Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Extra Tall Bed Frame

Extra tall bed frames have become a popular choice in bedrooms. But with so many options on the market, how do you select the right extra tall bed frame to meet your needs?

From measuring your mattress to choosing complementary styles, read on for advice to help you find the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom.

Benefits of an Extra Tall Bed Frame

Extra tall bed frames offering a number of advantages over their standard-height counterparts:

  • Getting in and out of an extra tall bed is much easier, making life simpler for those with mobility issues or disabilities.
  • The extra height is ideal for taller individuals, allowing their feet to rest comfortably on the floor when getting in and out of bed.
  • Extra tall frames create storage space underneath the bed for boxes, baskets, or even another mattress.
  • Raising your mattress higher off the floor makes it a focal point and lends a sleek, modern look to the bedroom.

Height Options for Extra Tall Bed Frames

Standard bed frame heights typically range from 7-9 inches tall. Extra tall bed frames start around 18 inches high. Many models fall in the 20-24 inch range. Here are some of the most common extra tall bed frame heights:

Frame HeightBest Uses
18-21 inchesProvides moderately taller platform while working in most bedrooms with standard ceilings.
22-24 inchesIdeal for very tall individuals who need extra height for ease of use.
AdjustableAllows customization of height as needed. Helpful for those with changing mobility needs.

Adjustable Height Frames

Some extra tall bed frames now feature adjustable height mechanisms. This allows you to customize the height of your bed frame and mattress to perfectly fit your needs and preferences.

extra tall bed frame with headboard

Being able to raise or lower the height comes in handy for a few scenarios:

  • As mobility needs evolve, the bed can be raised or lowered.
  • You can lower the bed temporarily to make changing linens easier.
  • More storage room can be created by raising the bed frame higher when not in use.

Materials for Extra Tall Bed Frames

Extra tall bed frames come in a range of materials, each offering distinct characteristics:


Wood frames made from oak, maple, or mahogany provide a warm, inviting look. Wood offers outstanding stability and is very durable over many years of use. The natural beauty of wood never goes out of style.


Frames made from steel or aluminum metal provide excellent strength and stability. They tend to cost less than wood frames. If choosing metal, powder coated colors avoid chipping over time.


For a soft, padded look, upholstered bed frames feature fabric-covered padding on the headboard and side rails. This absorbs noise and provides a more tailored style.


You can find frames that combine materials, such as an upholstered headboard with wood side rails. This gives you the best of both worlds – sturdy wood construction with attractive soft fabrics.

Popular Extra Tall Bed Frame Styles

Beyond the basic platform bed, extra tall frames come in a diverse range of styles. Consider what look you want to create in your bedroom.

Storage Beds

Since extra tall platform beds provide ample space underneath, many come equipped with built-in storage drawers. This maximizes the storage potential without requiring additional furniture.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds feature four tall corner posts that extend past the mattress, with draping fabric overhead. This creates a gracefulfocal point and feeling of intimacy.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are known for their sweeping headboard and footboard designed to look like a sled. The curved lines lend an elegant, refined touch.

Choosing the Right Mattress

One important factor when selecting an extra tall bed frame is making sure your mattress dimensions properly fit the frame. Measure your mattress width and length before ordering your frame.

You’ll also want to consider mattress type and height:

  • Memory foam mattresses contour to your body for pressure relief. Many are 10-12 inches thick.
  • Latex mattresses offer responsive support and bounce back. They range from 8-12 inches thick.
  • Innerspring mattresses have coil systems providing comfort and minimize motion transfer. Thickness varies.
  • Account for mattress height needed to easily get in and out of bed when elevated on a taller frame.

Adding a Headboard

A headboard adds style, comfort, and visual appeal to finish off your extra tall bed frame. Most extra tall frames have built-in attachment points where headboards can be mounted.

Consider the shape, size, and material of the headboard to complement your frame. For example, an upholstered headboard pairs nicely with a metal or wood frame for contrast.

With their fashionable silhouette and practical benefits, it’s easy to see why extra tall bed frames are surging in popularity. By carefully considering your needs and style preferences, you’re sure to find the perfect extra tall frame and mattress to serve as a stylish centerpiece for your bedroom.

Pay attention to dimensions, material, and complementary headboard styles. And don’t forget the advantages of storage beds and adjustable height mechanisms if those features would be useful. With the tips above, you can pick out an extra tall bed frame with confidence.

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