Level Up Your Bedroom Vibe with a Sustainable Solid Wood Bed

If you’re looking to refresh your bedroom with a stylish, eco-friendly furniture upgrade, the Greenport Solid Wood Platform Bed ticks all the boxes. Made from 100% renewable pine wood and featuring a breezy, beach house-inspired louvered headboard, this sustainable bed frame elevates your space with subtle coastal vibes and quality craftsmanship.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the stand-out benefits of the Greenport platform bed, from its responsibly-sourced pine wood construction to its space-saving, easy-to-assemble design. We’ll also showcase some chic bedroom makeover ideas to inspire you to redesign your restful retreat around this sustainable showstopper piece.

Overview of the Greenport Solid Wood Platform Bed

The Greenport bed launched under the timber craftsmanship brand Lago Vista , which uses FSC-certified pine sourced from managed forests in Central America. With its casual, sea-inspired style, the Greenport transforms your bedroom into a peaceful beach house hideaway.

This convenient platform bed is made of 100% solid pine wood joined with mortise and tenon joinery. It combines the straight, clean lines of mid-century modern design with a slatted louvered headboard that references breezy seaside cottages. With brushed white, driftwood gray, or natural pine finish options, the Greenport brings warmth and texture to bedrooms of all sizes.

Features and Benefits of the Greenport Bed:

  • Made of 100% solid FSC-certified pine wood
  • Available in Queen size (possibly other sizes too)
  • No box spring needed; wooden slat foundation offers support
  • 19 inch platform height perfect for low-profile bedroom
  • Includes headboard pre-assembled for instant style
  • Three on-trend finish options: white, gray, natural pine
  • Mortise and tenon joinery brings stability
  • Low-VOC finish protects wood over time

The Main Benefits of Choosing the Greenport Solid Wood Platform Bed

Here are the key reasons to invest in the Greenport if you’re seeking sustainable, contemporary bedroom furniture that makes a statement.

Sustainably-Sourced 100% Solid Pine Wood

The renewable pine wood used to construct the Greenport bed frame and louvered headboard comes from Central American pine forests, where suppliers adhere to responsible harvesting practices. Pine trees thrive on regenerative plantation sites, where new saplings are promptly replanted to support future generations of growth.

greenport solid wood platform bed

Pine wood itself offers many eco-friendly advantages. As a fast-growing softwood, pine is very renewable and less energy intensive to produce than hardwoods. Pine contains very little sap or resin, so it machines well and finishes smoothly while minimizing industrial waste. The downside? Pine dents more easily than oak or maple. But small dings only enhance the Greenport’s relaxed, coastal vibe!

Once harvested, the solid pine lumber is kiln dried slowly to maintain stability. It’s then cut, notched, and assembled using traditional joinery techniques to create a sturdy, heirloom-quality bed frame designed to last over a decade.

Space-Saving Design

Since Greenport is a platform bed, you can save up to 5 inches of height by skipping the bulky box spring. The wooden slat system offers plenty of support for your mattress alone. This streamlined platform design clears space for under-bed storage bins that keep belongings neatly tucked out of sight.

With its 19 inch platform height, the Greenport coordinates perfectly with low-profile bed frames and sleek mid-century-inspired bedrooms. The slatted headboard also facilitates air circulation and lets you show off cool textural bedding.

Coastal Yet Current Aesthetic

The angled horizontal slats of the louvered Greenport headboard provide breezy texture inspired by pergolas, shutters, and boardwalks of chic coastal vacations spots. Paired with light, neutral finishes like driftwood gray and brushed white, this slatted treatment suits seaside-style bedrooms beautifully.

Yet the Greenport transitions effortlessly into modern spaces too. Built from solid pine in a range of versatile hues, this unfussy bed carries an airy, contemporary feeling while bringing warmth and texture to the bedroom.

The Greenport’s pared-back louvered design layers perfectly with other decor as well. Make it the sleek centerpiece of your modern oasis, complemented by linen bedding and decorative wood wall paneling. Or play up exotic accents like woven textures, driftwood, and low-maintenance air plants to accentuate those beach house inspo vibes.

Style Ideas and Room Inspiration

Need some fresh ideas for sprucing up your sleep sanctuary? The Greenport bed sets the stage beautifully for some easy yet impactful bedroom makeovers. Here are a few ways to redo your rest and relaxation zone featuring this sustainable solid pine statement piece.

Bedroom Makeover Goals

Redesigning your bedroom doesn’t need to require a total style switch or overhaul. The Greenport solid wood bed frame integrates nicely into several aesthetics, facilitating low-effort updates like:

  • Refresh a boring, basic bedroom on a budget: A coat of lively light blue or green paint paired with the textural warmth of the Greenport transforms sleepy spaces fast.
  • Level up a rental bedroom: High-quality solid wood furniture elevates temporary spaces without breaking the bank. The Greenport makes rooms feel polished.
  • Bring nature-inspired elements into small urban bedrooms: The Greenport bed transports city dwellers to breezy beach escapes with its renewable pine construction and airy slatted headboard.

Design Idea Inspiration

Ready to redesign your sanctuary and need some ideas? Decorating a bedroom around sustainable showstopper the Greenport platform bed is a breeze. Here are just a few ideas to spark inspiration:

  • Paint the walls a soothing light blue or green and opt for crisp white bedding to complement the coastal vibes of the louvered headboard.
  • Add in natural materials like jute area rugs, rattan nightstands, and linen roman shades for relaxed texture.
  • Incorporate driftwood table lamps, sand dollars, sea glass, and other organic coastal finds as effortless decor.

The Greenport also layers beautifully with black steel or brass accents and bold tropical prints for a more exotic global traveler bedroom vibe. Have fun and get creative decorating around this versatile solid wood bed frame!

Where to Buy the Greenport Bed

Wondering where you can get your hands on the Greenport solid wood platform bed? Here’s the scoop on where it’s sold and what to evaluate as you compare listings.

Online Retailers Carrying the Greenport

As a newer release from Florida-based brand Lago Vista, the Greenport bed is sold through a range of e-commerce sites focused on quality, sustainable home furnishings, including:

  • Lago Vista’s own website
  • Major home goods sites like Wayfair and Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Specialty sustainable furniture stores such as AmishOutletStore and GreenHomeOutfitters

Lago Vista may also offer the bed through Amazon and other major online retailers. Check item availability as sizing and finish options can vary between sellers.

What to Look for When Comparing Greenport Listings

Ready to order your own Greenport platform bed? As you evaluate listings, keep an eye out for:

  • Pricing: Compare base prices between sellers, but also factor in shipping fees.
  • Available sizes besides queen: The Greenport comes in queen but may be offered in full, king, or twin as well.
  • Delivery timelines: Inventory levels and shipping methods impact how quickly you’ll receive your new bed!
  • Return specifics: Check return shipping costs and processes in case anything arrives damaged.

And if you have any other questions, Lago Vista and authorized sellers have friendly customer service teams ready to help!

If you made it this far, it’s probably clear why we’re such big fans of the Lago Vista Greenport platform bed. To recap, here’s why this sustainable solid pine bed could be the perfect foundation for your next bedroom revamp:

  • Responsibly made from 100% solid, renewable pine wood
  • Space-saving convenience of a slatted platform bed design
  • Breezy, beach house style achieved through louvered headboard
  • On-trend coastal-transitional aesthetic suits any bedroom

So if you’re seeking a furnishings upgrade that keeps your budget, style, and the planet in mind, say hello to your new sustainable sanctuary centerpiece–the Greenport solid wood platform bed.

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