Make Your Bedroom Manly With These Cool Bed Frames for Guys

Having a stylish and masculine bed frame can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from a basic metal frame or want to replace an old, rickety hand-me-down, there are so many cool bed frame options to make your space more chic.

We’ll also explore top styles from industrial to midcentury modern. And we’ll highlight important features like storage drawers, adjustable height, and underbed lighting.

Different Materials Offer Unique Benefits

One of the first decisions to make is which material you want your bed frame made from. Each has its own aesthetic appeal and practical considerations.

Wood Bed Frames

Wood bed frames are a popular choice that can work in many decor styles. The natural look and feel of wood brings warmth to the bedroom. There are several pros and cons to consider with a wood frame:

  • Pros: Beautiful natural patterns in the wood grain. Available in many stain colors. Can be carved into ornate or minimalist designs. Offers a quiet and squeak-free foundation.
  • Cons: More expensive than metal and requires periodic maintenance. Heavy and may be hard to move.

Some of the most common woods used are oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and pine. Look for solid hardwood over cheaper particle board or plywood. The type of wood and finish dramatically impact the overall look.

cool bed frames for guys

Rustic frames made from unfinished reclaimed wood or roughly hewn logs create a cabin-like feel. For a contemporary vibe, try a platform bed with a simple headboard in a dark espresso stain. Painted wood in bold colors works great for boho, modern, or coastal decors.

Metal Bed Frames

Known for their durability, metal bed frames are a versatile and affordable option. The sleek, streamlined look of metal complements modern decors beautifully. Here are some pros and cons of metal frames:

  • Pros: Very strong and can withstand frequent moves/reassembly. Wide range of prices. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Cons: May squeak over time. Not as warm or cozy as wood.

Iron, steel, and aluminum are commonly used. Dark colored metal like black or bronze have an industrial vibe. Brass finished frames add a touch of glam. For mid-century inspired designs, try powder-coated steel in fun colors.

Upholstered Bed Frames

For a soft, luxurious feel, upholstered bed frames are the way to go. The padded fabric headboards provide comfort and visual appeal. Consider the pros and cons of upholstery:

  • Pros: Very comfortable, supportive headboard. Fabric muffles noise and prevents squeaking. So many fabric and color options.
  • Cons: More difficult to clean. Fabrics like velvet or linen wrinkle easily.

Leather upholstery in black, brown, or grey has a refined masculine vibe. Sturdy cotton, polyester, or microfiber fabrics come in masculine textures like herringbone, tweed, and denim. Tufted headboards with buttons are very popular.

Top Styles for Men’s Bedrooms

Now that you know the main materials, let’s look at some of the top styles for creating a masculine bed frame vibe.

Modern and Minimalist

Many guys gravitate towards modern bed frames with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Platform beds in dark wood or metal create a sleek, contemporary look. Other elements of modern style include:

  • Geometric shapes instead of ornate curves
  • Neutral colors like black, white, gray
  • Polished metal hardware and feet
  • Low-profile headboards or none at all

Take inspiration from midcentury designs of the 1950s-60s. Look for tapered legs, an absence of clutter, and natural wood tones. For a Scandinavian touch, try light wood like ash or maple.

Some great products in this category include Zinus’ SmartBase Platform Bed, which has 13 inches of underbed storage, and the low-profile Tvilum Frame in Walnut finish.

Industrial Style

Urban bachelors will love the edgy, masculine look of industrial bed frames. Exposed metals and unfinished, distressed wood communicate rugged masculinity.

Iron pipe fittings, weathered barn wood, and stainless steel give industrial beds their gritty warehouse vibe. Look for galvanized finishes that appear aged and worn. Hammered metal adds intriguing texture.

Assembled using exposed screws and visible joints, industrial platforms often feature rough-hewn posts or headboards made of repurposed wood. For softer contrast, add warm fabrics and leather accents.

Handy Living’s Turin Pipe Frame oozes utilitarian style with black iron pipes and an integrated headboard shelf. Or grab the attention-grabbing Knickerbocker Embossed Metal Bed.

Rustic and Lodge Style

Channel laid-back cabin comfort with rustic bed frames made of natural reclaimed wood. The distressed charm of a log frame sets a cozy, welcoming tone.

Look for beautifully imperfect barn wood, tree branch posts, and twig accents. Leather details in brown and black complement the earthy wood tones. Pops of red, green, and blue add bold interest.

For a modern edge, pair salvaged wood with black powder-coated metal legs. Or use unfinished pine stained in fun hues like navy or ochre instead of traditional brown.

Handy Living’s Solid Wood Slatted Bed has a relaxed Adirondack vibe, while the Brynn Patrick Queen Platform Bed adds a twist with vibrant sky blue wood.

Special Features to Consider

Beyond just materials and style, today’s bed frames offer lots of special features. Here are some cool options that can make your bed frame even more functional and stylish.

Storage Space

One of the biggest benefits of picking the right bed frame is gaining storage space. Having drawers built right into the frame keeps linens, clothes, and other bedroom essentials organized and out of sight.

Look for underbed storage drawers than pull out effortlessly on smooth rollers. Side cabinets and shelving built into the headboard are also convenient places to stash alarm clocks, books, and personal items.

Maximize your bedroom storage and reduce clutter with choices like the Zinus Jude Canopy Bed, which gets you six pull-out underbed drawers. Even metal frames like the Casey II Bed have underbed storage options.

Adjustable Height

If you have back pain, mobility issues, or just want flexibility, consider height-adjustable bed frames. Being able to change the height makes it easier to get in and out of bed at your ideal level.

Helpful for medical conditions, adjustable bases are also great for sleep comfort. Raise your head and feet to find your most relaxed position for reading or watching TV in bed.

Handy Living’s Adjustable Bed Base lets you customize your head and foot positioning. The Reverie 5D lets you control firmness and has pre-set zero gravity, anti-snore, and lounge positions.

Underbed Lighting

In recent years, underbed lighting has emerged as a really cool feature. LED light strips installed around the bottom edge or underframe of the bed create beautiful ambient glow.

Set the mood with color-changing lights that can be dimmed and controlled with remote apps. Enjoy a soft nightlight or create a party atmosphere. It’s an easy DIY add-on or shop for frames with lighting built-in.

DHP’s Emily Split Headboard Bed includes LED lights on the frame. For easy installation, grab self-adhesive LED strip lights with an RF remote from top brands like Govee or Keenstone.

Headboards and Footboards

The design of the headboard and footboard drastically affects the overall look and utility of your bed frame. Consider functionality and decorative appeal when choosing options.

Tufted, paneled, or upholstered headboards in leather and masculine fabrics create an inviting backdrop. Footboards give additional support and style. Attached boards offer convenience, while detachable ones allow for more versatility.

Measure your bedroom to ensure the headboard size fits the wall dimensions. Scale up to a towering headboard in a spacious loft or keep lower profiles for tight spaces.

Handy Living’s Lynwood Platform Bed has a tufted faux leather headboard perfect for lounging. For contemporary style, West Elm’s Floating Wood Headboard detaches easily when not needed.

As you can see, you have tons of options when shopping for cool bed frames as a guy. Think about your priorities in terms of style, features, and budget. Measure your space carefully to find the right size frame.

Focus on choosing durable, high-quality materials that will last and look great for years. A new bed frame is one of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade your bedroom into a stylish man cave retreat.

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