Mirrored Nightstands 101 – Everything You Need to Know About the Pier One Style

Mirrored furniture is having a major moment in home decor. The sleek, reflective surfaces add an instant glamorous touch to any space. One iconic mirrored piece that has stood the test of time is the Pier One Imports mirrored nightstand from the exclusive Hayworth collection.

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about this coveted mirrored bedside table. You’ll learn all about the history of Pier One Imports, details on the Hayworth collection, an overview of the nightstand itself, styling tips, care instructions, and more. Whether you’re looking to buy the original or find budget-friendly dupes, this is your guide to nailing the mirrored nightstand look.

pier one mirrored nightstand

All About Pier One Imports

To understand the iconic mirrored nightstand, you first need to know about Pier One Imports. Founded in 1962 in San Mateo, California, Pier One is a beloved home furnishings retailer known for their boho, eclectic style.

With a globally-inspired aesthetic combining vintage charm and modern flair, Pier One filled a niche in the home decor market. They brought unique items straight from Indonesia, India, Mexico, and beyond. The brand became synonymous with statement furniture, colorful textiles, and exotic accents. Over the decades, Pier One launched popular collections like Papasan and Hayworth to meet customer demand.

Today, Pier One remains a leading home decor retailer with over 1,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada. They also have a bustling online shop at Pier1.com. Between the brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce site, you’re sure to find eye-catching global finds to make your home extra stylish.

The Hayworth Collection by Pier One

The mirrored nightstand we’re focused on hails from Pier One’s Hayworth collection. Launched in 2013, the Hayworth line reflects the brand’s signature as an importer of unique home goods from around the world.

True to Pier One form, the Hayworth pieces combine a variety of cultural influences into a contemporary-bohemian aesthetic. The collection features furniture handcrafted from mixed woods with custom hardware and gorgeous accents like mirrored surfaces and hand-painted details.

In addition to the popular mirrored nightstand, the Hayworth collection includes complementary bedroom furniture like dressers, headboards, benches, and more. The line evokes relaxed sophistication – perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and beyond.

Details of the Pier One Mirrored Nightstand

Now that you know more about Pier One Imports and the Hayworth collection context, let’s dive into details on the iconic mirrored nightstand itself.

This stunning accent table is constructed from a mix of wood and metal for durability. It has a contemporary silver finish and beveled edges on the two mirrored surfaces. The smooth, reflective glass adds instant glamour.

In terms of storage and functionality, the nightstand is designed with one roomy drawer and a lower shelf. The shelf is ideal for stacked books, baskets of clutter, or even awards and decorative items you want to display. The drawer offers out-of-sight storage for items you want tucked away like charging cords.

Like all Hayworth collection pieces, the mirrored nightstand is completely handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans. This results in a high-quality furniture piece that makes a statement in any space. The beveled edges on the angled mirror surfaces give it architectural appeal.

With its shimmering mirrors and sleek metallic accents, this Pier One nightstand has an undeniably glamorous look. Yet it still feels fresh, current and just a little bit boho thanks to the mixed woods. It’s the perfect balance of vintage Hollywood charm and modern sophistication.

Buying the Mirrored Nightstand

If you’re coveting the Pier One Imports mirrored nightstand, here’s what you need to know about getting your hands on this popular piece.

While the nightstand was previously sold exclusively through Pier One stores and their website, it has since been discontinued. But don’t worry – there are still ways to buy this iconic furniture piece thanks to the magic of resale sites!

Your best bet is browsing secondhand furniture platforms like Chairish, AptDeco and eBay. On these sites, you can often find pre-owned Hayworth mirrored nightstands sold by previous owners. This is a great way to score the iconic look at a fraction of the original price tag.

When buying secondhand, be sure to closely inspect product photos and descriptions. Look for any scratches, chips or damage. Ask sellers questions to gauge how gently used the piece is. Well-loved nightstands with minimal flaws can be a stylish steal!

If you prefer the peace of mind of buying new, the Hayworth collection does offer other mirrored accent tables to provide that glam touch. While not exact matches, they have similar vibe and high-quality craftsmanship.

Styling the Mirrored Nightstand

Once you get your hands on the lust-worthy mirrored nightstand, it’s time to style it. Here are some ideas for showcasing this piece.

In the bedroom, it’s the perfect nightstand alternative to traditional wood ones. Place it bedside for a serious style upgrade. The drawer and shelf give you space to store your bedtime essentials like books, glasses and phone.

On the nightstand surface, add a glam touch with ceramic table lamps, fresh flowers, perfume and jewelry trays. The beveled mirror surfaces reflect light beautifully, so strategically placed lighting can create a soft glow.

Beyond the bedroom, this versatile piece can serve as a statement console or entryway accent. Pop it in your living room or foyer with your favorite decor on top. The mirrored surfaces tie in light and give spaces an airy, open feel.

Thanks to Pier One’s globally-inspired aesthetic, the nightstand pairs well with lots of decor styles. Incorporate it into your existing boho, traditional, or modern look seamlessly. It brings a hint of vintage glamour to any room.

Reviews of the Pier One Mirrored Nightstand

To help you decide if the mirrored nightstand is right for your home, here’s what reviewers are saying about this iconic Pier One piece:

“This nightstand is so versatile – I use it in my bedroom but have also styled it in my living room. The mirrored surfaces instantly light up any space. I do wish the drawer was a bit larger, but the cabinet shelf is super useful too.”

“I scored this Pier One nightstand secondhand and love the glam vibe it adds to my bedroom. It’s really well-made and sturdy. Be prepared to dust the mirrored edges frequently though!”

“I was nervous about furniture with mirrors but this nightstand proved me wrong. The beveled edges prevent it from seeming dated. The silver finish gives it a modern edge too. Just be gentle when cleaning to avoid scratches.”

Overall, buyers praise the nightstand’s style and versatility but note the need for gentle care. The mirrored surfaces are prone to scratches, so take caution when cleaning. Using a microfiber cloth is best. Some have also reported issues with legs becoming uneven over time, so keep an eye on wobbling.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Mirrored Furniture

Speaking of care, mirrored furniture requires some specific maintenance practices to keep it looking pristine. Follow these tips to care for your glamorous Pier One nightstand:

  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently clean the mirrored surfaces as needed. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cloths and sponges.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills or moisture to prevent water spots and damage to the finish.
  • Protect the edges and corners from chips and scratches with felt pads.
  • Check that all hardware and joints are tight over time to prevent wobbling.
  • Consider applying a sealant made for mirrored furniture to protect from moisture damage.
  • Move the piece carefully to prevent cracks or breaking. Lift up slightly when moving rather than pushing.

With regular dusting and gentle care, your glamorous mirrored nightstand can maintain its beauty for years to come!

Transforming the Look

One of the great things about furniture is giving it new life with DIY makeovers. If you purchase a Pier One nightstand but want to freshen up the style, it’s easy to apply some transformations.

Try painting or staining the wooden surfaces a bold, on-trend color more suited to your aesthetic. Matte black or navy blue give the mirrored surfaces a sophisticated moodiness. For a softer look, try a warm gray wood stain.

Switching up the hardware is another easy DIY tweak. Replace the knobs or pulls with bronze, black iron, or brushed brass ones instead. Painting the legs black or wood tone also shifts the vibe.

For major refresishing, you could remove the mirrored panels altogether and replace them with wood panels or a chalkboard for a more rustic, vintage look. The options are endless!

Similar Mirrored Nightstand Alternatives

While the specific Pier One Hayworth nightstand may be hard to find, luckily there are plenty of similar mirrored bedside table options to get the glitzy look for less.

Brands like Target, West Elm and World Market have comparable mirrored nightstand styles often at lower price points. The quality varies, but dimensions and storage functions are similar.

IKEA offers very budget-friendly options like the TARVA nightstand with a mirrored drawer front. There are also plenty of mirrored accent tables that work nicely as nightstand substitutes.

Check stores like HomeGoods and thrift shops too. And keep an eye on sale sites like Facebook Marketplace for secondhand steals. With some hunting, you can find the perfect mirrored nightstand dupe to bring chic style to your bedroom.

The Pier One Imports mirrored nightstand from the Hayworth collection is certainly an iconic piece of furniture. With its glamorous mirrored surfaces, silver metallic accents, and global charm, it’s easy to see why this nightstand style has staying power.

If you can find an original version in good condition secondhand, this bedroom essential is certainly a worthwhile investment. Even with its potential issues like scratches, the overall quality and style is hard to beat.

But if the price or specific details don’t work for your needs, alternatives are abundant. With some smart shopping, you can easily find a comparable mirrored nightstand to fit your budget.

No matter which route you choose, a touch of mirror is a foolproof way to instantly elevate your nightstand game. Let the light reflection and vintage vibes transport your bedroom to a chic and glamorous oasis.

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