmed mirror above a narrow navy vessel sink. Flank with modern matte gold wall sconces. The crisp, beautiful contrast makes an impact without overstating itself.

Select Key Pieces

With your style direction decided, now carefully choose a few key navy and gold elements to build your design around. Focus first on surfaces and permanent fixtures rather than accessories to ensure cohesion.

Wall Decor

Use wall treatments like wallpaper, paneling, or paint to incorporate navy blue onto walls or as accents. Gold geometric print wallpaper establishes a glam foundation while navy grasscloth lends a relaxed vibe. Purchase samples to view colors and patterns in your space before installing.


Invest in high-impact glossy navy or deep blue fixtures like a statement oval tub, unique vessel sink, or eye-catching tile shower surround. Then harmonize with metallic gold details like tub spout, faucets, showerhead, and knobs for a polished designer look. Or vice versa – make gold hardware the statement and ground with navy surfaces.


Navy and gold bathroom accessories infuse functional storage with chic style. Gold candelabra wall sconces make a glam statement while illuminating a navy vanity. Use a geometric print navy tissue box and waste bin set for a playful pop of pattern. Hang gold-framed sea life art above a navy storage bench for a coastal touch.

Add Pops of Color

Now that key pieces are selected, have fun with navy and gold variations! Mixing blue tones and metallic sheens keeps the palette from feeling flat.

Blue Hues

Incorporate powder blue, periwinkle, or robin’s egg accents for a softer contrast beside darker navy fixtures. Use multiple blue and gold tile shapes for a unique mosaic wall or floor. Paint one wall a standout peacock blue – it’s guaranteed to play beautifully with brass sconces and gold mirror trim when grounded by neutral flooring.

Metallic Gold

Vary sheens instead of using all polished brass. Try champagne gold, antique nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze paired with navy for a lower-contrast combination that’s refined yet unexpectedly elegant. If your fixtures and hardware feature warmer metal finishes, try incorporating cool-toned metals like chrome or nickel in navy accessories instead of matching golds.

Incorporate Neutrals

Anchoring all that regal navy and gilded glamour with clean, light neutrals keeps the mood from becoming too dark and dramatic. Creamy whites, warm taupes, and textured tans balance the richness.


Crisp bright white wainscoting, subway tiles, shiplap, columns, or molding bounces light around navy saturated spaces. Paint the ceiling, trim, and upper walls white or cream to prevent the lower half from feeling too cave-like if you opt for navy wainscoting or paneling. Contrast with a navy and white chevron floor for classic elegance.


Incorporate natural textures like woven rattan baskets or travertine stone tiles along with tan vessel sinks and stone soap dishes to warm up the cooler navy and gold tones. Use tan porcelain or ceramic floor tiles instead of white to soften the contrast.

Finish With Fabrics

Don’t forget the fabric elements that can unite your design! Textiles in coordinating navy and gold patterns infuse visual interest while reinforcing the color scheme.

Shower Curtains

Make the shower enclosure a focal point with a striped navy and white curtain punctuated by gold grommets, or opt for a more subtle abstract blue and gold pattern. For a pop of color, try a vibrant peacock shower curtain and layer a breezy white linen curtain over it.


Ground the space with an organic textured jute rug layered over navy bamboo bath mats bordering sinks and tubs. Or splurge on a bold Moroccan-style navy and gold patterned wool rug for serious glam.

Rug Textures For Navy & Gold BathroomsColors

Achieve Balance

To keep your color scheme from skewing too dark or flashy, aim for balance in how navy and gold are distributed throughout the space.

Space Planning

Map fixtures and features carefully so gold and blue each have designated planes and focal points. Don’t cluster everything gold along one wall or paint one half of the room navy. Anchor bold gold choices like an ornate mirror or metallic wallpaper with plenty of neutral wall space too.

Color Ratio

As a general rule of thumb, limit navy and gold to 40% of surfaces. Paint 60% of walls and flooring a neutral white, tan, or light blue. Reserve gold metallic finishes for fixtures rather than large furniture pieces to prevent overwhelm.

Enhance the Details

Thoughtful navy and gold accents in the finer details provide the crowning refined touch.

Tile Work

Choose a showstopping mosaic floor tile in shimmering gold and navy blue. Or use navy tiles for shower walls with a thin gold deco border stripe. Try arranging subway tiles in a chevron pattern using alternating rows of navy and cream.


Construct a custom storage bench or shelving unit in deep blue. Use brass trim and gold hardware for upscale appeal. Install a mirrored medicine cabinet with sleek trim and handles in champagne gold.

With planning and restraint, an alluring navy and gold bathroom can absolutely be achieved. Keep the ratio of rich accents balanced with plenty of ethereal light neutrals. Focus the bolder hues into stunning tilework or statement vanities and fixtures so they can shine as conversational focal points without overwhelming the space. Soon you’ll have a comfortably elegant and eternally stylish bathroom sanctuary!

Incorporating navy blue and gold into your bathroom renovation or redecoration project will never go out of style. This timeless color combination instantly elevates the space by adding a touch of sophistication and refinement. By following the tips outlined above for selecting fixtures and finishes, balancing colors, and highlighting the fine details, you can easily transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis, no matter what the design style.

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