Make Room for Overnight Guests with a High Riser Trundle Bed

We’ve all experienced the panic of unexpected guests needing a place to stay overnight with little time to prepare. Maybe your relatives decide to extend their visit or colleagues visiting town have to cancel travel plans. Even close friends may end up staying later into the evening than expected after dinner or drinks.

Regardless of the reason, finding spare beds, bedding and space can be a huge scramble, especially for small home dwellers. Do you resort to blowing up air mattresses that leak air and leave guests resting unevenly on your floors? Or sacrifice your own comfort by offering up the lumpy, outdated sofa sleeper that used to live in your childhood basement? Even with the best temporary solutions, the hassle of setting up and putting away these unplanned sleep spaces often leaves behind frustration.

The Elegant High Riser Trundle Solution

But what if you could be fully prepared whenever overnight visitors arrive simply by sliding out an extra bed stored neatly underneath your existing one? Enter the high riser trundle bed: the pinnacle of style, convenience and compact sleeping arrangements.

What Is a High Riser Trundle Bed?

A high riser trundle bed pairs two key components: an elevated main bed frame set higher off the ground on legs plus a rollout spare bed that slides out from concealed storage space underneath. The genius of this convertible bed lies in its instant expandability – easily accommodating one or two people as needed without gobbling up permanent floor space.

Benefits of High Riser Trundle Beds

  • Adds extra sleeping capacity for one to two guests in a snap
  • Discreetly hides away spare bed when not required
  • Conserves floor area with its vertical design
  • Eliminates bulky temporary bed options crowding rooms
  • Stylish and seamlessly blends with existing decor

Finding the Perfect High Riser Trundle

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why high riser trundle beds are surging in popularity. But not all models are made the same. As you evaluate the ideal pick for your space, here are key considerations for choosing a design you’ll truly love:

high riser bed with pop up trundle

Compare Main Bed Frame Styles and Sizes

High riser trundle beds come paired with a variety of chic main bed frames to match your preferences. Enjoy the classic elegance of a Louis Phillipe sleigh bed, modern flair of platform frames or decorative posts of canopied four poster beds – now with a hidden trundle built right in.

You’ll also want to select a queen, full or twin frame size that fits proportionately with your bedroom dimensions. Scale down for cozier spaces; size up for master suites. Just confirm at least 10 inches of clearance between your selected frame height and floor to comfortably accommodate pull-out trundle mattresses.

Evaluate Trundle Mattress Size and Clearance

Most trundle beds designed for high riser frames utilize twin and full-sized mattresses – conveniently the same proportions as standard rollaway guest beds. You can also customize with your own spare mattress in either of these sizes as long as maximum clearance is met when fully extended.

Carefully measure the storage cavity height underneath your prospective high riser to guarantee around 5 inches of overhead space remains once pulled out and raised into position. Low clearances can create awkward half-height trundles or leave guests resting slanted against the upper bed.

Assess Durability and Weight Limits

You’ll want confidence in your high riser trundle’s resilience and stability – both over daily use by permanent sleepers and when accommodating overnight visitors periodically rolling out spare beds tucked away inside.

Look for reinforced steel frames and cross-support bars promising uninterrupted rest without motion disturbance between the split bed arrangements. High-density woods also add sturdiness once assembled. Solid structures prevent against breakdowns over time or buckling under the weight typically expected for standard twin and full-sized mattresses.

Tips for Enjoying Your High Riser Trundle

Once you discover the perfect high riser trundle allowing peaceful sleep and instant extra guest accommodations through clever convertible bed ideas, get ready to reap rewards!

Make It Easy for Guests to Operate

First, ensure your high riser trundle’s pop-up mechanism smoothly lifts mattresses into place – easily done by someone unfamiliar with the contraption. Add handles or straps if tricky for some guests to initially pull out from storage. Offer clear instructions stenciled on or posted near the frame explaining step-by-step directions to access the spare bed.

Style It to Suit Your Room Decor

Paint or stain your model’s wood frames to coordinate with existing furnishings for a cohesive, pulled-together bedroom aesthetic. Layer plush pillows, soft linens and elegant bed skirts dressing up both bed arrangements. Use curtains to stylishly conceal stored trundle contents.

For alternate trundle hiding spots allowing pillows or seating vertically stored inside the cavity, try rolling beds from Costco, Amazon and Wayfair boasting hidden storage desks, shelving and dressers.

Transition It Back to Everyday Use

When overnight company heads home, swiftly store away the popped-down trundle to instantly reclaim floor space for regular living. Stash spare pillows and sheets inside under-bed drawers or replace contents with baskets of clothing, toys or files.

For kids’ rooms, take advantage of high riser storage cavities perfectly sized for play nooks complete with their favorite stuffed animals, toys or arts supplies. Use trundles to instantly transition bedroom floors into functional play zones.

Our Favorite High Riser Trundle Picks

If versatility, style and convenience sound appealing, browse our top high riser trundle recommendations promising affordable luxury and adaptable overnight arrangements suited for spaces of any size:

Nathan Upholstered High Riser Trundle Bed by Inspire Q

  • Linen-look polyester cover in 6 colors like navy blue and slate grey
  • Twin or full pull-out trundle with 5.5″ clearance when extended
  • Weight limit: 500 pounds overall

Brylee Upholstered High Riser Storage Trundle Bed by Zinus

  • Soft, cushioned polyester headboard in 4 neutral hues
  • Under-bed drawers for concealed storage
  • Weight limit: 250 pounds (bed); 100 pounds (trundle)

Kendrick Storage High Riser with Trundle by Max & Lily

  • Includes under-bed drawers and cubbies
  • Accommodates 8″ memory foam trundle mattress
  • Also available with desk, shelves or seating stored underneath

Still scrambling to find last-minute spare beds or space when overnight guests visit unexpectedly? Solve the struggle once and for all by integrating a high riser trundle bed hiding a customizable extra mattress secretly stowed away – instantly accessible whenever needed. With adaptable sleeping capacity and discreet floor space savings through convertible furniture finds, you’ll stay cozily prepared to accommodate extra company arriving on a moment’s notice.

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