Spice Up Your Bathroom With a Stylish Vanity Hutch

Is your bathroom feeling lackluster? Are you looking for ways to upgrade your space without a full renovation? Installing a bathroom vanity hutch may be the perfect project for you. With the addition of a stylish hutch, you can add storage, display space, and a dose of charm to your bathroom while keeping costs relatively low. Keep reading to learn all about how to enhance your bathroom with a vanity hutch makeover.

Hutches are taller storage units featuring shelves and cabinets that sit atop bathroom vanities. Partnered with the sink and counter area of a vanity, a hutch offers the best of both worlds – hidden storage below and display space up top for accenting with decorative items. The visual impact a hutch brings completely transforms the look of basic builder-grade bathrooms. Let’s explore why you should consider adding one to your home.

Why Add a Hutch to Your Bathroom Vanity?

Hutches offer several advantages that make them a functional and stylish upgrade over a standalone vanity. Some top reasons to install one include:

bathroom vanity with hutch
  • Extra storage for toiletries and towels – Keep items you use daily within arm’s reach.
  • Visual height and style – Hutches add vertical lines, dimension and architecture.
  • Open shelving for display – Show off soaps, candles or spa decor.
  • Complements standard vanity size – Find the perfect hutch for your existing space.

With their combination of elegance and utility, it is easy to see why hutches have staying power in today’s bathrooms. Keep reading to discover inspiring ideas to refresh your space.

Hutch Design and Size Options

It is easy to find a hutch to match your taste and bathroom measurements. Hutches are produced in standard vanity widths ranging from narrow 24-inch to extended 72-inch sizes. Styles abound too:

  • Freestanding, floating, corner and double hutches
  • Integrated sinks or countertop installations
  • Custom hutch heights and depths
  • Entire matching collections or mix and match combinations

Whether your bathroom is sprawling or tiny, modern manufacturers offer hutches scaled to suit. Cool, contemporary styles work nicely for urban lofts and high-rise condos, while ornate traditional hutches feel right at home in vintage homes.

Hutch & Vanity Materials and Finishes

Hutches made from wood, MDF or metal frames promise durability alongside amenities like soft-close doors and drawers. The finish options dress them up beautifully with rich details:

  • Laminates, FSC-certified real woods, and painted finishes
  • Honed marble, polished granite, or organic-looking quartz countertops
  • Matte, gloss and deliberately distressed treatments

Go bold with a saturating navy blue vanity coupled with brushed brass hardware. Or create a light and airy look using a weathered oak hutch topped with breezy blue-veined white marble. The varieties are endless!

Adding Lighting and Mirrored Hutches

Visibility in bathrooms equals both safety and ambiance. Hutches themselves help reflect light. For amplified effects:

  • Install built-in lighting under shelves
  • Select adjustable LED strip lights
  • Choose backlit interior lighting
  • Use mirrored hutches in small spaces

Details like dimmable overhead spotlights, accent sconces and undercabinet LED strips work perfectly. Mirrored hutches also visually double small spaces. Any lighting aids overall visibility for makeup application, shaving and outfit checks!

Style Ideas for Bathroom Hutches

Hutches look divine dressed up in trending decor motifs. From mod patterns to organic edges, there is a hutch style to complement every bathroom personality out there. Looks like:

  • Sleek high-gloss modern and contemporary
  • Ornately carved traditional and farmhouse
  • Ultra-cool industrial style with black metal
  • Weathered barn wood for rustic and coastal
  • Soothing blue and white for beach homes

Go big by installing his and her’s hutches along an entire wall or keep it simple with one wall-mounted beauty. Freestanding corner hutches also utilize dead space wonderfully. Let your hutch set the scene for a bold, beautiful bathroom!

Shopping for Bathroom Vanity Hutches

Now that you have design inspiration under your belt, let’s explore where to procure that perfect hutch. Online retailers offer extensive selections and affordable pricing. Or support local economy by sourcing from bathroom showrooms nearby. What to expect budget-wise:

  • Mass-market vanities + hutches from $300 to $700+
  • Higher-end custom combinations from $1,000 up
  • Consider sales to save 20% or more

Measure carefully before purchasing to achieve an ideal hutch-to-vanity balance. If your space allows, sizing up to a wider hutch or upgrading specialty features adds drama. Take notes when viewing market photos of ones you admire, then use those details to inform your final choice.

Getting your glamorous new hutch properly situated is key to functionality. Consult experts on best placement based on:

  • Corner or wide wall locations
  • Plumbing and electrical requirements
  • Other clearance needs

Generally, hutches mount directly to wall studs similarly to kitchen upper cabinets. If possible, involve knowledgeable bathroom contractors, carpenters or handypeople to handle the install. Expect to pay $200 or more for professional mounting.

For DIYers, be sure to have another set of hands available. The average hutch weighs 100 to 300+ pounds. Take care not to damage the unit or yourselves during the process. YouTube videos provide step-by-step visuals to follow.

It is easy to add storage, flair and function without breaking the bank. A hutch gives bathrooms a custom, built-in look certain to impress. Use the tips above to design a space that awes guests while handling all your daily needs in style.

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