The Best Living Spaces Trundle Beds for Squeezing in Guests

Do you constantly find yourself scrambling to find spare beds, sleeping bags, and pillows when guests stay the night? Do you wish you had an affordable, long-term solution for accommodating overnight company that also saves precious square footage? If so, a trundle bed from Living Spaces could be the perfect fix for transforming your small home into a usable guest room at a moment’s notice.

Trundle beds are essentially two beds in one, with a secondary mattress on wheels stored inconspicuously underneath a main bed. When closed, a trundle looks like any standard bed frame. But the hidden lower bunk allows you to double your sleeping capacity in a snap. Read on for our top Living Spaces trundle picks for roomy, stylish and budget-friendly guest sleeping.

What Exactly Are Trundle Beds?

A trundle bed consists of a main bed positioned over a second smaller pull-out bed with casters/wheels, designed to roll out and create extra sleeping space as needed. It’s a space-saving and affordable option perfect for accommodating overnight guests or kids’ sleepovers without sacrificing valuable real estate in your home.

Trundles come in a variety of styles, but commonly feature daybeds, which can be used for sitting or lounging during the day. Many now include handy storage drawers built right into the frame as well. The lower trundle mattress is designed to roll out quickly and easily when needed, sliding back under the main bed for a clutter-free look when not in use.

Ideal Uses for Trundle Beds

  • Kid and teen bedrooms
  • Guest beds for small apartments or houses
  • Home office crash pads
  • Vacation home, garage and basement bunks
  • Making room for nurseries or play areas

It’s no wonder trundle beds have become a popular pick for space-starved households that still want to accommodate visiting friends and family comfortably. Let’s look at why Living Spaces is one of our favorite go-to spots for functional and affordable trundles.

living spaces trundle bed

Why Choose a Living Spaces Trundle?

As one of the nation’s top furniture and mattress retailers, Living Spaces offers an extensive selection of trundle beds at wallet-friendly prices. Here are some of the perks of investing in a Living Spaces trundle for your small space.

Variety of Styles and Sizes

From upholstered daybeds to metal frames with built-in storage, Living Spaces carries trundle beds in a spectrum of colors, finishes and designs guaranteed to match any decor. You’ll find both twin and full size trundles available to perfectly fit your space. Whether your style is modern, transitional or coastal casual, there’s a Living Spaces trundle to suit your tastes.

Quality Materials and Construction

While cheaper than traditional guest beds, Living Spaces trundles don’t skimp on quality. Customers praise both the look and longevity of these space-saving sleepers, with sturdy wooden slat foundations and durable textiles built to last. Stronger materials also make Living Spaces’ trundles easier to open and close as well.

Special Financing Promotions

Investing in an extra bed for occasional guests can still put a dent in your decor budget. Luckily, Living Spaces offers 9.99% APR promotional financing for up to 60 months on all purchases of $1500 or more when you apply for a Living Spaces credit card. That means you can take home a versatile trundle bed for just $25-50 per month –an affordable payment for even the tightest household budgets.

Reviews of Our Favorite Living Spaces Trundles

From clever storage daybeds to upholstered pop-up trundles, Living Spaces offers a bevy of space-saving sleepers perfect for tucking away extra sleep space. Here are a few of our top picks based on style, quality and value.

Knox Grey Linen Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

This elegant linen daybed brings cozy, sophisticated style to small space sleeping. The dreamy grey upholstered frame features an intricate stitched pattern and sloped arms, providing a perfect spot for afternoon lounging. The pull-out twin trundle with 5″ wheels features a comfy innerspring mattress. Reviewers love the look, but some note that the undersized wheels and substantial weight make sliding the trundle in and out challenging.

Wilcox Brown Faux Leather Storage Daybed with Trundle

If surface space is especially tight, this practical storage daybed creates guest sleeping capacity without giving up an inch. Six roomy drawers built right into the base are perfect for storing spare linens, clothes and more. The rich brown faux leather adds a refined touch. With reinforced wood slats and an included mattress, this functional bunk bed converts easily to snooze two. Reviewers love the construction but wish the storage drawers were accessible from both sides.

Bremen Black Mesh Daybed with Trundle

This contemporary metal trundle framed in durable black mesh brings an airy, industrial vibe wherever it lands. Reviewers praise how the see-through sides and elevated profile keep the space below clear for vacuuming or storage bins. The mesh surface also sleeps cooler than traditional beds during hot summer months. An included innerspring trundle mattress stores conveniently below the main bed when closed. Note that the bare-bones metal frame does not come with a required main mattress.

Buying Considerations for Trundle Shoppers

Prep work is key before commiting to any new bed purchase. Make sure to measure twice so you can snag a trundle that truly suits your needs and space. Here are some top tips for finding the right Living Spaces trundle bed.

Think Size First

Hone in on sizing off that bat. You likely want a twin size trundle for squeezing into pint-sized rooms. But full bed trundles can work with a little more square footage. Measure carefully corner-to-corner and consider room for opening dresser drawers or doors too. An inch counts when optimizing small sleeping nooks!

Match Your Style

Choose a trundle frame that fits your existing decor scheme and color palette so it blends rather than sticks out. Upholstered trundles suit softer, cozy spaces, while spare metal frames match modern or industrial vibes. Either can work if you choose a finish that coordinates with current furnishings and accents.

Think Long Term

Consider how frequently you host overnight visitors, especially in light of babies and kids in the future. Investing in a higher quality Living Spaces trundle you’ll use often makes better long term sense than skimping on a flimsy guest bed you’ll rarely roll out.

Do the Math

Even with special financing, the total cost can add up once you tally two mattresses plus bedding. Make sure to account for required add-ons (a main mattress is often sold separately). But don’t forget you’re gaining a flexible second bed without sacrificing everyday space!

Creative Uses for Living Spaces Trundles

It’s easy to envision Living Spaces’ space-saving sleepers rolling out to host kids’ first sleepovers or offer cozy guest quarters. But the versatile trundle design lends itself to a variety of clever small space solutions beyond temporary beds.

Home Office Crash Pads

Stash a sleek upholstered trundle frame in your home office when burning the late night oil or hosting out-of-town colleagues. Come coffee break time, voila–instant nap pod! It sure beats ransacking closet shelves for musty sleeping bags.

Kid Multi-Taskers

Trundle bunks allow bedrooms to morph overnight from homework station to group crash pad with ease. Use the space below for rolling storage bins and closed, you’ll gain back prime play real estate once lights go out.

Garage ApartmentUpgrades

Making room for in-laws or a nanny? Trundles maximize square footage in accessory dwellings without the price tag of full-on custom builds. Roll it out nightly or keep closed for flexible multifunctional space when unoccupied.

Pre-Nursery Flex Beds

Expecting a little one soon but short on space? Stash a well-built storage trundle in what will become the nursery down the line, keeping the lower level clear for baby gear. When guests visit to meet baby, reveal the hidden second bed!

At the end of the day, Living Spaces trundle beds pack an unbeatable one-two punch: adaptable extra sleeping space without sacrificing your functional square footage. Given the variety of styles and price points available, they offer a surprisingly affordable solution for small space dwellers needing to accommodate overnight guests.

If you host friends and family regularly but struggle to find room for a dedicated guest bed, Living Spaces’ selection of space-saving sleepers are prime for squeezing in visitors comfortably. Those with ever-evolving space needs should also consider the flexibility trundle bunks allow as your household transforms over the years.

Clever trundle design essentially equips even the tiniest of homes with built-in guest room capacity. Our favorite Living Spaces models stand out for their durable construction, on-trend looks and budget-friendly prices. Simply roll out the red carpet for overnight occupants as needed then tuck away till the next sleepover. Be sure to take advantage ofLiving Spaces’ financing deals to make these convertible guest beds even friendlier on your wallet!

We hope our guide for selecting the best Living Spaces trundles convinces you to join the hosted sleeping revolution. Rest easy knowing overnight visitors will too with these top-rated convertible bunks specially engineered for transformable small space style. Who’s ready to say goodbye to impromptu sleeping bag slumber parties and hello to Pinterest-worthy guest quarters? With Living Spaces’ picks, the ability to accommodate friends, family and guests is now just a quick roll away.

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