Choose the Perfect White Outside Side Table for Your Patio

A chic and versatile addition to any outdoor living space, white outside side tables provide both style and functionality for patios, decks, and porches. With the right design and size, a white side table can take your outdoor decor from basic to beautiful. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to select the perfect table for your needs. By considering a few key factors, you can easily narrow down the choices and find a white patio side table that complements your existing decor while meeting your practical needs.

When thinking about adding a white side table to your outdoor setup, there are several aspects to evaluate to ensure you choose the best option. Carefully considering the table’s style, dimensions, shape, materials, mobility, and special features will help you select a table that checks all the boxes.

Consider the Style

White outside side tables are available in a range of styles, from traditional to modern. Take into account your patio or deck’s current aesthetic and decor when choosing a table design. Minimalist contemporary tables with sleek lines pair well with modern spaces, while more ornate carved tables complement traditional wicker furniture. Look for a table with detailing that mirrors other characteristics of your outdoor space so it flows seamlessly with the existing style.

In addition to the overall design, consider smaller styling details like the table legs, edge profiles, and undershelf detailing. Curves, scrolled legs, and tapered edges lend a more classic or vintage feel than straight lines and squared edges. Make sure to evaluate the total style package to find an option aligning with your outdoor living area.

Take Note of the Size

White outdoor side tables come in an array of sizes, ranging from small 15-inch diameter bistro-height tables to spacious 4-foot rectangular tables. Take measurements of your patio or deck and think about how many people typically gather in the space.

white outside side table

A small table may suffice for an intimate two-person breakfast nook but feel too cramped for a family dinner. On the other hand, an oversized table could make your modest balcony feel cluttered. Choose a size proportional to your outdoor footprint that comfortably accommodates your usual guest count.

Assess the Shape

Square, rectangular, round and oval white side tables are prevalent outdoor options. The shape you select can impact both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Rectangular tables are great space savers, fitting seamlessly against walls or in corners. Circular pedestal tables create a classic bistro look. Square and oval tables work well placed in the center of a patio or deck away from boundaries.

Evaluate clearance based on the table’s dimensions and surrounding furniture. Pull up your furniture arrangement app to visualize shape options in your current setup. Ensure there’s enough room around the table for walking past comfortably without bumping knees.

Evaluate the Materials

For longevity in outdoor settings, white side tables should be constructed from weather-resistant, all-seasons materials. Powder coated steel and aluminum can withstand year-round exposure to sunshine, rain and snow without corroding. Polywood, polystyrene, and polyethylene are durable synthetic lumber alternatives resistant to cracking, peeling, fading and mildew.

Consider the tabletop and accent details as well. Glass tops provide a sleek transparency but require more careful handling. Wire, woven, and slatted tabletops have texture but may show dirt more readily than smooth tabletops. Look for materials praised for easy cleaning and stain resistance to keep your table looking freshly painted for years.

Consider Mobility

Think about whether you want a stationary white side table or one with mobility. Tables equipped with wheels, casters, or glides make light work of moving your table around to reach the optimal spot. Locking wheels or feet keep it safely in place once positioned. This flexibility creates multifunctionality since you can easily relocate your table as needs change.

On the other hand, if you want your side table to occupy one set space for the long term, a stationary design eliminates the chance of wobbles from locking wheels. Weigh your need to adjust placement against your desire for supreme stability before deciding on mobile vs static.

Compare Special Features

Modern white outdoor side tables now integrate special features for added convenience. Look for models with handy extras like:

  • Integrated cooler storage or lower shelf for stowing drinks and ice buckets
  • Umbrella hole to accommodate a patio umbrella for instant shade
  • Glass top for a smooth transparent surface that protects interior contents from spills
  • Adjustable height functionality to customize table height

Built-in features allow you to transform your ordinary side table into a multifunctional outdoor helper. Evaluate options to determine which elements would provide the most utility for your patio activities.

Choose the Right Height

Standard table height for accent tables is around 25 to 30 inches. This allows comfortable reach while sitting in patio chairs. Counter-height tables measure 36 inches or taller for pairing with barstools. If using your white side table for dining purposes, make sure the height matches your existing outdoor seating.

Too-tall tables feel boxy paired with low chairs. Too-short tables force unnatural ergonomics. Measure your current furniture and aim for a table height maintaining alignment for optimal dining posture. Factor in any adjustable legs or casters adding a few extra inches.

Compare Brands and Prices

Outdoor furniture spans a spectrum of price points. On the lower end, big-box stores like Target and Walmart offer basic white side tables starting under $50. Mid-range options from West Elm and Pottery Barn run $150 to $300. For higher quality designer looks, Restoration Hardware and Room & Board charge upwards of $400.

Set an initial budget for your table purchase. Then peruse selections across this pricing range and evaluate materials, styling and functionality. Searching clearance sales can score you designer quality at discounted rates. With some persistence, you can likely find your perfect table at the price point matching your needs.

Finding a white outdoor side table that perfectly suits your patio space involves careful consideration of several factors. Keep in mind your aesthetic style preferences, required size and clearance, mobility needs, and any desired extra features. Balancing these practical needs with your budget allows you to select a functionally and visually appealing white side table complementing your exterior living space.

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