Make Your Shower Glamorous With Fiji’s LED Brilliance

Is your daily shower lacking that luxurious feel? Do you wish you could enhance your existing bathroom fixtures with some extra brilliance? Well, the game-changing Fiji LED shower head may be exactly what your shower space needs. With customizable LED lighting, an integrated digital temperature display, and a satiny smooth water stream, this shower head could make your daily cleaning ritual feel straight out of a spa.

In this post, we’ll explore all the glamorous features that set the Fiji LED shower head apart. Read on to discover how easy LED customization, eco-conscious construction, premium quality, and other advantages can seriously upgrade your shower’s shine factor.

LED Lights Showers the Way on Water Temperature

The Fiji LED shower head has a built-in LED display that instantly alerts you to the heat of the water flowing through. Once installed, the lighting automatically adjusts color based precisely on the water temperature at any given moment.

An invigorating green LED glow indicates cool water under 90degF (32degC). As temperatures climb to a pleasant 100deg-105degF (33degC-41degC range), the LEDs transition to a calming blue hue . Should readings continue rising to over 108degF (42degC), the LEDs shift to a vibrant red .

Added Safety with Flashing Red Alert for Hot Water

For your added safety, the Fiji LED shower head system also flashes red when temperatures exceed 122degF (50degC). This clear visual cue helps avoid accidental scalding. What a useful high-tech helper for busy households where multiple people sharing a shower may have different preferred heat settings!

fiji led shower head

With ambient colors providing at-a-glance insights on the water temp flowing from the shower head, adjusting towards your perfect level is easier than ever. Save time while shaving, washing kids’ hair, or just enjoying a long steamy soak.

Relax Under Custom LED Lighting Modes

Beyond the brilliant integrated digital thermometer display, the Fiji LED shower head also allows customizing its chic LED accent lighting to suit your mood.

Many buyers love creating an at-home spa ambiance with either a continous calming blue or fiery red glow accompanying their entire shower. Others enjoy surprising guests with a disco-like strobe effect in vibrant purples, greens, and more colors cycling through.

With normal use, a single full battery charge powers the lighting system for approximately a month before needing a 30-minute reboost. For the eco-conscious, an integrated turbine also allows the LED light show’s power to flow entirely from the water stream alone – no charging required!

Sustainable and Chic Eco-Friendly Design

On the topic of environmental friendliness, Fiji designed this LED shower head as a sustainably constructed product from top to bottom. It meets stringent lead-free requirements for safety across all components. The main shower head piece comprises durable ABS plastic – carefully molded, durable, and transparent to enable smooth water flow.

Smart design choices like housing the color LED display within the shower head nozzle help protect the electronics from normal wear-and-tear during regular use and cleaning. No batteries required here either – the flowing water generates all the consistent energy needed to run the digital display and accent lighting.

Low-Flow Options Prevent Excess Water Waste

For added water conservation, some Fiji LED shower head models include adjustable water flow restrictors. When enabled, these low-flow limiters dial back the gallons per minute, curtailing excess water usage while still delivering satisfying water coverage and pressure.

By pairing simplified eco-friendly construction with digitally enhanced features, the Fiji LED shower head offers today’s consumers sustainable smart home upgrades. Less plastic waste, no batteries changing, and potential for lower utility bills – now that’s our kind of glamour!

Premium Brass & Stainless Steel Components

While the main LED display housing and nozzle comprise durable ABS plastic, Fiji only uses the best premium metals for key inner shower head components. Extensive lead-free brass parts feature throughout the interior, including the faucet body, handle lever, and other joints. Expect reliable corrosion resistance and long-lasting shine!

The flexible stainless steel hose connects the main shower head to its swiveling overhead mount. This steel hose further prevents any unwanted plastic chemical leeching into the flowing water stream. Together with a secure tangle-free swivel mount, the stainless steel hose enables easy angling for optimal waist-to-overhead positioning.

Confidence in Quality Backed by 5-Year Warranty

For added buyer confidence, Fiji stands behind the premium quality and workmanship of their LED shower heads by including an industry-leading 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty . We appreciate that they clearly convey support terms upfront rather than hiding behind fine print.

Should any defects arise during those first five years – crack in the nozzle, LED malfunction, or similar issues – Fiji pledges to efficiently deliver free replacement parts or whole units as needed. Now that’s glamorous peace of mind!

Contemporary Profile Matches Modern Decor

In addition to integrated high-tech features like the LED digital thermometer display, the Fiji LED shower head also simply looks sleek and sharp. The gently curved rectangular shape curves follows contemporary design trends. Neutral brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black color options ensure seamlessly complementing modern or traditional bathrooms.

Easy & Customizable Placement Options

Mounting the multi-joint shower head is straightforward, with standard connections and included adjustable brackets enabling both fixed overhead and flexible handheld setups. For those dreaming of a more glamorous soak, extending the mount higher on the wall facilitates blissful whole body spray coverage.

For smaller shower spaces, consider pairing with one of Fiji’s coordinating slide rail kits – either straight or curved models. This stylish addition neatly stores the hand shower when not in use while still enabling easy slide-out access for rinsing hair or spraying down the kids.

Pamper Yourself with a Satisfying Soak

Of course, all the LED lighting and sleek styling doesn’t mean much if the shower’s water stream itself disappoints. Happily, Fiji designed for both invigoratingly powerful and gently soothing flows.

The LED shower head’s high-pressure nozzles output an awe-inspiring 2.5 gallons per minute when fully cranked open. Turn the built-in water flow restrictor to limit to 1.5 GPM or lower settings for more relaxing experieces. Either way, the consistent water flow delights.

Easy Cleaning Features Keep Things Fresh

To maintain peak water flow and prevent any mineral or grime buildup issues over time, Fiji made this LED shower head a cinch to quickly scrub clean. Simply rub the soft flexible nozzle under the tap to easily sweep away any accumulated residue. The embedded digital display stays safely protected within its inner housing chamber – no need to worry about electronics splashing wet.

By including both dazzling lighting effects and steadfast water streaming performance, Fiji’s LED shower head aims to please. Give yourself the gift of small luxuries with this singular shower upgrade!

Hassle-Free DIY Installation

What good is even the most glamorously designed shower head upgrade if the installation proves difficult or requires professional plumbing help? happily, this Fiji LED shower head comes thoughtfully designed for convenient DIY fitting .

The legit brass fittings include all necessary washers and adapters for step-by-step foolproof attachment. Clear installation directions walk through adjustable sizing for either standard half-inch or expanded full-inch pipe connections.

Flexible Ball Joint Enables Perfect Placement

An integrated adjustable swivel ball joint where the shower head meets the overhead mounting arm enables smoothly pointing the precise direction desired. Easily fine-tune both the side-to-side angles and tilting pitch across nearly any range of motion.

For those drilling new mounting holes, a snap-in 15 degree tilt at the wall end of the bracket provides additional helpful adjustment leverage. Overall, expect installing or replacing existing fixtures to take 30 minutes or less, even for first-timers.

Complete Your Dream Shower Oasis

While the Fiji LED model certainly raises the bar for stylish elegance, don’t forget about coordinating fixtures too. For those seeking full shower suite makeovers, this LED centerpeice pairs seamlessly with several other thoughtfully designed components.

Fiji Showers actually offers entire collections to mix-and-match for crafting your perfect glamorous oasis. Beyond the digitally enhanced shower head itself, we especially love their coordinating multifunction column rain systems, contemporary slide bars, and waterfall tub spouts.

Cohesive Modern Bath Suite Design

Comprising premium materials like tempered glass, ceramic valves, solid brass and more, each element in the Fiji Showers collection upholds rigorous quality standards. Despite luxury leanings, their products come cleverly designed for straightforward do-it-yourself installation without requiring professional help – now that’s our kind of glamour!

By thoughtfully coordinating model sizing, aesthetic styling, and handy smart home enhancements across their whole ecosystem of bath suite offerings, Fiji enables easily elevating any modern bathroom remodel to breathtaking new heights.

Why settle for lackluster when you could refresh your entire shower experience with Fiji’s LED brilliance instead? With customizable lighting moods, integrated digital temperature displays, eco-conscious construction, and indulgent water flows, we can’t rave enough about this gamechanging shower head!

Bring resort-style luxury into your own home with the Fiji LED shower head’s unique high-tech elegance. With effortless installation guidance and top-notch customer support backing Fiji’s outstanding 5 year warranty, you can confidently upgrade to a more glamorous daily cleaning ritual in your dream oasis today.

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