Corner Bench Seating for Kitchens Big and Small

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. From galley kitchens to large open concept spaces, layouts can vary greatly from home to home. But one thing remains constant – we all want a kitchen that looks beautiful while still being highly functional. This is why corner bench seating has become such a popular option for kitchens both large and small.

With their space-saving design and cozy vibe, corner benches allow you to maximize every inch of your kitchen. They tuck neatly into unused nooks, providing a comfortable spot for dining and socializing without cramping the room. And with so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect bench to match your kitchen’s size and aesthetic.

What is a Corner Bench?

A corner bench refers to any bench that is specially designed to fit into the corner of a kitchen or dining area. They come in a variety of shapes – some fit neatly into a 90 degree angle while others are curved to match rounded corners or bay windows. The distinguishing feature is their efficient use of what is typically wasted space in room corners.

kitchen corner bench seating

Corner benches can be upholstered or made of wood, metal, or other materials. Some include built-in storage compartments underneath. The seat is generally cushioned for comfort. They provide a casual and stylish alternative to traditional kitchen chairs.

Benefits of Corner Benches

There are many great reasons to consider adding a corner bench to your kitchen:

  • Maximizes space – Corner benches utilize extra space that typically goes unused.
  • Provides seating – Corner benches allow for additional dining spots without an expansive footprint.
  • Storage options – Many corner benches offer storage compartments underneath the seat.
  • Cozy atmosphere – Something about a corner bench creates a warm, inviting vibe.

Common Materials & Styles

There are countless options when it comes to choosing a corner bench style and material. Consider what will best match your existing kitchen decor.

Some of the most popular include:

  • Wood – A natural material perfect for many design aesthetics. Wood comes in tones from dark walnut to whitewashed pine.
  • Metal – Sleek metallic benches add an elegant, contemporary edge.
  • Upholstered – Cushioned benches provide exceptional comfort and come in endless fabric types and colors.

And when it comes to style, you can select from:

  • Traditional – Ornate wooden benches with structured frames and plush cushions.
  • Contemporary – Sparse, geometric benches in glossy metallic or solid hues.
  • Eclectic – A fusion of vintage and modern elements for a funky, collected vibe.

Choosing the Right Corner Bench

With so many wonderful options for corner benches, how do you choose what will work best for your kitchen? Here are some important factors to consider:

Measure Your Space

First, closely examine the area you plan to place the bench. Take exact measurements of the floor plan, including:

  • Depth & width of corner space
  • Proximity to doorways & counters

Account for typical traffic flow in the room so the bench doesn’t cause bottlenecks. This will determine the best size and angle option.

Match Your Style

You’ll want your new bench to complement the existing style and finishes in your kitchen. Ask yourself:

  • What is my decor – traditional, contemporary, eclectic?
  • What color schemes and materials are currently used?
  • Do I want to match or contrast with them?

Choose corner bench colors, patterns and textures that coordinate beautifully with the rest of the room.

Will It Be Multi-Functional?

Consider how you want to utilize the extra seating space. Will you need storage or a table extension? Or is simple, standalone seating ideal? Corner bench options include:

  • With storage – Bench seats that lift to reveal handy storage compartments underneath are perfect for small kitchens.
  • With table extension – Some models include flip-up shelves or drop-leaf sides to create more table space when needed.
  • Standalone seating – The simplest corner benches provide a cozy seat without any extras. Easy and affordable.

Cushions vs No Cushions

Cushioned corner benches certainly provide exceptional comfort. But they do require occasional fluffing and cleaning to look their best. Bench seats without cushions are easier to maintain – simply wipe clean as needed. The choice comes down to personal preference.

Getting the Most Out of Your Corner Bench

Once you’ve selected the perfect corner bench for your kitchen, it’s time to incorporate it seamlessly. Follow these tips to maximize functionality and enjoy your new seating space.

Placement Tips

Proper placement of your corner bench is key. Considerations include:

  • Angle correctly across the corner space or fit neatly into an existing alcove.
  • Leave ample room for comfortable entering and exiting the bench area.
  • Allow for traffic flow around the bench so it doesn’t obstruct doorways or counters.

Add Storage Solutions

For bench seats with storage, maximize the compartments by adding organizers like:

  • Baskets for fruits and vegetables
  • Bins for cookbooks and baking pans
  • Shelving for dishes and table linens

Decor Ideas

Accessorize your corner bench to make it even more stylish and inviting. Try:

  • Plush pillows and cozy throws in complementary colors
  • Fresh floral arrangements or potted plants
  • Counterheight lamps for ambient lighting
  • Gallery walls or shelving to display cherished art and treasures

Table Extension Options

For corner benches with table extensions, make the most of the extra dining space. Clever solutions include:

  • Flip-up shelves – When not in use, these fold flush against the wall. Flip up to create instant table space as needed.
  • Drop-leaf sides – Side flaps seamlessly extend the table width when you need more surface area.

A corner bench can make an exceptional addition to kitchens of every shape and size. Not only do they maximize your existing footprint, but they also provide cozy, casual seating for family meals and social gatherings. We hope our tips have helped you determine if a corner bench is right for your home.

Final Takeaways

To recap, corner benches allow you to:

  • Save space with their compact shape
  • Add extra seating without expanding the floorplan
  • Introduce handy storage solutions
  • Warm up kitchens with their comfy vibe

And choosing the perfect bench means:

  • Taking exact space measurements
  • Selecting a size, shape and style that matches your kitchen design
  • Factorng inmulti-function options like storage and table extensions

Follow these tips and your new beloved bench will be a treasured spot for years to come!

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