Make Space For An Open Tub Shower Combo

Combining a bathtub with an open and spacious walk-in shower enclosure optimizes small bathrooms beautifully. This tub shower combo allows for both convenient showers or leisurely soaks within one sleek, water-efficient fixture.

As bathrooms and self-care sanctuaries gain popularity in home trends, creating an spa-like tub shower oasis no longer requires palatial proportions. Even modest footprints can support an accessible and luxurious everyday escape with some creative layouts.

Design And Material Choices For Nifty Tub Showers

Tub shower combos come in numerous configurations to match any aesthetic. Consider the pros and cons of each option as you map your dream space.

Built-In Bathtubs

Integrating a bathtub into shower walls streamlines plumbing behind the scenes while allowing customized sizes and materials like subway tiles or waterproof drywall. Built-in tubs tend to have the sleekest fit. Just ensure waterproofing measures are rock solid.

Freestanding Tubs

For a splash of drama, consider a free-standing statement tub in matte black stone or white acrylic. These gorgeous centers hold their own while offering ergonomic support. Just account for extra floorspace with this choice.

tub inside shower enclosure

Japanese Soaking Tubs

For smaller spaces, look into compact Japanese soaking tubs. These elliptical tubs allow comfortable bathing sans stretching room. Made from ofuro wood, hinoki cypress, or lightweight acrylic, these Eastern imports exude zen minimalism.

Measure Carefully For A Tailored Fit

To determine if your bathroom can accommodate a tub shower combo, carefully measure your existing setup. Note tub and shower dimensions, ceiling height, and plumbing and vent placements. This ensures your combo fits the space while allowing room for accessories like rainfall showerheads or body sprays.

Include Safety And Accessibility Features

With aging populations and universal design in mind, even able-bodied people may appreciate subtle grab bars, curbless entries, slip-resistant surfaces, and ergonomic seating built seamlessly into the tub shower enclosure. These details allow for confidence and independence within a thoughtfully appointed space.

Stand On Sturdy Ground

Select large-format anti-slip porcelain tiles in light reflective hues. Incorporate epoxy grout for water-resistance and easy maintenance. Radiant heated floors lend added coziness.

Balance With Support Bars

Strategically placed grab bars in horizontal and vertical configurations provide stability transitioning between dry zones and wet zones in an open shower area. Opt for corrosion-resistant bars with grippy texture in coordinating metal finishes for integrated elegance.

Costs And Budgeting For Tub Shower Combos

With the wide range of sizes, materials and accessories available, tub shower combo costs understandably vary. Generally, expect to invest between $4,000-$15,000 to install a customized unit. Optimize expenses by choosing more affordable finishes like acrylic over natural stone. Splurge on safety and comfort details that protect resale value.

Professional Installation Recommended

While DIY projects allow you to cut costs with sweat equity, extensive remodeling like gutting walls, expanding plumbing, waterproofing, and installing new electrical and ventilation systems requires specialized skills, tools and permits. Hire a licensed contractor for peace of mind. For surface-level cosmetic updates like painting or decor, roll-up your sleeves post-construction and infuse personal flair.

Once your spa-worthy tub shower oasis takes shape, take time to indulge in restorative rituals within your private sanctuary. Keep surfaces sparkling with gentle cleaners and perform occasional caulking touch-ups around the tub. Hang a hanging plant in the sunny corner or display lush bath towels on sleek hooks.

Let form and function meld beautifully as you carve out rejuvenating moments for yourself without sacrificing square footage. The addition of an open tub shower combo truly optimizes space for wellbeing in modest bathrooms.

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