Hide That Hideous Fuse Box In Style With These Savvy Cover Tips

Is your fuse box or electrical panel an eyesore? This important but often ugly home feature can really detract from your interior design. But don’t worry, you don’t have to live with an ugly electrical panel! With some savvy styling tips, you can easily hide that hideous fuse box in style.

Improving this eyesore not only enhances your home’s beauty but also ensures easy access for emergency electrical repairs. We’ll go over materials, ideas, and decor tips so you can seamlessly incorporate your fuse box into your home’s style.

Reasons To Cover Up Your Fuse Box

There are several great reasons to cover up an unattractive fuse box:

  • Improves room aesthetics – Exposed fuse boxes and wires are an eyesore. A cover instantly makes the space look more polished.
  • Hides unsightly wires and mechanics – Conceal the messy inner workings for a cleaner look.
  • Allows you to add decorative flair – Turn the cover into a decorative focal point with wallpaper, fabrics, etc.
  • Makes space look cleaner and more put together – Covering up clutter is an instant way to make a room look tidier.

By concealing the eyesore, you can transform the wall into a beautiful decorative feature. The options are endless! But covers still allow easy access to the internal electrical panel in emergencies.

Materials To Use For Fuse Box Covers

To disguise a fuse box, you need the right materials for the job. Here are some great options:

  • Pegboard – The slotted surface allows for airflow while also hiding wires. It’s perfect for adding hooks and storage!
  • Removable wallpaper or contact paper – Use this affordable and removable paper to cover panels in any pattern or color.
  • Fabric – For a soft look, wrap the box with your choice of patterned cotton, canvas, or vinyl fabrics.
  • Wall hangings – Tapestries, quilts, or macrame hangings can beautifully drape over your electrical panel.
  • Painted wood boards – Affix plywood or shiplap vertically over the box, paint it to match any decor.
  • Shelving units – Mini bookshelves or wall-mounted cabinets conceal while adding storage space.
  • Doors or shutters – Give a chic, built-in look by mounting reused doors or shutters over the box.
  • Corkboard – This natural material is an affordable, earthy option for small fuse boxes.
  • Tiles – Use removable tile or faux brick veneers to create a backsplash-look on the wall.
  • Baskets – Group woven storage baskets tightly over the fuse box for a textured look.
  • Posterboard – For temporary coverage, affix foam boards covered in wrapping paper or fabric.

Get creative and choose materials that complement your existing decor! Just confirm they are non-conductive and heat-safe first.

Creative Fuse Box Cover Ideas

Now let’s look at some savvy ways to use these materials to conceal your electrical panel in style:

fuse box cover ideas

Decorative Boards

One easy idea is covering the fuse box with a decorative board. You can use:

  • Fabric, wallpaper, or contact paper wraps
  • Painted or stenciled designs
  • Applied trim pieces for added dimension
  • Magnets to hold photos or other decor

Have fun choosing eye-catching patterns and textures. Change them out to match different seasons or holiday decor too!

Wall Hangings

For a boho vibe, try a textile wall hanging. Options include:

  • Macrame, crochet, or embroidered hangings
  • Fabric banners using cotton, burlap, or tapestries
  • Gallery wall with ribbons or fabric strips
  • Wall tapestry or quilt in vibrant global prints

Layer and overlap multiple lightweight hangings for dimension. The movement and textures disguise the rigid lines of the fuse box.

Pegboard Storage

Make your fuse box cover ultra-functional by using a pegboard! Just:

  • Mount pegboard directly over the fuse box.
  • Add hooks to hang baskets, shelves, towels, or other items.
  • Lets you conceal while adding handy storage space.

Keep your essentials organized while hiding the eyesore. The airflow prevents overheating too.

Shelves or Cabinets

For a built-in look, use shelving units like:

  • A DIY shelving unit mounted to the wall over the fuse box.
  • A repurposed cabinet or bookshelf placed in front to conceal.

Built-in storage is a space-savvy way to hide the ugly panel and store items attractively. Use baskets, boxes, or bins to corral household essentials.

Other Cover Ideas

Looking for more unique concepts? Try these inspired options:

  • Mount salvaged shutters or a cabinet door over the fuse box.
  • Use a framed bulletin board or dry erase board to conceal.
  • Prop a full-size mirror or large piece of artwork against the wall.
  • Install a mounted chalkboard for writing messages and reminders.

Let your creativity run wild! Any non-conductive material can work, so don’t limit yourself.

Decorating Your New Fuse Box Cover

Once you’ve created a basic fuse box cover, have fun decorating it! Try these easy ideas:

  • Painting, stenciling, or using wallpaper – Choose colors and prints that complement your existing decor.
  • Adding trim – Frame out the cover with wood trim for dimension and visual interest.
  • Incorporating baskets, shelves, or hooks – Functional storage that also embellishes.
  • Hanging photos, art, mirrors – Add personal touches or reflective elements.
  • Ensuring decor is removable – Use magnets, hooks, ties, etc. for quick access to the fuse box.

Mix and match patterns, colors, and textures for your own one-of-a-kind fuse box feature wall. Change with the seasons or when you redecorate too!

Before Installing Your Fuse Box Cover

While these fuse box cover ideas add style, it’s crucial to keep safety and functionality in mind:

  • Confirm materials are non-conductive and heat-resistant.
  • Check that covers don’t limit airflow or retain heat near wires.
  • Ensure covers are easy to remove in emergencies.
  • Consult local building codes about required clearances.
  • Ask an electrician if unsure about electrical safety.

Some codes prohibit completely enclosing a fuse box. But partial covers like pegboards and curtains are often permitted. Just take precautions so your stylish cover doesn’t become a safety hazard.

As you can see, you don’t have to live with an unsightly electrical panel ruining your decor. Using creative covers and built-ins, you can seamlessly incorporate it into any style. Give your fuse box a makeover with wall hangings, decorative boards, storage units, or other disguises.

Just remember to prioritize safety and functionality so you can easily access the panel in an emergency. With the right materials and design tricks, you can hide that hideous fuse box in style! Our savvy tips allow you to conceal the eyesore AND add decorative flair to your space.

Now you’re ready to transform that drab electrical panel into a beautiful focal feature. Have fun unleashing your inner interior designer! Don’t let ugly fuse boxes cramp your decorating style.

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