Make the Most of Your Kitchen Corners with a Stylish Corner Sink

If your kitchen features an awkward, neglected corner that serves little purpose, it may be time to consider installing a stylish corner sink. Corner sinks are specifically designed to maximize unused space in kitchen corners, opening up your layout and providing more functionality.

A well-chosen corner sink can be both beautiful and highly practical.

Different Styles of Corner Sinks

Corner sinks come in several styles to suit your design tastes and kitchen needs:

corner sinks in kitchens
  • Single basin: One large, deep basin perfect for washing large pots and pans.
  • Double basin: A divided sink with two compartments for multitasking.
  • Diagonal/angled: Installed facing the corner at an angle for a modern look.

Beyond the basin configuration, you can select corner sinks in a wide range of materials like stainless steel, ceramic, composites, and colors from white to black to match your decor. The options are nearly endless.

Sizing Your Corner Sink

Choosing the right sized corner sink for your kitchen layout is key. Measure the available corner space carefully prior to selecting a sink.

For smaller kitchens, a more compact corner sink is likely the best option to preserve precious counter and storage space. Larger kitchens can accommodate oversized and even double basin corner sinks, allowing for more functionality.

Prime Placement for a Corner Sink

The ideal location for a corner sink is in an unused corner of your existing kitchen layout. This allows you to take advantage of the dead space that likely serves little purpose.

By installing a corner sink, you essentially recoup wasted square footage, opening up counter area elsewhere for meal prep and dining.

Without Corner SinkWith Corner Sink
Unused corner spaceGain functional sink space
Crowded countersOpen counter area

Specialized Corner Sink Cabinetry

To accommodate the triangular shape, corner sinks require customized cabinetry. The cabinets must be built specifically to provide a solid base and fit for the corner sink.

Well-designed corner sink cabinetry can be an aesthetic asset, often featuring open shelving for displaying cookware. The right cabinets complete the look.

Running Plumbing to a Corner Sink

Installing a corner sink requires running the necessary plumbing and drain lines. Unless existing infrastructure is in place, hiring a professional plumber is highly recommended.

The plumber will ensure the water supply and drain pipes are optimized for the new corner location. Trying to DIY the plumbing for a corner sink can turn into a headache.

The Pros of Installing a Corner Sink

Corner sinks offer several benefits for your kitchen:

  • Maximize unused corner space
  • Free up valuable counter area
  • Introduce new layout options
  • Create an aesthetic focal point

By gaining extra functionality, you can create a more spacious and ergonomic kitchen environment.

The Cons to Consider

There are a few potential drawbacks of corner sinks to note:

  • Limits usage to one person at a time
  • Reduces accessibility to corner cabinets
  • May not work with some kitchen layouts
  • Can make filling large pots difficult

Carefully measure and assess your current kitchen to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for your needs.

Extra Functionality and Features

Beyond the basics, today’s corner sinks offer extras like:

  • Integrated drainboards or cutting boards
  • Noise-reducing composite materials
  • Water and energy saving features
  • High-tech additions like touchscreens

The right features can enhance convenience and elevate the look of your kitchen.

Choosing the Perfect Corner Sink

Selecting the ideal corner sink involves:

  • Measuring your space thoroughly
  • Considering your kitchen size and layout
  • Choosing the right basin number and size
  • Selecting features that best suit your needs
  • Matching style to your existing kitchen decor

Take your time, browse different options, and choose the model that maximizes your available space stylishly.

Corner sinks are an excellent option for opening up kitchen space. By utilizing the formerly neglected corner area, you gain functionality and free up valuable counter real estate.

You can install a corner sink with proper planning. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a more spacious, stylish, and ergonomic kitchen layout.

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