Outdoor Curtains Get Artsy With Sleek Black and White Stripes

Outdoor decor trends come and go, but few styles make the visual impact quite like sleek black and white striped curtains. With their bold contrast and chic tailored stripes, these patio curtains emerging as a top 2023 decor choice for transforming outdoor spaces. Made with fade and weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric, the crisp patterns enliven covered patios, poolside lounges, and small balconies while providing privacy and UV protection.

Let’s explore what makes subtly striped Sunbrella outdoor curtains an artistic style standout for porches, pergolas, and beyond.

Sunbrella Fabric – The Gold Standard for Outdoor Curtains

Not all outdoor curtains maintain their integrity and colors season after season. That’s why Sunbrella performance fabric remains the gold standard for crafters of quality patio curtains and upholstered outdoor furniture.

Sunbrella revolutionizes outdoor design with proprietary fabrics engineered specifically to thrive outdoors. Unlike many inferior imitation fabrics claiming outdoor durability, Sunbrella retains its colorfastness and resists fading from continuous sun exposure and rainfall better than any other alfresco fabric on the market.

black and white striped outdoor curtains

Why Choose Sunbrella for Patio Curtains?

Sunbrella owes its superpower-like performance abilities from special UV ray-blocking stabilizers baked into solution-dyed acrylic yarns. This advanced approach greatly reduces fading, allowing the fabric to uphold its rich saturation and vibrancy through countless machine washes without deterioration.

Tested to withstand intense sunlight, rainfall wear and tear, Sunbrella ranks high enough on the durability scale to clean safely with a diluted bleach solution when necessary. No wonder the manufacturer confidently backs the fabric colors and quality performance with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Black and White Striped Styles Bring Captivating Contrast Outdoors

While static white curtains maintain a fresh allure, adding matte black stripes pumps up the visual interest for an artistic, avant-garde look. Graphic stripes make a particularly dramatic style statement on cabana curtains around pool patios and outdoor roof lounge spaces begging for some modern edge.

The black and white color palette also offers exceptional versatility that complements existing furnishings and landscaping without clashing. Hang black and white striped curtains on a covered porch accented with red geranium planters or an emerald green patio set and still maintain aesthetic harmony.

Hanging Options and Hardware for Secure Installation

Sunbrella black and white striped outdoor curtains come tailored to perfection with pre-sewn grommets across the top panel. The built-in holes allow for quick and easy mounting onto standard 1-inch curtain rods using coordinating black or stainless steel grommet hooks.

Investing a few extra dollars on durable mounting brackets and heavy-duty steel or aluminum alloy curtain rods designed for outdoor use prevents parts degrading prematurely.

In windy locales, add slim black weights secured to the bottom corners or mid-points to keep the fabric taut instead of flapping wildly about in a strong gust.

Get the High-End Look Without the High Price Tag

Well-crafted black and white striped Sunbrella outdoor curtains emulate the luxury of custom designer styles at only a fraction of the cost. Choosing these Sunbrella curtains over inferior imitations also sidesteps the disappointment and waste tied to low-cost fabrics that sacrifice quality and disintegrate after one season.

When ready to purchase, first determine the total number of individual curtain panels needed for full coverage based on the specs of your space. Keep in mind each panel sold individually and made-to-order to your measurements for a customized set with no unsightly gaps.

Measure Carefully, Order Accurately

Taking precise width and length measurements is crucial for achieving full coverage without excessive bunching and pooling. Use a steel tape measure for exact linear dimensions when tallying both the overall width and desired length.

For optimal draping effect, add at least 6 to 8 inches of extra length beyond the measurements taken vertically fromINSTALLED curtain rod to floor. This helps fabric gracefully puddle and hang properly.

Style Tips and Inspiration for Rocking The Black and White Trend

While black and white striped Sunbrella curtains pack plenty of wow-factor on their own, incorporating a few style strategies steps up the overall impact even more.

Start by mixing in coordinating stripes and solids elsewhere in the space, including throw pillows, a trellis area rug, ceramic planter pots or even a black and white striped market umbrella over patio tables.

During the day, draw back the curtains fully to filter in natural sunlight and showcase views. At night, close the curtains to cocoon intimate seating nooks in privacy.

For evening entertaining, try stringing festive clear bulb lights on wire or twine behind semi-sheer linen gauze curtains. The illumination emanating through the fabric creates an inviting, almost ethereal ambiance.

Creative Ways to Showcase Your New Striped Curtains

  • Flank wide sliding glass doors to frame beautiful backyard vistas
  • Repurpose as breezy room dividers between separate outdoor living areas
  • Focal points that establish the design theme over a seating nook
  • Hang as awning valances across the front perimeter of a pergola structure

Designed to emulate luxury designer styles at a reasonable price point, these special order black and white striped Sunbrella outdoor curtains beautifully transform patios and porches into fully-functioning outdoor rooms. Tailor made-to-order with exact measurements for a flawless custom fit, the graphic stripes and graceful drape provide privacy while allowing sunlight to filter through with an airy movement and artsy silhouette.

The durable opaque fabric has a 5-year warranty and is fade and weather resistant. For those craving style and substance, there may be no smarter 2023 patio upgrade than performance-driven black and white striped outdoor curtains outdoor curtains crafted with vivid, resilient Sunbrella fabric.

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